17 Red Kitchen Backsplash Ideas for Those Who Like

red kitchen backsplash

Feasthome – Many homeowners now categorize backsplash as an important kitchen feature. It gives the wall extra protection and visual attractiveness. Since red backsplash is one of the favorite colors around the world, you can’t go wrong with it.

Before upgrading your cooking space, have a read at these marvelous ideas first. We collected backsplashes that make use of red. You can also find different materials to keep the blandness at bay.

Vivacious and Stylish Red Kitchen Backsplash

red kitchen backsplash

Despite its small size, this kitchenette does not seem cramped. It is due to the white cabinetry and ceiling. They produce a bright and airy ambiance, too.

The red acrylic wall panel lends the backsplash invigorating character. Not to mention, it pairs nicely with black granite countertop. Under cabinet, light fixtures promote warm vibe.

Double Duty

kitchen backsplash ideas

Are you a renter? If yes, you should try this idea. Installing a pegboard backsplash is a wallet-friendly option. The pegboard offers extra storage to hang your kitchenware.

Here, the red cherry backsplash enlivens the minimalist kitchen. While the stainless-steel faucet and countertop embrace an industrial flair.

Unmissable Warmth

kitchen backsplash ideas

No doubt, the dweller is a red lover. The mahogany red cabinets inevitably exude homey feeling. Plus, the backsplash is dressed in black and apple red mosaic tiles to get a coordinated look.

The red wooden floor continues backsplash boldness. Dark wooden dining chairs and medium-toned table develop a sense of rustics.

Burst with Energy

red kitchen backsplash

Love playing with colors? This idea is for you. As you can see, the kitchenette employs plum purple cabinets. They bring drama and elegance to the whole area, and are those light gray countertops?

A couple of cone pendant lights generate soft glow. The scarlet red kitchen island, window blind, cooking utensils, and slim backsplash tiles brighten up space.

Classic Combo

red kitchen backsplash

Think red is a super tricky color to work with? Think again. In this version, a blend of red, black and white results in an oriental appeal. Black dominates the cooking space. It infuses the depth into the zone.

The backsplash is painted in ruby red to make the minimalist kitchen more ravishing. And glass windows let the kitchen exploit sunlight.

Layers of Texture

red kitchen backsplash

Here, the glazed subway tiles come in fiery red. They allow backsplash to be the centerpiece. Wooden upper cabinets meet the backsplash in a harmonious way.

The quartz countertop gives the kitchen a smooth texture. A red vintage food scale decorates the space. We promise you won’t mind spending more time in this kitchen.

Floral Accent

kitchen backsplash ideas

If a serene cooking area is not your cup of tea, this idea will captivate you for certain. The white ceiling, walls and cabinetry carve an open setting.

Moreover, the scarlet red backsplash breathes a cheerful life into the kitchen. Black floor, countertop, and appliances evoke modern appeal. The floral wallpaper adorns the area.

Broken Pieces

red kitchen backsplash

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a stunning backsplash. Need proof? This backsplash is creatively made up of broken stones. Then, they are coated in red paint.

The backsplash matches perfectly with black glass countertop, yellow wall, and red cabinets. A retro pendant light is hung low from the ceiling to illuminate the kitchen during evening hours.

Skinny Tiles

red kitchen backsplash

Not ready for a huge change? You can get inspiration from this kitchenette. Instead of traditional red subway tiles, choose long, slim and short ones. Feel free to combine tiles in various colors.

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The backsplash steals the spotlight in an instant. It goes beautifully with wooden cabinets, white granite countertop, and black kitchen appliances.

Grid Pattern

red kitchen backsplash

The worktop and lower cabinet are white. They simply set a modern charm. To prevent the cooking area from looking stark, the backsplash is clad in red square tiles. The white grouts highlight them tastefully.

Stainless-steel sink and faucet shine brightly. The glass windows bring daylight into the area, so the kitchen does not appear gloomy.

Embossed Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas

Short on space? You can steal this idea. Here, the berry red subway tiles offer a handmade touch as they are embossed in a floral pattern. Their uneven edges add texture to the backsplash.

Keep the red tiles from overwhelming the kitchen by installing grey subway tiles. Since the tiles have a neutral shade, they will balance out the red ones.

French Country Kitchen

kitchen backsplash ideas

Admire traditional kitchen design? You will fall for this French Country-style culinary space. The creamy yellow countertop and cabinets soften the look.

Furthermore, the burgundy on square backsplash tiles and ruby red mantel punch up the entire kitchenette. While the white teapots and jug contrast with the mantel. And two wall sconces magnify the old world charm.

Red and White

kitchen backsplash ideas

Since this kitchen is mostly white, of course, it asks for a dash of daring color. The red subway tile backsplash really make the backsplash standout. Their linear look also draws the eye quickly.

The cabinetry seems sophisticated. Additionally, stainless-steel worktop, refrigerator, and mantel light fixture emanate an industrial chic. The bird-shaped ornament rounds out interior design of the kitchen.

Removable Backsplash

red kitchen backsplash

The tiled subway tile backsplash one is costly for sure. That’s why we suggest you pick the affordable route. Stick red wallpaper to the backsplash. You can use grey textured subway file wallpaper to tone down the vivid red one.

The light-toned wood cabinets ooze the rustic aesthetic. Dark grey wood-like floor contrasts fascinatingly with the cabinetry designs.

Unpretentious Grandeur

red kitchen backsplash

Here, the black countertop, dining room side table, and high stools lend an elegant style to the kitchen. The stone floors, wooden cabinetry, and window frame are rustic in nature.

Red mosaic backsplash tiles give the area great visual diversity. And a framed photograph adds a unique personality to the kitchen.

Refreshing and Daring

red kitchen backsplash

Adore the concept of minimalism? You will love this kitchenette. The sleek white cabinets develop a light and airy atmosphere.

The plants bring some life to the cooking space. Plus, the red mosaic tiles on backsplash stand out against the wooden countertop and white cabinetry.

Simply Dynamic

red kitchen wall tiles

Simplicity can lead to complete awesomeness. In this case, the acrylic panel produces a high gloss. It fires up the kitchen too. The red and white painted backsplash ties the area together.

Dark wooden countertop depicts warm nuance. Meanwhile, stainless-steel appliances and cabinet pull carve a masculine aura.

Those red kitchen backsplash ideas prove that red is the new black. It has a wonderful versatility. No matter the idea you opt for, red backsplash won’t fail to amaze you.

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