17 Amazing Orange Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Inspire You

orange kitchen backsplash

FeastHome – When it comes to interior design, a backsplash is really crucial. It sets the character and style of your culinary space. For you who wish to get cheerful vibes, look no further than kitchenette orange kitchen backsplash.

Choosing a plain backsplash is a big no. Because you can experiment with various materials of tiles such as metal, glass, and stone. We have collected wonderful backsplashes that feature orange shades. Enjoy!

Exciting and Bright

kitchen backsplash ideas

The ceiling and cabinetry are painted in white. They evoke a modern appeal as well as an airy setting. Space also feels bigger than it is.

Zesty orange subway tiles on backsplash pop against the white cabinet and countertop. The dark wooden floor warms up the area. And white fresh flowers in the vase beautify the kitchen.

Minimalist Approach

kitchen backsplash ideas

Are you tight on space? Do not worry! You can make a big impact in a small kitchenette with the help of orange glossy backsplash panel. It adds a burst of energetic color to the cooking area.

The rest of the kitchen is kept minimal and light. A metallic sunburst wall decor draws the eye in no time. Plus, a potted plant offers a touch of nature.

Urban Kitchen

kitchen backsplash ideas

If you live in a large city, you must make use of your space smartly. Here, the apartment employs the culinary space, living room, office, and bedroom.

The orange backsplash tiles, throw pillows, and rectangular stools coordinate the entire space. A track light fixture radiates the room after the sun goes down.

Purple and Orange Kitchen Backsplash

orange kitchen backsplash

Want to go dark and vibrant at once? Give this idea a chance. As seen in the image, deep purple cabinets lend the kitchen a dramatic appearance. They also create depth and magnificence.

Furthermore, cylinder and cone pendant lights turn the area into a world of geometric shapes. The orange window blind, slim subway backsplash tiles, kitchen island, and utensils introduce a funky statement.

Rustic Side

kitchen backsplash ideas

The homeowner includes industrial style in the forms of brass pendant lights, concrete kitchen island and countertop. Not to mention, the floor and cabinets promote rustic beauty, but in a more refined way.

Orange subway tiles cover the backsplash and break up the neutral palette. Meanwhile, dainty plant and flowers soften the look with their feminine character.

Four Shades of Orange Kitchen Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas

If you are deeply in love with orange, this idea tugs at your heart. The kitchenette fabulously boasts Portland orange glass painted backsplash, black worktop, and metallic appliances.

The cabinets have champagne, gamboges, and Benjamin Moore’s peach sorbet hues. Colorful ornaments on the worktop and glass shelves are beyond striking.

Cozy and Organized

kitchen backsplash ideas

The two-tone kitchen backsplash obviously looks interesting. It works together with the display shelf in brightening up a mostly neutral space.

Medium-toned wooden floor and built-in cabinet develop homey as well intimate feeling. A cluster of glass pendant lights embraces a sense of minimalism. Lastly, flowers and mini houseplants bring more life to the kitchen.

Just Orange and White

kitchen backsplash ideas

Although the area is tiny in size, the space color scheme makes it feel more expansive. The white granite countertop and cabinetry lend a clean and open setting.

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The backsplash itself is made up of orange subway tiles. Along with orange floral drawer knobs and owl statue, they generate a playful atmosphere. The rack on the countertop holds jars of spices and dried herbs.

Be Bold

kitchen backsplash ideas
dizainkyhni.comIf you think this kitchenet

If you think this kitchenette is sexy and welcoming, us too. Look at the curvaceous maroon red lower cabinet. It brings warmth and natural drama to space.

The metallic refrigerator, countertop and upper cabinet exhibit the industrial aesthetic. While the tangerine orange paneled backsplash freshens up the cooking area.

Sun and Fun

orange kitchen backsplash

In this picture, white dominates the kitchen’s scheme. It creates a light, breezy and airy ambiance.

The vigorous orange subway tiles are installed between the countertop and upper cabinet. There is a window next to the ivory wall. It carves a sunny spot.

Pops of Color

kitchen backsplash ideas

We love this kitchenette because it has rustic and minimalist edges at once. The exposed brick wall works as a backdrop for an abstract painting. While the orange subway tiles set a joyful atmosphere.

The straight lines of kitchen island continue in the white cabinetry. A trio of colorful striped high chairs attracts attention. The orange fruit holder, chicken statue and bowl elevate the kitchen’s interior design.

Traditional Charm

kitchen backsplash ideas

This cooking area is undeniably inspired by French Country design. The dining chairs and window infuse the old world beauty. To suit the traditional style, the backsplash is wrapped in terracotta subway tiles.

Additionally, wooden cabinetry, floor, and granite countertops emanate the intimacy throughout the entire area. Perfect!

Accent Backsplash

kitchen backsplash ideas

The window gives space exposure to daylight. Dark wooden cabinets and medium-toned floor do not only result in a warm space, but also provide a rustic touch.

Mosaic tiles come in diverse colors from orange to grey. They redefine the kitchen. While stainless-steel units produce an industrial splendor.

Autumnal Shades

orange kitchen backsplash

Here, the cooking space is warmed up with mahogany kitchen island and cabinets. The storage keeps the cookbooks in place.

An orange painted backsplash steals the spotlight without detracting the rest of the area. The orange flowers jazz up the kitchenette.

Tiny yet Luxury

kitchen backsplash ideas

The square footage in this kitchen is absolutely at the premium. Instead of filling the area with bulky units, you can pick sleek cabinetry and refrigerator.

A backsplash is adorned with orange-painted glass panel. It doubles as the fun backdrop for stainless-steel cooking appliances.

Full of Energy

kitchen backsplash ideas

In this kitchenette, white is a major player. It promotes bright, sunny and airy vibes as well as enlarges the area.

To give the excitement and cheerfulness, the backsplash is clad in juicy orange subway tiles. The wooden floor and polished stone countertop inject more textures.

Pretty Color Pairing

kitchen backsplash ideas

Having a squatty space? No problem. All you have to do is going for a white color scheme. Then, install the downlights for great illumination.

After that, use orange worktop, glass sheet backsplash, and dining table to get festive ambiance. Lime green pieces invigorate the area. Spectacular!.

There you have orange kitchen backsplash ideas. Try one idea or two for your next home improvement project. Be ready as the end result will stun you and your family.

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