7 Homey Italian Kitchen Style for You

italian kitchen style

FeastHome – Italy, a country with many popular destination spots, isn’t only famous for its food such as pizza or pasta, but also its beautiful architectural designs. In this Italian kitchen style article, I’m going to share some beautiful kitchen ideas that are inspired by Italian culture.

Italy has some beautiful landmarks that attract tourists’’ attention, one of which is The Colosseum. And when it comes to talking about Italian architectural design, Tuscan style can’t be separated with it since it’s often included in this certain kitchen design.

1. Exposed Brick Wall

italian kitchen style

An Italian-themed kitchen style appears to have a strong rustic vibe with exposed brick walls and dark tone wood elements. From those two combinations, a warm and hospitable place is formed where you can enjoy yourself cooking or gathering with your family or friends.

Since the kitchen is huge, you can have a large kitchen island with lots of chairs and it can be a good place for storing books that you can read after or before you eat meals. The island is also featured with a classic lamp on the center of the table.

These parts perhaps have nothing to do with the kitchen functionality, but they really contribute some elegant touch to some extent. They’re the stairs along with the beautiful old lamp that I’ve been talking about. They’re splendid, don’t you think?

2. Quarter-Circular Table

italian kitchen style

It’s not a secret that Italian kitchen design has been known worldwide due to its hospitality. Tuscan influence has a big role in doing that and it creates a quite relaxed and comfortable place where you can escape the world’s harsh reality.

For your information, Tuscany is a region of north-central Italy that is well-known for its stunning old cities where British people love to spend their time on a holiday. That can be the beginning of Tuscany from gaining its name to be so popular worldwide.

Anyway, if you’re bored with such an ordinary kitchen island that appears in square or rectangular shapes, try to have another shape. In fact, you can have a fully functional kitchen with an extraordinary shape and practical as well.

3. Bold Color Scheme

italian kitchen style

This Italian kitchen shows its charm by exhibiting a lovely dark color scheme that’s applied in the furniture. You can feel the warm and comfortable ambiance that fills up the air throughout the kitchen when seeing those beautiful pendant lights.

An island is positioned in the middle of the kitchen, and it has the same countertop color with the others. It also has a sink to help you provide water to wash your dishes. By putting the island in such position, you won’t have a problem when working in the kitchen.

The floor tile has a nice brown color that looks clean and fabulous. I mean, it blends well with the tone color in the kitchen from the wall, ceiling, and dark furniture. The ceiling itself has some small circular lights for illumination.

4. Incredible Bricks Ceiling

italian kitchen style

The main topic discussions of this Italian kitchen are:

  • Spectacular ceiling design
  • Huge wooden table
  • Warm light

Everything you might want for a cozy and appealing Italian-inspired kitchen is here. I bet you’re going to really like this one for sure. This enormous wooden island is really mesmerizing with a wide surface. A huge countertop always looks nice in the kitchen.

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Not only that, but take a look also at the amazing ceiling above. You can’t get to see such a ceiling with a semi-round shape every day. Its construction itself uses bricks that even make it more attractive with shiny lights – simply stunning.

Don’t go just yet. Look at that storage. Wow, that’s a clever way to keep your kitchen utensils in plain sight on the exhaust so that you won’t have an issue finding them. Hexagonal tile floor completes this Italian kitchen with its rough form that looks welcoming.

5. Add Rug

italian kitchen style

Italian style can be considered as a good example for a kitchen style if you desire a warm and welcoming one. Not only famous for its architectural landmarks that I’ve mentioned above, but Italy is also rich with food culture known throughout the world.

But what makes Italian kitchens to have such ambiance actually? Well, wooden cabinets and chairs are the furniture types you’ll obviously see in it. It can also have somewhat huge floral rugs that elevate the welcoming feel.

There are some special features included in the kitchen like beautifully crafted old lamps, too, that you see hanging on the ceiling. These features can adorn ceilings pretty well. Those are some of the characteristics of the Italian-inspired kitchen style.

6. Beautiful Window

italian kitchen style

A huge island means you have a wide space for work; it works just fine if you have a spacious place. You can gather people around the island or put a lot of fruit and vegetables that you’re going to cook for breakfast or dinner.

Something that exists in an open area will be easily spotted, just like the kitchen utensils that are placed above the island. If arranged carefully, they can be a cool decoration in the kitchen, too.

There’s also a circular table with four chairs that’ll allow you to eat or just sit there like you’re going to make some challenging game with friends like playing a card game. A beautiful window decoration with a half-circular design makes the room stunning.

7. Install Beautiful Cabinets

italian kitchen style

Consider having these elements for a big Italian touch in the kitchen:

  • Beautiful triangular ceiling
  • Fancy kitchen cabinets
  • Elegant light

A kitchen can look so fabulous with beautiful kitchen cabinets, as seen in this picture. A blend of white and brown color in the modern kitchen cabinets gives a spectacular appearance in this kitchen. Some souvenir can be seen filled the racks.

There are also a chair and a mirror that make the kitchen full of everything, but it doesn’t make it look disorganized. A table that can hold four people also has the same color tone as the kitchen cabinets.

A triangular ceiling with glasses makes a great look. It’s a beautiful and effective design that lets natural light shine through. The chandelier is such a good addition to the kitchen. What a lovely chandelier!

This article just showed you some of Italian kitchen style ideas. We hope it’ll be useful so that you can start on commencing your own Italian-themed kitchen.

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