15 Best Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas to Inspire You


FeastHome – Kitchen island does not only function as an extra space to prepare and serve foods. It can be an ideal gathering area to entertain guests or for the family. Such a practical space deserves equally good lighting, and today, you have a selection of kitchen island lighting to choose.

A properly lit kitchen island does not only guarantee clarity and safety while prepping or cooking. It also allows you to boost your talents while keeping your companion engaged. Moreover, it can lend a cheerful mood to morning feasts and ambiance during dinner parties.

Then, what kind of lighting should a kitchen island use? To help you get started, below are the top fifteen lighting ideas to beautify your kitchen island by FeastHome.

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

It is no secret that people rarely use the kitchen island for one purpose only. In most homes, it becomes a multipurpose space that offers various roles depending on the occasion, ever-changing family needs, and time of the day.

As a hub of a home, it is a bit challenging to select the right kitchen lighting. You will want top-notch task lighting as well as decorative feature lighting for sure.

For a simple yet practical idea, this picture shows a great example. The owner hangs the pendant lighting in series over the island, offering an attractive look throughout the kitchen.

You can see that this simple lighting matches the modern kitchen design very well. It makes a good decoration element while offering the required brightness for food prep and other purposes.

For a more appealing appearance, consider going for candescent bulbs with such unique shapes like shown above, they also work well for outdoor kitchen lighting. You can also find other pendant lighting ideas below.

Kitchen Island Pendant Lighting Ideas

Kitchen Island Lighting

It is no secret that pendant lighting is the safest choice when it comes to the kitchen island. With their huge variety of designs and styles, pendant lights provide both functionality and style. Whatever the style and size of your island, there are many ideas to select.

This picture makes an excellent idea if you are planning to get pendant lights for your kitchen island. The chrome pendant lighting has black accents, creating a nice contrast to the all-white kitchen design.

To match the wide kitchen island, hang a pair of chrome pendant lighting over it. Since it is properly lit, you do not need to worry when having dinner or preparing some meals on the kitchen island.

Modern Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

Your modern kitchen deserves the trendiest lighting fixtures. Nowadays, modern lighting fixtures show off strong visual design statements. They frequently come with simple shapes and heavy textures. Edison-style bulbs and vintage styles often make an appearance as well.

With this quality, modern lighting for kitchen island usually has that attention-grabbing character, too. Just like this linear chandelier, it brings out that ‘look at me’ feeling.

If you are thinking of updating your kitchen lighting, a kind of linear chandelier like this is on-trend. Not only provides more illumination, but it also delivers a dramatic and chic focal point to your kitchen.

There is no doubt that this lighting idea can upgrade your overall kitchen design and elegance in a snap.

Rustic Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

In today’s kitchen design, the rustic look is still favorable. Natural materials, warm colors, and an inviting feel are all you can expect from a rustic kitchen style. To complete the kitchen design, you will need the right lighting.

This warm, rustic kitchen has more than one lighting fixtures hanging over the area. The kitchen island gets extra illumination, thanks to the beautiful chandelier installed over its surface. This rustic chandelier adds a welcoming and timeless touch in the kitchen.

Meanwhile, there is a series of pendant lights over the dining area. The ceiling lights illuminate the kitchen enough for a nice dinner with family.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Farmhouse style is another favorite choice among today’s homeowners. This style is often favored for its bright colors and the casual feel it offers. If you want to go with this kitchen style and look for a good complement, consider this kitchen lighting.

Hanging over the wooden table, this chandelier has a rustic appeal. It nicely complements the wooden surface it illuminates. Turn on the light in the evening and your table is ready to host a romantic dinner with the loved one.

If your farmhouse kitchen island has a wooden countertop, use this idea to achieve a charming, rustic look while maintaining a touch of tradition.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Modern farmhouse kitchen typically combines the cozy farmhouse aesthetic and the sleek clean lines of contemporary design to provide an exceptionally fresh style. It is particularly popular for its simplicity and warmth.

