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FeastHome – A straightforward kitchen style would be monochrome as it only exists with some certain color which is the shade of gray. Monochrome kitchen appliances are quite famous too. In spite of having only those two colors, monochrome is in vogue.

There must be something that makes people crazy about this style whether the style or the appliances themselves. The simple look that monochrome results in would be the secret of its existence.

1. Beautiful in Black and White

monochrome kitchen appliances

This kitchen is why monochrome kitchen appliances are in demand. From ceiling to bottom, this kitchen is black and white. With these advanced appliances, you can work in the kitchen faster.

It also has a pleasant look; although it only has you may not find other colors than the shade of gray or black and white.

2. Stylish Monochrome Kitchen Appliances

monochrome kitchen appliances

This is perhaps a quirky kitchen with monochrome features. It has a collection with golden masks above the appliances. There’s also storage for drinks. This is what makes the kitchen to have an interesting look.

Yes, the ceiling is equipped with beautiful small lights with a unique design. There are also golden chairs that sit by the island.

3. Large Backsplash

monochrome kitchen style

A tiny kitchen with a huge backsplash allows the breeze to come. It gives the kitchen has a fascinating design as well. There’s a wine rack you barely see on the left side of the wall. This is a U-shaped kitchen with flawless countertop and monochrome appliances.

4. Fascinating Black Walls

monochrome kitchen appliances

Showing an amazing look, these walls influence the look of the surroundings. The white part in this kitchen is only the ceiling. It has two windows that bring some flash of light to make the kitchen a little bit bright.

5. Sleek Finish Touch

monochrome kitchen style

Each line of the door on the furniture has given the room a special look with its straight lines that divide each of the drawers. With a sleek finish, luxury is really shown here.

You may find this kitchen is small, but it’s actually high enough. Therefore, you don’t need much lighting to illuminate the room.

6. Beautifully Portrayed

monochrome kitchen style

A kitchen isn’t only a room where meals come from, but it can also create happy memories, starting from serving food for the whole family every day. Monochrome is a style where you mostly live in a world with only a shade of gray or black and white.

If you’re not very fond of such a color, this will look dull for you, but it’s not for those people who adore it. This is just as beautiful as they want it to be.

7. Bring the Good Vibe

monochrome kitchen style

By applying bright color such as white, this room has a vivid white hue that produces a good vibe. The kitchen is obviously dominated with white from the countertop, wall, and ceiling. The rack has space that can be used for storage and it appears to have a nice layout.

On the shelves, there are some accessories that really beautify the kitchen. The combination of black and white is a success when you’re satisfied with the result.

8. Marble Surface

monochrome kitchen appliances

Elevating the sheer beauty of a kitchen has so many ways to achieve it, one of which is by using a marble surface. This island is proof that the trick works, and apparently, the floor also goes with the same idea.

9. Peace and Calm

monochrome kitchen style

Leaving peace and calm environment, white has the right duty when you’re trying to find those two elements of peace and calm. This kitchen may look a bit old-fashioned by using those Terracotta wall tiles, but you can feel the sheer comfort in this kitchen.

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Some small amount of dark tone from monochrome appliances makes the room have the right portion in achieving the goals.

10. Energetic Look

monochrome kitchen style

The white element can also be one that creates a fun and energetic vibe. That’s why the owner would feel happy and satisfied enough of having the kitchen with just a few colors. The beautiful lights are also a nice decoration on the ceiling.

A window will show its value more than just providing sufficient natural lighting when you add some greenery on its windowsill area.

11. Clean and Neat Space

monochrome kitchen style

A clean and neat room is what makes residents feel at home, and white would be the first color to pick related to that. No wonder such a color is applied in almost every room in many houses.

Sitting in the middle of the kitchen, an island with white surface faces right to the window. The small lights align beautifully on the ceiling to light the room when the night comes.

12. The Beauty

monochrome kitchen appliances

An important aspect of a kitchen is a beauty. Although the kitchen has a good workflow, you may feel reluctant to work in it when it doesn’t attract you that much. Having this satisfying appearance, the marbles tiles beautify the rest of the kitchen.

There’s a rack with glasses shelves on which a set of beautiful glass is exhibited. A black countertop is a sign that this kitchen has a monochromatic style.

13. Create a Bookrack

monochrome kitchen style

When waiting for the meal to be ready, it’s not wrong if you read a book to make yourself occupied. An island can have more functions than just a place for food prep. It can be designed to be a small bookrack.

You can even elaborate and create a special feature that works as a table for your gadget. This picture will tell you how to do it.

14. Large Island

monochrome kitchen appliances

If the kitchen space allows you to have a large island, then you can have some chairs with it. The chairs are slim and lightweight with white color.

The island will probably have ample space for you so that you can sit around it eating or just having a nice conversation with the cook. The pendant lights come in a round shape with the same size and styles.

15. Striking Tiny Tiles

monochrome kitchen appliances

The dark tiny tiles will draw people’s attention with their stunning look. The next step you can do is to adorn them with shelves and put some accessories that you think they can elevate the beauty.

The cabinet has a white hue with a dark countertop. Its door handles will allow you to open the drawers with ease since they’re comfortable to grip.

16. The Carving

monochrome kitchen style

My eyes are directly focused on the beautiful carving on the kitchen set once I find out that it’s a carving. A beautiful one with lady faces on it. However, it’s a shame that it doesn’t look that clear.

The kitchen has a small backsplash with a blind that looks adorable. The island is big enough that is has a rack for drinks and a butcher wood to cut vegetables or fruits.

17. Mixture of Color

monochrome kitchen appliances

This is a well-toned kitchen with a mixture of grey, white and brown. White influences the most part of the kitchen, but I want you to pay attention to the color choice.

It’s arranged to have some small amount of color and then another color is paired next to it. It shows harmony in the kitchen.

Monochrome kitchen appliances wouldn’t be kitchen tools that can attract people attention from far away. Once they get close they would understand why such appliances are in demand.

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