Armed vs Disarmed, Blink Security Cameras Unleashed

blink armed vs disarmed

Blink’s smart home security system offers a user-friendly, effective solution to armed vs disarmed home security camera systems. Every homeowner yearns for peace of mind, especially on the subject of home security.

At the heart of this system are two terms: ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’. Today, we will demystify these two modes, their significance, and how to navigate them to ensure optimal use of your Blink camera.

Understanding Blink Camera Armed vs Disarmed Modes

blink armed vs disarmed
blink camera armed vs disarmed

Blink cameras work primarily under two modes: ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’. These terms may initially sound somewhat martial, but they are simple to understand when it comes to your security setup. 

The ‘Armed’ mode is where your Blink camera is fully active. In this state, the camera is on high alert, detecting and recording any movement within its field of vision. The recorded videos are then uploaded to the cloud storage, and you receive notifications regarding the detected movement. This is especially useful when you are away from your home or starting your night routine.

On the contrary, the ‘Disarmed’ mode is the more relaxed state of the two. When your camera is disarmed, it is essentially on standby. It will not detect or record any activity, thereby saving battery life and cloud storage. It’s ideal when you are at home and want some privacy without the camera recording every move.

Arming and Disarming Blink

Switching between the ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’ modes is straightforward and customizable to suit your preferences. You can manually arm or disarm your Blink system through the Blink app. 

However, for an even more seamless experience, you can arm/disarm Blink with Alexa using voice commands. For instance, say, “Alexa, arm Blink,” to activate armed mode, or “Alexa, disarm Blink,” to deactivate it. This integration makes home security even more convenient and smart. 

The Convenience of Blink Arm and Disarm Schedule

What about scheduling? The Blink Arm and Disarm schedule feature allow you to automate when your camera arms and disarms. You can schedule the camera to arm during your working hours or nighttime when you need enhanced security and disarm when you’re home and want to unwind. 

Blink Camera: Armed vs Unarmed

Now, let’s address a crucial question, “What happens when you arm your Blink camera?” Once armed, your Blink camera is on guard, ready to capture any motion detected and alert you about it. You can customize motion sensitivity and activity zones to ensure the camera doesn’t get triggered by irrelevant movements.

On the other hand, if your Blink camera is unarmed (or disarmed), it won’t record or notify you of any activity. The disarmed camera meaning is simply that the camera is on standby and not actively monitoring for motion.

Adding Convenience: Arming and Disarming Blink with Alexa

Switching between the ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’ modes on your Blink security system can be even more effortless thanks to smart home integration. In particular, if you have an Amazon Echo device, you can arm or disarm your Blink system using the Alexa voice assistant. This integration brings an unprecedented level of convenience to your home security, enabling you to control your security system’s state without lifting a finger.

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Arming your Blink system with Alexa

To arm your Blink system with Alexa, you can simply utter the command, “Alexa, arm Blink.” Upon hearing your command, Alexa will communicate with your Blink system and switch it to the ‘Armed’ mode. You can verify this action by checking the Blink app on your smartphone or by asking Alexa about the status of your Blink system: “Alexa, is Blink armed?” 

Here’s another example: If you have multiple Blink systems in your house and you want to arm a specific system, you can say, “Alexa, arm [name of the system].” Replace [name of the system] with the unique name you gave your Blink system in your setup.

Disarming your Blink system with Alexa

To disarm your Blink system with Alexa, the command is equally straightforward but you need to allow the tessting to disarm by voice. once enabled, Just say, “Alexa, disarm Blink.” Alexa will then proceed to switch your Blink system to the ‘Disarmed’ mode. As a security measure, you might need to say a voice code after your command. You can also verify the status of your Blink system after disarming it by saying, “Alexa, is Blink disarmed?”

For a specific system disarm command, say, “Alexa, disarm [name of the system].” Don’t forget to replace [name of the system] with the unique name you gave your Blink system during your setup.

Remember that to enable these voice commands, you’ll need to have the Alexa Skill for Blink set up on your Amazon Echo device. This setup allows you to switch between armed and disarmed modes and access other Alexa capabilities like checking the system status, toggling motion detection, and many more. 

This integration certainly brings a whole new level of comfort and convenience to managing your home security.

Does Blink Record When Disarmed?

You may wonder, “Will Blink record motion if disarmed?” The answer is no. When disarmed, Blink cameras are not designed to record or detect motion. They’re at rest, preserving battery life and cloud storage space.

Why Is My Blink Camera Armed But Not Recording?

What if your Blink camera is armed but not recording? There could be several reasons for this. It might be due to low Wi-Fi signal strength, outdated firmware, or incorrect settings. Check your camera’s settings, update the system if needed, and ensure a stable internet connection. If all else fails, try and reach out to Blink support.


To sum it up, understanding and utilizing the ‘Armed’ and ‘Disarmed’ modes effectively can drastically improve your Blink camera usage. With features like the Arm and Disarm schedule and Alexa integration, it is easy to arm your Blink camera for optimal home security and disarm it when you want some privacy. Remember, armed or disarmed, Blink is always ready to ensure your home’s safety, giving you peace of mind. 

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