Amazing Blue Accent Wall Ideas

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Selecting the appropriate color scheme is the most crucial part, and rest assured. A navy blue accent wall can prove helpful in beautifying your home interior. The tint of navy blue keeps up an ageless and classic texture. This type of accent wall works best for bedrooms, dining areas, a TV lounge, offices, or even a kitchen space. To get the most out of it, be mindful of the other decorating elements to give the best contrast that is manageable and basic. Impartial-colored furniture in the grey and white tone fits in well Area rugs, throw pillows, and linen bedding best suit this color pattern.

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floral blue living room

A living area is where the family spends most of its time. To provide a center of attention to your house, paint the walls blue and experience the soothing and relaxing atmosphere around you. The contrasting white furnishings and wooden side tables create a metallic feel and add glamor to the overall look. For a defined style, add cream or sandy lamps. A blend of light colors is fine to balance out the darker blue walls.


sky blue living room

 Consider using natural colors to enhance the appearance of the place. A blue accent wall is all you need to create a sophisticated and bold interior. Put it together with a tinge of nature, such as artificial green plants and hanging decorative items or flowers to intensify the beauty of the space and keep you close to the natural world. A white and gold-colored furniture piece would go well with the view. For a dramatic finish, place mini lamps at the corners and sense the warmness of the interior.


blue bathroom wall

This turquoise textured wall depicts a Bohemian style in the bathroom makeover. This is a perfect display of a revitalizing and calming environment. The white plain curtains are set aside, and the sunlight streaming in through the glass windows gives you a sun-kissed feel and a good morning vibe. To complement the look, think about using white bathtubs and metallic sinks. A wooden dresser would be a great addition. A sparkling round mirror in the middle of the wall would complete the look.


bohemian navy blue living room

When it comes to a luxurious and elegant feel, opt for a royal blue interior. Pattern wallpaper is just in vogue, especially when paired with a matching sofa set. A classy wooden center table and a treen in- built console below the TV are ideal. Accessorize the place with small antique pieces. Electric chandeliers are a perfect choice. Use fur rugs and contrasting cream-colored and light curtains to give it a cozy touch. For an eye-catching view, go for a bolt of ambient lightning. 


shiplap living room with blue accents

Tean green is a nice color to use for a kitchen space. It is refreshing and vibrant without overdoing it. In summer, when it is hot outside, this is pleasing to the eye. It turns out fine with the wooden finishes like the shelves, cabinets, and glassy kitchen counter. Consider using a white closet with metallic hinges for the desired appearance. Hang some delicate plants and light pink flowers to create a fresh atmosphere around the place. A brown ceiling with a glossy finish is ideal for the entire transformation. Tean green fits in well with the darker shades and keeps it in proportion.

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dark navy blue accent wall  bedroom

This one is an idyllic example of a contemporary home and interior design. It incorporates a uniform finish. An indigo bed wall with a greyish bed set and contrasting decorations add to the delicacy of the room. A light color pattern will help you achieve a connected look. Choose white or grey shades anywhere in the room. Be it in decorative items or furniture. Use gold or copper finishes in the doors or the cupboards’ corners to make a good variation. Also, pick up a pair of lamps to place on either side of the bedding. For a luminous aura, turn on the yellow ceiling lights, and enjoy the warm and serene ambiance.


navy blue accent wall with backsplash

Embossed wallpaper is a beautiful addition to your home interior decor, and gives it an iconic look. Just resting behind the sink area, dark blue, textured wallpaper can add intensity with a spring-up of color. The subtle blue color itself is refreshing and pacifying.

Consider other elements to create a harmonious look. Check out complementary utensils, dishes, or any other ornament that would magnify the style. Make sure to select the right shade that goes along with the overall color scheme of wall decor for the space. Stainless steel tap is a great way out. For more info, read our post on kitchen wall accent ideas.


White Fireplace in Living room with Navy Blue accent wall

The blue accent wall is an excellent choice to incorporate a sleek design in your living area. A silver settee and slightly darker-toned furniture help you pull off an in-depth center of attention. The focal point is where the TV is present. Therefore, it is the best option to serve as the accent wall. Put in place some lightning to glorify the appearance of the area. A unique style of wooden flooring is installed with a matte finish. A modern white fireplace is a focal point to further add to the feel of the room. The neutral-colored wall surrounds the fireplace to maintain uniformity. Accessorize the fireside with delicate vases.

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