If your kitchen were in a modern farmhouse style, this simple pendant lighting would be more suitable than the previous idea. It has a transparent shade, which supports the idea of openness in this modern farmhouse kitchen.

With the numerous variety of pendant lights available out there, it would be easy to find the one that suits you best. Just remember to get the right amount of pendant lights for better illumination.

Tuscan Kitchen Island Lighting Fixtures

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

If you are planning to introduce a little of Italy in your kitchen, Tuscan style is probably on your top list. The elements of nature inspire this style, so it usually comes with aged finishes, intricate patterns, and iron scrollwork.

Then, what kind of island lighting fixture does suit the Tuscan kitchen the best? Just like other kitchen styles, your choice of Tuscan lighting fixtures will be ranging from a chandelier to pendant. If you prefer the luxury feel given by chandelier, this picture should inspire you the most.

This Tuscan kitchen has a center island with an adorable chandelier. The chandelier is eye-catching enough to draw people’s eyes immediately as they enter the kitchen. More importantly, the style matches the overall décor very well.

Wayfair Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Wayfair has a wide selection of kitchen island lighting with various styles, sizes, and designs. You can simply browse through this e-commerce to meet your best lighting option. From contemporary to traditional and modern to rustic, your choices are limitless.

The picture above is one of the best choices available on Wayfair. This mini chandelier has delivers ancient appeal, making a nice complement in the kitchen. Moreover, it comes in pair to accommodate a long kitchen island.

Along with the recessed lighting on the ceiling, having dinner with family or guests in this kitchen island would come in handy.

Lowes Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Lowes is another favorite place to find any home improvement resources. You can expect to find the best kitchen lighting on this site along with some other decorative elements to complete your home.

Similar to Wayfair, you can find a huge variety of lighting to complete your kitchen island. You just need to browse the collection and find one that matches your need and style. The picture above is one of the best options you can find on Lowes.

This pendant lighting comes with glass shade and white bulb, offering style needed to beautify your kitchen. More importantly, it also provides adequate light over your island. Simply drag your chairs at the island and enjoy your quick dinner or breakfast here.

Transitional Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

A transitional kitchen might not as popular as rustic or modern style, but it is worth checking. This kitchen style typically borrows elements of the past and mixes them with contemporary features to create something new and fresh.

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To complete your transitional kitchen, you will need good lighting for sure. You can use this picture as an ideal inspiration for your island lighting.

Instead of a simple pendant light, opt for one with antique lantern style like this. It would be a nice hint for your transitional kitchen. Meanwhile, you can keep other elements in the kitchen in a more modern style.

Traditional Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Different from a contemporary kitchen, a traditional kitchen is all about the small details and personalized character. The focus on character refers to employing natural materials more, such as wood and homemade elements.

Several elements make a kitchen design fits the traditional style. One of the essential elements would be the lighting. For a unique inspiration with an individual appeal, this traditional kitchen shows off a perfect idea.

The muted and welcoming charm of this kitchen matches with the customized pendant lighting hung over the island. There are three sets of mini pendant lighting installed over the island. Each of them has a different style installed in dissimilar length, creating an exceptional look.

This lighting idea is ideal for a small kitchen island as well. For a smaller island, you can install a set of mini pendant lights instead.

Tiffany Style Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

Tiffany lighting makes a great addition to any kitchen island. Tiffany lighting itself refers to a type of lamp, which comes with a glass shade. Louis Comfort Tiffany and his studio particularly design the glass used here.

This traditional kitchen has a couple of tiffany style lamps installed over the island. The design of the lighting matches the decorative elements above the upper cabinets. If you love to see an extraordinary look in your kitchen, this idea would be a nice bet.

This Tiffany-style lighting will make a good complement for your rustic kitchen as well. Its old-fashioned charm will match a rustic kitchen perfectly.

Industrial Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting

Industrial style is another big hit when it comes to kitchen design. It is very easy to achieve and always looks great as well as functional. While there are many features you can add, island lighting would be one of the essential components.

Going with industrial lighting is especially worthy since it can highlight your kitchen style very well. This impressive industrial pendant lighting can be a good inspiration for you.

