10 Smart Space Saver In Kitchen For Cozy Cooking Style

smart space storage

FeastHome – A storage is an essential element in a kitchen. It is a place where you can safely store your collection of tableware and kitchen appliances.

There are a lot of types of storages for kitchens, from kitchen cabinets, drawers, racks, and many more. But if you have quite a lot of kitchen appliances and tableware to be saved yet your kitchen area is not possible to have many storages, you need a smart space storage. This storage can store your kitchen utensils without taking many spaces in your kitchen.

1. Closed Kitchen Cabinets

smart space storage

The storage in the picture above is suitable for you who have a lot of kitchen appliances and tableware to be stored. These kitchen storages provide a lot of spaces for them.

It combines several types of storages such as an open kitchen cabinet, closed kitchen cabinets, and roll out drawers. All of them are wall-mounted so that there are enough spaces left in the middle area of this kitchen.

2. Floating Kitchen Racks

smart space storage

For you who want a simple storage to be placed in your kitchen, this one is a perfect choice for you. The floating racks which are mounted to the wall are able to act as an open kitchen storage.

So that it will be easier for you to find the items you need without having to open and close the storage. Some hangers are added to hang the cooking pots, adding an additional storage to the rack itself.

The householders also use the stacked racks which are completed with wheels so that it is portable.

3. Roll Out Drawer

smart space storage

Roll-out drawers are one of the smart space savers for a small kitchen. A roll-out drawer is usually inside a kitchen cabinet, just like you can see in the image above.

Even though the roll-out drawer is pretty small, it is able to provide enough spaces for kitchen appliances such as the blender, mixer, juicer, and many more.

A roll-out drawer like this is also able to perform as a hidden storage. This kind of saver can save many spaces in your kitchen area.

4. Stainless Steel Floating Racks

smart space storage

A stainless steel material is preferred by many people because it is quite durable and affordable. This material is also strong enough to hold kitchen appliances and tableware.

Just like this floating wall-mounted kitchen racks, they are strong enough to hold many jars, wines, cups, and even flower pots. Using floating wall-mounted racks like in the picture is a smart idea to save some spaces in the kitchen area.

You are able to add some hooks used as hangers to hang cups, cooking pots, and many more. So that you have some additional storages for your tableware.

5. Opened Kitchen Cabinets

smart space storage

An opened kitchen cabinet is always a choice. This kind of kitchen cabinet is not only saving your kitchen appliances and tableware but also displaying them.

So that it can be used as a kitchen decoration and making it easy for you to find the items you need. An opened wall-mounted kitchen cabinet like in the image above is able to save many spaces in the kitchen.

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Moreover, some hooks are added so that there are additional storages. The opened kitchen cabinet is completed with partitions, making the plates neatly stored. It is placed near the sink in order to make it easy to directly store the washed tableware.

6. Hanger Drawers

smart space storage

Are you looking for a kitchen saver to store your collection of cooking pots? Then, this type of saver is the one for you. If most roll-out drawers have racks as the storage, this roll-out drawer consists of many hooks which act as the hangers to hang up the cooking pots.

This kind of roll-out drawer is a perfect choice for you who do not have enough spaces in your kitchen cabinets to save the kitchen pots since they are quite big. By using this roll-out drawer, you are able to neatly store your kitchen pots.

7. Hangers Storage

smart space storage

The householders use a lot of hangers to hang up the kitchen appliances. Some flower pots are also hung up in order to make the storages look sweeter.

This is a great idea to make the storage looks more stylish since all of them are made from a silver stainless steel material. The flower pots make the savers look less boring.

A floating stainless steel rack is added above the hangers as the place to store the cooking pots.

8. Modern Roll-Out Drawers

smart space storage

These roll-out drawers look very modern because of its simple design and silver color. Neon lights are installed inside these roll-out kitchen drawers so that a touch of elegance is brought.

The neon lights are also making it easy to find the items needed when it is dark. So that the householders do not have to turn on the kitchen lights.

Some partitions are installed inside this modern roll-out drawers in order to neatly store the kitchen appliances and tableware.

9. Tall Roll-Out Drawers

smart space storage

Instead of using a wide roll-out drawer, the householders use a tall roll-out drawer. This kind of roll-out drawer is suitable if your kitchen has a high ceiling.

Because the design is tall, this roll-out drawer is able to store high items such as a bottle of oil and box of cereal. The grey color makes this kitchen saver looks so modern.

This high roll-out drawer is suitable for you who want to have an anti-mainstream saver in your kitchen.

10. Snacks & Spices Saver

smart space storage

If all of the kitchen savers above are used to place the kitchen utensils and tableware, this one is used to store the snacks and spices in the kitchen.

This saver is very unique, suitable for you who want to display the spices and snacks in your kitchen. It is long and consists of many boxes, providing a lot of spaces for the items.

The smart space saver is a great idea to be applied in a small kitchen.

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