6 White Appliance Kitchen For Lovely Bright Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

FeastHome – There are some people who do not want to apply white color in their kitchen because they think that this color will easily get dirty. But white is able to add a brightness to your kitchen area.

Applying a white color is one of the instant ways to make your kitchen looks bright. Moreover, this color is able to be combined with any other colors. Are you searching for white appliances in a kitchen? Here are some inspirations for you.

1. White Kitchen Cabinets

white appliance kitchen

There are quite a lot of kitchen cabinets used in this kitchen which is also quite dominating the kitchen area. And all of the kitchen cabinets are in white. The white appliance in the kitchen cabinets is able to make the kitchen area looks bright.

The householders use 3 types of kitchen cabinets, which are the closed kitchen cabinets, glass one, and opened one. The closed kitchen cabinets are suitable for safely stored the kitchen utensils.

The glass kitchen cabinet is not only able to store the tablewares but also displaying them. While for the opened kitchen cabinet, the householders use it as a bookshelf so that they can easily get the recipe books.

As it is said before, white is able to be combined with any other colors. The white kitchen cabinets in this picture blend very well with the black marble countertop and even with the wooden kitchen floor.

The natural patterns from the marble material and wood material add a pattern in the area so that it looks less plain and boring.

2. Traditional White Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

The white color in this kitchen area is applied to the kitchen cabinets, fridge, hanging lamps, and even windows frames. The kitchen ceiling is also painted white.

This creates a harmonious atmosphere. In order to add colors, olive kitchen wall and wooden countertop are chosen so that a boring and plain kitchen can be avoided.

The floral small curtain is not only able to protect the area when the heat is getting too hot but also add a style in the kitchen area. Moreover, the hanging wooden decoration successfully makes the area looks more decorative.

Combined with the white color applied, the glass windows are able to add a brightness to the kitchen area as well as making it looks more spacious. You can follow this combination if you want to make your small kitchen looks larger.

3. Monochrome White Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

A monochrome style is created in this kitchen by combining only 2 colors which are white and grey. It is a perfect combination to bring a modern touch.

The white color is applied to the fridge, microwave, stove, kitchen walls, and windows. While all of the kitchen cabinets are painted light grey.

It is a great idea if you do not want the white color to dominate your kitchen, but white is your favorite color. The wooden kitchen floor is installed in order to insert a warm and natural touch to the kitchen area.

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The wood material which is related to a traditional style does not even ruin the modern design in this kitchen area. What makes this kitchen unique is that the use of a blackboard on the left side so that the householders can write a recipe or a note.

4. Futuristic White Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

The white color is combined with the stainless steel material, making this kitchen looks very futuristic and sophisticated. Added by the advanced kitchen appliances such as an induction cooktop, making the sophisticated style even stronger.

The blurred glass kitchen cabinets are chosen in order to create a private storage with a little bit of peeking. This kind of glass kitchen cabinet is quite anti-mainstream so that for you who want to add a uniqueness to your kitchen, you may have a blurred glass kitchen cabinet.

5. Black & White Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

The color combination of black and white in this kitchen does not only create a monochrome style but also a modern style as well.

The white color is applied only to the refrigerator and countertops which is a great idea for you who just want a little bit of white touch in your kitchen.

While all of the kitchen cabinets are in black. The grey kitchen floor matches perfectly with the other kitchen elements because grey is still in one tone with white and black.

The tall glass windows allow the sunlight to come into the kitchen area so that the air and light circulation is kept well. Moreover, the glass windows make the modern style becomes more accentuated.

6. Fancy White Kitchen

white appliance kitchen

The kitchen in the picture above looks so fancy especially because of the use of the bronze kitchen faucet and fancy chandeliers. Not only bringing the fancy look, but the chandeliers also bring a romantic look to the kitchen area.

The white color is applied only to the countertop, top part of the kitchen walls, and kitchen ceiling. While all of the kitchen cabinets are all in grey. Another idea if you want to have just a little bit of white touch in your kitchen.

There are a lot of kitchen cabinets used in order to provide a lot of storages to save the kitchen appliances and tableware. So that the kitchen area looks neat and clean without many tableware or kitchen utensils being left there.

A patterned wallpaper is installed in the kitchen wall in order to avoid a boring and plain kitchen. The wooden kitchen floor is chosen in order to bring a touch of nature in this kitchen area.

Those are the ideas of white appliance kitchens that can be your inspirations. You do not have to be worried or confused to style a white color in your kitchen. Because this color is neutral and able to be easily combined with any other colors.

White also offers you many disadvantages such as making a kitchen area looks more spacious and adding a brightness there.

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