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FeastHome – Before you moved into your new house, you felt as though you needed something different. Different kitchen, different living room, different bedroom, and everything was to be different.

Even the neighborhood? Truth is, you have stayed in that different place over the years until you feel like you need a change. This should not be because you want to be trendy and maybe keep to the present-day designs. Everyone wants this for the family anyway.

Alternatively, you could be thinking of a makeover. However, this will involve a budget and maybe a long-term plan. That is good.

Nevertheless, did you know that you can get that thing which is not inspiring you and especially in the kitchen to be more lovely. All that said you will need to go through the kitchen and find that which has given you the thought of starting fresh.

The kitchen is the place to find healing, nourishment, fulfillment and more should attention needs to be given to it. Small or big, you need to feel connected to this place.

Make the environment friendly and warm to all. To be achieved by how you care for what you have and making sure they are used appropriately.

Do not keep the thought again but you can follow the below steps to make your kitchen warm enough for you.

Deep clean your shelve and cabinets

These are storage shelves either for food or for non-food items. Begin from emptying and setting the contents aside. Go through them and declutter.

Clean thoroughly and all with the desired cleaners and enough water. Allow to dry completely before returning appliances. Arrange as desired making sure you put the most used in the outer shelves

During this deep cleaning process you are able to know which equipment is always idle, if it not needed you can give away or sell to someone interested.

In an instance where more space is required and the items to be kept are crucial. There is need to utilize the available space on the wall. Mount on some temporary shelves and arrange your items on it.

These could be placed besides the cabinet

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Utilize you shelves

Sometimes it looks like we have a lot to be put onto the shelves. However, we cannot just get the space.

Without the items placed in the cabinet, there seems to be much space. Where do we lose it?

Every now and then, arrange your cabinet neatly so that you can find all that you require in the same place. Reduce the amout of search time.

The proper arrangement can also be a décor in its own way. So as you arrange keep in mid the power in heights. Can arrange same bottle of same materials but different heights, the trend make it beautiful.

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After the arrangement can put it where it is attracting most of the visitors.

decorate kitchen

Work on the kitchen countertops

Meanwhile this forms another greater motivation to you.

You can access what you have currently and how you feel about it.

If need be, you can consider decorate them again. And this will involve applying a different material.

You can use either granite, quartz or glass. Go back to your budget and see if it is something you can afford at ago.

Once ready as desired, use the surface to arrange your bowls. This is to add beauty to the room. Can as well add some decorations I the bowls.

decorate kitchen

Give your kitchen a classy look

The changes should be expected to come with time.

Classy does not mean everything in the kitchen being expensive. You just need to do away with of the old look. Then you can now decide to facelift or make it over.

You can think of changing the lights, getting new equipment, changing the floor material, the worktop be redesigned, among others

You will need to keep in mind the amount of money available to start and finish the job, available space considering the size of the new equipment….

decorate kitchen


The kitchen is the only place whose equipment can be used to add beauty to the room. The attractive floors can choose to have a glass window. As the manager make sure you make the best out of what is available

Never be too negative about your kitchen. It is where love for everything: the home, the meals, the kids etc begins.

Be of courage and know that the new everything that you want begins with the change you are willing to make begins with all that is available in the kitchen.

Begin the process slowly until you achieve what you want.

The kitchen is a place of healing. This comes from the meals prepared. Ensure you make the kitchen space until it gets to what was before. The first love you had before must come back.

Should you choose to make over everything in the kitchen, work within your budget and choose a plan that will work for you.

Choose what will work for you and suit all your needs. The material should be able to carry on for a long time.

A lot more activities can be initiated by you love the room more. Be innovative.

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