10 Dazzling Open Shelving Bathroom Ideas For Organizing

open shelving bathroom ideas

Let’s explore some of the most creative and practical open shelving bathroom ideas to help you get inspired for your next bathroom renovation project.

Bathrooms are often the smallest rooms in the house. Yet, they tend to accumulate more clutter and become disorganized the quickest. Keeping a bathroom tidy and functional is essential for a stress-free daily routine.

One way to achieve this is by utilizing correct bathroom storage solutions like open shelving. A bathroom with open shelving can make all the difference regarding bathroom organization.

Not only do they save space and keep everything in its place, but they also add a touch of personal charm to your bathroom decor. From wire baskets to wall-mounted cabinets, find the perfect solution to keep your bathroom organized and looking great.

Use Wicker Baskets for Segmented Storage

bathroom shelf wicker basket

Segmented storage is a great way to organize your bathroom, and wicker baskets are the perfect option. Wicker baskets come in varying shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can easily create a stylish look while increasing functionality.

For example, try inserting two shelves with several matching wicker baskets to create compartments for your toiletries. This will help keep everything organized while adding some charm to your wall.

Hang Open Shelves at Your Eye Level

Open shelving bathroom ideas

When choosing a shelving unit, it’s important to remember that the ideal shelf height is around eye level so that you can access items easily. Install open shelves high enough that the top of the shelf completes the wall neatly.

Mix and match colors and materials to get an eclectic, seamless look. A hanging rope shelf offers an industrial-inspired touch while adding storage space for candles, towels, and other neutral bathroom accessories.


Install open shelving as an add-on

Open shelving bathroom ideas

Check out this bathroom! grey on white has never looked so good. Install open shelves right onto your bathroom wall at length. If the space permits and it’s functional why not just go for it? That would elevate your bathroom design to appear more elegant with a luxurious touch.


Create Layers of Shelving with a Ladder Design

bathroom shelf ladder design

Shelf ladders are a great way to add multiple levels of shelving while providing a chic and modern statement. These ladders look great with hanging plants and artwork dangling from one of the upper shelves. You can purchase pre-made ladder-style shelves made from wood, metal, or acrylic materials or customize your design with wood boards and brackets.

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Fit Shelving into Tight Corners for Extra Space

corner bathroom shelves

Corner Wood shelving is another great option for adding storage to tight corners. Wooden shelves can fit a surprising amount of material into a tiny area in your bathroom and look visually striking.

Use the shelving to organize soaps, beauty products, perfumes, and other bathroom essentials. You will have room for more items you don’t usually use daily on top corner shelves, which will only take up precious floor space.


Install Built-in Shelves on the Walls

built-in open bathroom shelves

Install built-in shelves on your bathroom walls to make your space seem more significant. Built-in shelves allow you to maximize your storage needs while also creating more decorative opportunities.

Stack towels, organize toiletries, and display trinkets on these classy built-ins for an elegant touch!


Utilize Hatch Door and Over the Sink Shelves

open shelving bathroom
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Make use of unused space in your bathroom by concocting hatch door shelves. Try setting up these novelty shelves to put extra shampoos, soaps, toiletries, and towels!

Incorporating a hidden compartment allows you to store items you do not want to be displayed.


Use Deep Corner Shelves to Save Floor Space

open corner shelves bathroom

Deep corner bathroom shelves are perfect for those bathrooms where floor space is lacking. When using deep corner shelves, you can install your storage without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Utilizing these shelves in hard-to-reach areas make for a great storage solution! Consider investing in this option to create an eye-catching shelf display.


Hang Shelves from Rack Stands on Your Wall

rack bathroom shelves

Take your shelves to new heights by hanging rack stands straight onto your walls! This is a great way to store extra rolls of toilet paper or toiletries in the bathroom.

It doesn’t have to be anything boring. Choose a unique design that matches the look and feel of your bathroom’s existing décor. Then, hang shells from it or accessories to create an exciting contrast against the white walls. This is sure to be an impressive and practical addition to any bathroom!


Fit a Cabinet with Multiple Open Shelves

open shelves bathroom cabinet

Fit your soon-to-be chic bathroom with a cabinet serving double-duty storage for all items, from toiletries to pampering products.

The shelves can be lined with mason jars or other transparent containers that serve as a focal point, enabling you to find the correct item quickly.

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