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FeastHome – Red appliances in the kitchen is a very vibrant color. It is often considered as some of the most extreme colors. The sight of anything red is usually entrancing many viewers since it exudes seduction, love, and adventure. As a result, having something that is full of red in your home can be quite gutsy.

Since many people are often charmed by the beauty and the graceful of this color, having a home full of red-themed furniture is quite an awesome and bold move and can be considered as if you are making a statement. Red also symbolizes good luck.

That being said, having red appliances in the kitchen is one of the ways to make your interior stands out more.

It works since especially a kitchen consists of red-colored appliances is rather uncommon, so if you’re feeling like taking risks, set your home with one of these.

1. Red and Black Contrast

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While red usually does not go along well with many colors, red and black is one of the nicest combinations to experiment on, and this is applicable to the kitchen as well. Red works on the microwave, dishwasher, oven, and the fridge, while the black complements the framing.

2. Red and White Sinktops

red appliances in the kitchen

While the previous example shows a balance between red and black with a few white aspects, this one provides the balance between red and white as one of the color combinations that is commonly seen with some black as a compliment.

This kitchen’s red dominance lies on the kitchen drawers and some small appliances like the coffee brewer and the auto stirring pot, while the white is on the countertop and microwaves. It is quite a nice sight.

3. Red, Black, and White Contrast

kitchen appliances ideas

Red and white complement each color in a more balanced manner. The white decorates most of the room, with red being the prominent appliances such as the dishwasher and the fridge, making the red clearly visible without obscuring the white.

Black also decorates most of the kitchen, with it being the entire countertops and the kitchen island. Even though it has three colors, the red, white, and black make the kitchen livelier and more colorful.

4. Red Counters and White Countertops

red appliances in the kitchen

Part of the red is most dominant on the counters and the drawers, with the white serves as the countertops, and the fridge.

5. White Countertops and Red Drawers

red appliances in the kitchen

This one layout is quite identical with the previous example, except that in this one style, the red also extends to several utensils, including cups, cutting board, teapot, and the chair. The wooden brown floor stands out since it is the odd one out from the color scheme.

6. Urban Red Kitchen

red appliances in the kitchen

The red appliances suits and completes the dark silver elements of the kitchen perfectly in this overall urban setting.

7. Vintage Red Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

It is vintage due to how classic it looks. In this kitchen set, the red mostly covers the side of the counters and drawers while the countertop is entirely in black. Practically the red is only applicable on the counters and drawers and does not really extend beyond that.

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8. Minimalist Red

kitchen appliances ideas

Everything is bright and sparkling silver, except the red oven under the stove, a teapot, and a toaster. If you are considering applying simple, humble, and unassuming kitchen layout, you may place only a handful of red colored appliances, and they are still captivating.

9. Red Kitchen Penthouse

red appliances in the kitchen

In this penthouse styled kitchen, the red mostly only covers on the smaller noticeable areas such as the wall, countertops, and the framing, but not entirely on the side of the appliances itself.

This layout is sufficient to signify the essence of red, without completely taking over the whole kitchen, providing another yet a balanced contrast between red and white.

10. Red Family Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

This spacious kitchen is meant for a household with huge family members and designed to be brightly lit. The red appliances in this kitchen give off the beauty necessary to have a quality time and dining experience with the whole family.

11. Classic Red Stove and Oven

kitchen appliances ideas

The stove/oven is the main attraction of this kitchen, being the single, largest, most prominent appliance in this kitchen, with the counter and drawers being black and white.

While the coffee maker is also red, the stove and oven compartment is usually what attracts more attention, since when cooking, it is what used most frequently.

12. Red Appliance and Woody Brown Side

red appliances in the kitchen

This is another combination of three colors between red, white, and dark brown. The red is stated as the color set in the main appliances commonly and frequently used in the kitchen; microwave, dishwasher, stove and oven, and refrigerator.

13. Red, White, and Woody Brown Contrast

red appliances in the kitchen

In this layout, the red is kept up to a minimum, only found in the coffee maker, blender, toaster, thermos, and of course, the ridge. The fridge, of course, will be opened up often, and with it being red, beckons everyone who steps in the kitchen to inspect it and what’s in it.

14. Sunny Red Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

This brightly lit kitchen has the red as the counter and the built-in drawers on top of the counter. With good lighting, this kitchen cannot be any brighter.

15. Red Kitchen Bar

kitchen appliances ideas

Mini bar on the kitchen is everyone’s favorite since it allows you to casually hang out while enjoying some good food, drinks, and snacks. These appliances in the kitchen are capable of emphasizing the fun vibe.

16. Traditional Red Kitchen

kitchen appliances ideas

Unassuming and humble, you can place red kitchen appliances in this kind of layout to let you be comfortable enough in the kitchen.

17. Country Maroon

red appliances in the kitchen

Besides being filled with marooned red appliances, this kitchen is also decorated in uniquely patterned wallpaper and spacious enough, with a nice mini bar. This layout exudes traditionalism with a classic touch.

Red goes well with anything and is pretty attractive and it is one of the colors that will almost be present in every home. Red appliances in the kitchen will make your home feel even warmer and friendly. It’s perfect if you are a bold person, or simply a red admirer.


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