Create a Modern Atmosphere with Gray Kitchen Appliances


– Gray is a color that brings peace due to its soft look. It can collaborate with other colors, as well. In this article, I’m going to give you some examples of gray kitchen appliances featured in many kitchens.

Appliances make the kitchen have the power to do many things, especially in cooking. They will also decorate the kitchen with their existence. There will be something missing if your kitchen doesn’t have good appliances.

1. Add Artsy Objects

gray kitchen appliances

In this U-shaped kitchen, gray appliances are met with dark furniture. Having a smooth finish and calm look, the appliances will help you carry out the tasks in the kitchen. The wooden floor is in two different forms, while the lights add some artsy value on the ceiling.

A wooden table with four chairs sits next to the door, receiving plenty of lighting; therefore, turning the lights on won’t be necessary.

2. Make It Stand Out

gray kitchen style

This kitchen has a slightly similar shape to the previous one. A U-shaped kitchen is said to be the best layout of all, as it can provide with ample workspace and elevate the efficiency of workflow.

Although the appliances are in gray, they still stand out because the surroundings are in a different color scheme.

3. Add an Island

gray kitchen style

Since the furniture is in white tone, the kitchen looks to have a nice arrangement of style as the appliances are gray. It may not have spacious space, but it’s okay to have an island here.

The pendant lights give you sufficient lighting and keep the kitchen looking simple. The island has a semi-circular countertop and is armed with a sink along with two black chairs.

4. Golden Finish

gray kitchen style

A play of lovely color is shown here. These kitchen appliances don’t only come in gray, but they also have a pretty finish in a golden tone. The owner completes the kitchen by choosing a wooden floor with its neutral tone.

The table would be what you ever wish for to have in the kitchen. One with dark countertop and it’s accompanied by fine wooden chairs.

5. Futuristic Face

gray kitchen style

The way this kitchen is painted shows that it’s been prepared well to match the appliances. It does match with them. It brings a futuristic look in a way it looks like you’re being in a place set in the future.

The fridge is pretty big so that you can load it with lots of things you need. It has long and strong door handles that allow you to easily open it.

6. Shines Beautifully

gray kitchen appliances

The owner is fond of gray color, and you can tell it from this kitchen. Almost the entire kitchen is in gray and it looks great, of course. The floor is also designed to have this certain look to integrate with the rest.

Something that shines and attractive here is probably the gray mosaic wall that makes this kitchen feels so alive. When the window is open, the wall sparks its beauty.

7. Decorate It

gray kitchen style

Decorating the kitchen is one of the ways you can do in order to achieve a pleasant look. The designer tries to do so by having these three cone pendant lights above the island – I’m curious to see how it looks like when the lights are turned on.

The herringbone wall is a nice background for this kitchen. The appliances are not the only stuff in gray, as you can find that the furniture does share the same color.

8. Sweet Dark Brown

gray kitchen appliances

Having dark brown applied, this kitchen looks sweet and elegant at the same time. It’s a large kitchen with an enormous window with squares frame that let natural lighting pierces through it, illuminating the kitchen.

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Dark brown is the right choice as it really enhances gray appliances. There are plenty of tiny objects on the countertop and shelves, coloring the furniture a little bit.

9. Install a Fan

gray kitchen style

The reason behind this huge ceiling fan would be that this kitchen is rather shallow and it’s highly likely to have a high temperature during the daytime. It’s a nice addition after all. Some appliances have a sleek body and look fancy.

A small window is presented to give warm lighting and makes this kitchen looks nicer. Some mats are set right under the sink and stove to prevent any water and oil splashes. Mosaic tiles spruce the kitchen up with their look.

11. A kitchen with Gallery Wall

gray kitchen style

This kitchen is unlike any ones you’ve seen in this article. It has a dark wall that functions as a gallery where a painting is hung. But it still features common stuff any kitchen would have, such as a table and an island.

You can see there is the furniture equipped with small lights, even including the sink. Other lights look to have a distinctive shape, and they’re pretty.

12. Arrange It

gray kitchen style

Although they come from the same material and color, you can have different wall pattern when you arrange them in such a unique way. It creates two dissimilar styles of terracotta and herringbone. There, you have a beautiful wall.

A pot of flowers sits around the corner to spice it up a little bit. Some antique collection is seen hiding in the furniture above there. Displaying some china collection on shelves would be highly recommended to adorn the kitchen.

13. Stainless Steel Touch

gray kitchen appliances

Despite their high price, stainless steels continue to be a favorite choice many owners pick as their kitchen appliances. Well, it’s only natural because they’re provided with durable material and beautiful look. It also looks pretty when paired with gray elements in the kitchen.

14. Install Skylight

gray kitchen style

If creating a window still can’t give the kitchen sufficient lighting, then you can have a skylight if it’s possible. It doesn’t only light the kitchen, but it also makes a beautiful decoration in it.

Gray brick walls merge with the gray stuff and appliances, creating a beautiful color scheme. The floor has a nice look with wooden plank style that leaves a welcoming vibe.

15. Large Window

gray kitchen appliances

This space looks spacious by installing a giant window. It looks like an office if you take a glance at it. With the lighting penetrate through the window, the wooden floor sparks beautifully and it’s satisfying to watch.

Dark furniture makes a good pair with gray appliances. It’s a kitchen with no island, and it’s spacious enough with the best view beyond the window.

16. Well-Lit Space

gray kitchen appliances

This kitchen will be a good example of how perfect kitchen lighting should be. It’s well-lit by having plenty of small lights on the ceiling. Not to mention the two pendant lights. An island with a white countertop also a part that makes it beautifully illuminated.

17. Appealing Combination

gray kitchen appliances

Such an adorable kitchen! It has a unique ceiling shape which is the focal point in this kitchen. It doesn’t stop with that. Look at these two beautiful lights. They are no ordinary lights, aren’t they?

The white brick wall background and gray furniture work together in creating such an appealing combination in the kitchen.

Gray kitchen appliances will make your kitchen pretty when combined with other colors. The key is to balance them in a way you find it comfortable.


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