5 Easy Tips to Build Beautiful Kitchen Designs Ideas

beautiful kitchens design

FeastHome – Are you looking to design and decorate your kitchen? You have looked through the latest trend magazines, latest websites, attended home expos and maybe connected with some famous designers. You have saved enough bur has not reached a conclusion to what you will select. However, not made a decision on what will fit you. Maybe all the information has been too much and now you look confused

Have in mind the walls, the floors, the ceiling, the equipment and much more depending on what you will need to have in your space.

Have you selected a design as per your budget? Put together and beautifully match your kitchen designs and decors can be put together and beautifully matched to produce the result you want. This is good news and very exciting thing. In case, you are wondering about the desire to use more than in the same space. We got you covered; you can put one or two together and make what you need. You will achieve your purpose and desire for that upgrade.

Then here a few designs and decoration you can choose from to give that awesome look to the center of your home. Make it work and update it. You can use one or more together. Let us get that beauty together and be inspired:


This is one of the simplest ways to enhance the appearance of our room. You can change the existing color for the cabinets and working tops.

You can also paint the walls with a neutral color of your choice. Pick the one that you love most and make your kitchen unique

You can check on the color of your accessories like bar stools, vases or cookware.

beautiful kitchens design

Have a unique focal Point

The same way you want to find something that attracts you in a room is how you should see your kitchen

Pick something that you will notice first every time you step into your kitchen. Maybe it is hanging on that front wall.

You can choose to paint the focal wall to what you love, or add some texture.

beautiful kitchens design

Add the Latest Trend in Kitchen Wall Decor

If you have love for the latest, fashion and colors for the open shelves add many of them.

Fix the shelves on the focal wall. This brightens the kitchen and makes it more visible though you will need to hide some of the poorly designed cabinets.

In addition, place floating shelves in any open wall. Floating shelves are of various kinds and installing is fast and very simple.

beautiful kitchens design

If that is not enough, remove some upper cabinets’ doors and paint it as desired. This has added a new open display shelf. You can install some light to show the items well .

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Cure your Kitchen Wall

Give that you unique look with a picture gallery.

You can pick wall collections from well known designers and magazines because. They are not boring but if your wall is, then it is the time to make it intesting.

You can include the following in your gallery: framed album covers, baskets, framed wallpaper or fabric swatches, vintage dishes, antique, empty frames of different shapes and sizes and various of mirrors

Here you have no particular rules but the approach is how you want your room to appear

You can fix nail holes on the wall, arrange the collection on the floor and hang as desired. Give a better space and do not clutter.

beautiful kitchens design

Personalize Your Kitchen With a Chalkboard Paint

If you have some unused wall space, a door or cabinet surface is another great chalkboard in the making.

You can add the unique menus on it or place wall decoration collection on your chalkboard wall

This can also serve as an alternative focal wall if you had not selected one

beautiful kitchens design


It is quite simple and very cheap. Using the wall that already is available and decorating it makes thing easier.

Select an island of your choice, utilize the focal wall, add the various wallpapers from the magazines and also do no forget color. These are common places and where to begin. Keep the colors as warm as possible. You can try black for the chalkboard. The paint is affordable and available. You can do this by yourself.

Most times, we tend to place our efforts on upgrading our other rooms. We forget about what our guests see about our homes. The truth is where they spend most of their time while visiting is enough to make them know about you. This place is the kitchen.

So take an effort to decorate it. Keep the color the most appealing and welcoming. Get here by working on your wall colors and decorations.

Involve your walls to ensure you make the room as beautiful as you would wnt it

Do not let that boring wall stare at you for long. Worse is having the most updated paint. It is time to make that change. You will achieve this when you get a good plan and work everything as per the budget you set.

Updating your kitchen wall decor with easy but design-savvy changes will make a big visual impact

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