16 Inspirational Kitchen Island Table Ideas for You


FeastHome – It is no secret that there are as countless island styles as kitchens. Then, do you know that there are just as many ideas of kitchen island table as those two?

Kitchen island comes in handy for prep and storage. However, you can always get more by turning it into a favorite spot where you can gather for meals with family members or guests. This way, you just boost its usefulness, making it a crucial part of your kitchen.

To make the most of it, you will want to get the right table for your kitchen island. To help you find some inspirations, below are the best ideas to consider by FeastHome.

Extra Large Kitchen Island with Seating

Kitchen Island Table

This extra-large kitchen island doubles as prep spot and dining table. It also offers enough space to transit your groceries before storing them into the fridge. Simply add some chairs or stools and this kitchen island will turn into the center of entertainment in the home.

This idea is ideal for those wondering how to fit both a dining room table and a kitchen island in their space. The dining table is enough for five people to sit comfortably.

If more guests are coming to the kitchen, you can get other stools and put it around this large island. You will know that this idea makes serving dinner a breeze every single time.

Kitchen Island Dining Table

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

This is another great idea to bring dining space into your kitchen. Turn your kitchen island into a spacious spot for gathering and having meals together. If you are running out of space for more people, simply bring in a dining table into your space.

This kitchen island doubles as eat-in bars with integrated bench on the other side. Thus, it is easy to bring in another dining table for more people to sit in and eat together.

If you have the luxury of a spacious kitchen and have a big family, it would be an ideal approach to set your island.

Farmhouse Kitchen Island Table

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Your beautiful farmhouse kitchen deserves a versatile island to make the most of its function. Instead of the usual kitchen island, opt for a table with a simple design like this one. It blends well with the kitchen design and you can change it with another one when bored.

This wooden table has sleek and clean marble countertop, making it suitable for the rest of the design. Along with several stools arranged around it, you can use this island table to have a quick breakfast in the morning.

It also offers plenty of space to prepare your meals. Add a centerpiece on the table for a decorative accent and a splash of color.

Modern Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Aside from delivering extra worktop space for preparing your meal, this modern kitchen also offers additional storage space and breakfast spot. This large kitchen island is enough to accommodate two or more people at once.

Instead of following the all-white design, this island comes in black to give an elegant contrast throughout the kitchen. To complete the setup, a big pendant light hangs over the island. This way, you can have a proper dinner with your loved ones.

To complete the modern design, consider bringing in some chairs with contemporary style. These unique chairs make a good example for your modern kitchen.

Large Movable Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

For those wishing an ideal kitchen island for a big family, this picture should make a good inspiration. This kitchen has a long dining table along with a large number of chairs to accommodate many members.

It makes a good choice if you are looking for a way to combine your kitchen and dining room as well. When you need more space in the kitchen for mutual cooking, simply move the table and get easy access throughout the room.

You can also keep the table there when requiring more workspace in the kitchen. However, you will want to take out the chairs first for sure.

Kitchen Island with Banquette

Kitchen Island Table

Banquette is one of the most popular ideas of kitchen island table. This setup usually provides built-in seating at the end of the bar. It can be one bench or two depending on style, space, and preference. It is excellent for relaxing weekend breakfast or even doing homework with the kids.

This picture offers a nice sample for a kitchen island with banquette. It is completed with a dining table and some chairs to maximize its functions.

A banquette like this unquestionably requires a lot of room. This means it will not work for every kitchen. It would make already hard-working kitchen work much harder. However, if you have much space in your kitchen, this idea is worth trying for.

Kitchen Island with Granite Top

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Granite is one of the most favorite materials for the island countertop. It is mainly preferred due to its durability and natural beauty. In terms of durability, granite will not weather or fade easily because of sun exposure.

This kitchen island has a black countertop, which matches the other on the cabinet. As you can see, this black granite top makes an elegant contrast to the white cabinetry in this kitchen. You can also go with other colors of your likings.

In general, light-colored granite will work best for small kitchen since it makes space feel roomier. If your kitchen does not receive much natural light, light-colored granite can help you as well.

However, if you have the luxury of a spacious kitchen, your options are naturally more countless. Just make sure your granite top fits the overall design.

Kitchen Island with Storage

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Your kitchen island can offer you a variety of purposes. Storage function is no exception. Instead of selecting a traditional table for an island, opt for the one, which comes with a storage solution like shown in this picture.

This island table comes with open racks to store drinks and some pullout drawers. If your kitchen is a center of family entertainment, you can also use the storage to store other things like magazines and books.

In term of design, this kitchen island comes in harmony thanks to its neutral color. The countertop is white, matching the all-white design of the kitchen. For a balance, the wooden table is painted in dark brown.

Lowes Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Anytime you are looking for any home improvement resources, it is not impossible to come across with Lowes. This popular home improvement e-commerce offers many things you need to update your home, including a kitchen island.

If you need a simple yet practical kitchen island on Lowes, this idea could be a good choice. Its small size allows you to tuck this table into any kind of kitchens. It even works well in a narrow space, which calls for a kitchen island.

The color is very neutral as well. With a broken white body and light-colored brown countertop, this kitchen island will easily blend with your existing design. Interestingly, it is very easy to move it when you want an update or just need more foot space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island Table Ikea

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Instead of Lowes, you might consider purchasing your home improvement needs on Ikea. This marketplace also provides many things, including a kitchen table.

There are many kitchen island options available on Ikea. You can even find some exclusive designs, which are different from others. For a simple and multipurpose option, this kitchen island could be an excellent inspiration.