It delivers the simple and sturdy aesthetic of industrial spaces and old factories without decreasing the fresh atmosphere of the kitchen.

This industrial lighting comes with a bronze accent, making it looks stunning throughout the space. Get one or two industrial pendant lights to meet your kitchen island needs.

Country Kitchen Island Lighting

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Country style typically offers a warm décor with lots of wood. It is harmonious and adjusts to any type of space properly. Your kitchen space is no exception.

This style is somewhat similar to rustic. Both of them share the same idea in case of using natural materials like wood in the design. They are also prominent for their warm and welcoming charm. Then, how is about the lighting choice?

Similar to a rustic kitchen, it can match with a variety of kitchen lighting. In addition to task lighting installed around the kitchen, the decorative piece over the island is also important here. Just like this island, that becomes an eye-catching focal point, thanks to its grant chandelier.

The presence of this glamour chandelier increases the luxury of this country kitchen. This type of island lighting is strong enough to be the wow point.

Black Kitchen Island Lights

Kitchen Island Lighting Ideas

Black island lights are a safe way to add extra lighting in your kitchen. Thanks to the nature of black color, they would be able to blend easily with other existing elements in your kitchen. Moreover, you also have plenty of options for kitchen lighting in black.

For a unique yet versatile option, this black track lighting can be a good choice for you. This option might be less popular than pendant or chandelier when it comes to kitchen island lighting. However, there is no reason to avoid this option.

Track lighting is capable to highlight a particular area in your kitchen. It is typically adjustable, so you can shine the right spot just like a spotlight. You can also mix and match the spotlights with ambient lights in the kitchen.


How many pendant lights do I need for a kitchen island?

The number of pendants needed usually depend on the size of the area, which requires illumination. A good rule of thumb is to set each pendant no less than 16-inch apart to give enough light source on your kitchen island.

How do you hang pendant lights over a kitchen island?

Generally, pendant lights should hang between 30 and 36 inches from the island or countertop. Note that this is just a general guideline. You can still take the freedom to make a slight adjustment to meet your needs.

What size pendant lights should a kitchen island put?

There can be many factors influencing this decision. Generally, the larger the area, the bigger the pendant light you need. Also, the longer your island and the higher the ceiling, the larger the pendant should be.

How do you measure a kitchen island light?

First, measure the length of the island or table in inches. Second, determine how many pendants you would like and the diameter of each. Add them up to figure out the combined diameter.Third, subtract the combined diameter from the island’s length. Next, add 1 to the number of pendants. Add it for the space between each pendant and the ends of the island. Lastly, divide the subtracted value by the number of pendants.

Should I center pendant lights over an island?

Mostly yes. If you want to hang more than one pendant, you should determine the center point first before installing.

Can I use chandelier over the kitchen island?

Yes, you can. Generally, there are several common types of lights used for the kitchen island. They include a chandelier, pendant, and recessed lighting.

How big should a chandelier be over a kitchen island?

There is no particular size to choose from. Nevertheless, we recommend you to opt for a chandelier, which is one-half to three-quarters, the width of your island surface.

How high do you hang a chandelier over an island?

The recommended height is usually 28-34 inches above the island or about 72 inches from the floor. Do not forget to hang it at the midpoint for a perfect appeal.

What is the difference between chandelier and pendant?

One of the main differences is probably in the suspension system. Pendant lights typically hang from a cord or a chain with single or a couple of lights on the end.Meanwhile, chandelier lights usually hang from a branched system to deal with the huge number of light bulbs.

To sum up, installing proper and suitable lights over the kitchen island is important. Not only allows you to prep any meals properly, but it also makes welcoming your guests in the kitchen easier. With the right choice, you can make it into the wow point in your kitchen too.

There is no shortage of lighting ideas for your kitchen island. Keep in mind that the best type and design of kitchen island lighting depends on the island size, your budget, kitchen décor, and personal tastes. Use the ideas above to help you find your best match. We wish you good luck!

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