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This kitchen island offers additional worktop for cooking, space to have meals, and some storage solutions. Its slim, rectangular design makes it suitable for any kitchen size and shape. To complete its function, simply bring in several stools into the space.

Large Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table

Once you decide to use a large kitchen island, it is recommended to start choosing the design elements, which are essential to the function of your kitchen. A large kitchen island is more than capable than you might imagine.

It can provide more space for dining, accommodate an extra sink or cooktop, and more. When it comes to cooktop, you can add a stove or essential equipment for your kitchen. The large kitchen island on the picture can make a perfect sample.

This large center island features light brown countertop and black cabinetry. It doubles as an extra cooking space and dining area. The countertop has elevated design, making a clear division between additional cooking top and dining space.

Small Kitchen Island with Stools

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

Who says small kitchen cannot have a center island? Even the smallest kitchen can have a center island as long as you know how to choose the right one.

Nowadays, you do not need to worry because the kitchen development introduces homeowners to the small center island, which allow you to put almost all the appliances and cutleries. This way, it can support your cooking activity.

The picture above is a good sample for a small kitchen island. Despite its small size, this island gives you extra space for prepping. Thanks to the spacious legroom, you can tuck in two stools. Thus, you can have a quick breakfast there.

Small Kitchen Island with Wheels

Kitchen Island Table

This is another interesting idea for those dealing with a narrow kitchen. This small kitchen island comes with wheels, making it easier to move around the kitchen. You can let it stay in the center or simply move it anywhere around the kitchen when needed.

Regardless of its small size, this kitchen island has many abilities. It comes with some shelves, which offer enough space to store your kitchen appliances and plates.

When you need more for dining, just get your stool and use it to enjoy the meals. Since it can be moved easily around the kitchen, you can use it to extend your kitchen countertop.

Nowadays, you can easily find this kind of kitchen island on the market with various sizes, designs, and prices. Just make sure you choose one that suits your current style.

Kitchen Island Table Combo

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

As one of the essential elements, a kitchen island is created as perfect as possible to maximize its function. Nowadays, a kitchen island is more than a preparation table. It probably roles a smart storage unit or a functional dining table.

The picture above shows you a great example of a combination of a center island table. It works as a kitchen island and the dining table at the same time. It is completed with a set of high chairs, so you can enjoy your meals right after cooking.

You can choose bar stools or dining chairs, which are designed in a similar style, color, and model to their table. However, it can be a good idea to make them contrast the kitchen island as the picture above.

Freestanding Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table

A freestanding kitchen island is a piece of furniture, cart, or built-in cabinet, which is not attached to the rest of your kitchen cabinetry. It makes an astonishing addition to almost all kitchen designs. For a simple, yet functional choice, this stylish freestanding kitchen island seems excellent.

Its small and light-colored character makes this stand-alone island fits tiny kitchen perfectly. It also works as a storage unit, allowing you to store kitchen appliances or anything.

If you have a larger kitchen space, consider getting one, which is bigger than this one. You can also get one with enough legroom and stools. Thus, you can use the kitchen island to have dinner or invite a guest to join your cooking show.

DIY Kitchen Island

Kitchen Island Table Ideas

This DIY kitchen island is simple yet multitalented. It comes with open shelving to let you store many things there. Moreover, the countertop has enough surfaces to accommodate a quick breakfast in the morning. More importantly, you can also create the kitchen island yourself.

You can design it like the usual table. However, make the legs longer than usual. You may need to match it with your countertop’s height. After that, install some shelves in the legroom for storage.

If you want to use it for having breakfast or dinner, just put some stools around the table. Unfortunately, if your kitchen is not that spacious, you may need to take the stools away when they are not in operation.


What is island table?

It is a table, which is typically placed at the center of a kitchen and under a source of light, such as pendants, track lighting, or a chandelier. It is ideal for entertaining guests, doing homework, or having meals.Some island tables even come with storage, so you can store your kitchen appliances there.

What is a kitchen island used for?

In most kitchens, the island is used as an additional workstation, improving the value of the work triangle or corridor kitchen. In others, it is sometimes used as a low, casual divider between the kitchen and other spaces such as family or breakfast room.Nowadays, they even serve as an extra storage unit and a comfortable spot to have breakfast or dinner.

How much is a large kitchen island?

The average cost of a kitchen island is ranging from $3,000 to $5,000. Cheaper models may cost as little as $100. On the other hand, more expensive and custom-built options are probably as much as $10,000 or more.

Do I need a kitchen island?

It depends. A kitchen island may seem a great idea, but it is not right for every kitchen. You should consider some factors such as available space and budget.

How much room do I need for a kitchen island?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, a kitchen with an island should have minimally 42 inches of clearance on each side of the island. This is because a kitchen island is meant to be a working area. If you only walk past it, 36 inches should be sufficient.

What are the pros and cons of a kitchen island?

The advantages are many. You can get more storage, more counter space, and an eating area. A kitchen island will allow you to interact with others in the kitchen while cooking too.On the other hand, adding a kitchen island means you should have an additional cost. Moreover, it might disrupt the classic triangle layout of range, refrigerator, and sink when not placed properly.

What is a good size kitchen island?

There is no standard size for a kitchen island. However, make sure you have ample workspace. For this reason, measuring 40×40 inches is a good minimum.

To sum up, an island table is a great addition to any kitchen that can afford it. It offers various functions including extra cooktop, a dining area, and additional storage. If you select the right design, it can even be a bold statement in your kitchen.

Take your time to determine whether an island table is right for you. After that, come back here to get some inspirations for the best kitchen island table. Good luck!

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