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If you’ve recently purchased an MYQ smart garage door controller for your garage doors and want to link it to google home, this post is for you. We’ve also bought the chamberlain MyQ garage door opener controller for our doors, with an additional sensor for our second door opener. We use both google and Alexa in our home. We already went through the process of connecting myq to Alexa and google home using the same app. It may sound intimidating, but my goal is to simplify this integration further for you in this blog post.

We are using IFTTT to link MyQ to google home and Alexa, and the process has been straightforward for both voice assistants. If you’re an apple iPhone user, you’ll need to download Both IFTTT and Google Assistant apps on your mobile device. The MYQ account and app are also required, which you should already have. This guide will be more straightforward if you have an android device.

Ensure that you have the Google Home or Google Assistant App on your phone

Create a free IFTTT Account

use ifftt to connect myq

We were hesitant, at first, to use yet another app to manage the smart devices in our home, but we realized that if you’re looking to build a smart home at some point, you’ll need to use IFTTT, such as in this case.

Launch the MyQ app on your phone and tap Works with,

Choose IFTTT,

Log in with the IFTTT credentials you created

Authenticate the IFTTT App with your google home account

Launch Google home

Tap set up new device

Tap Works with Google

Search IFTTT and Tap it,

IFTTT Should now be able to authenticate against Google assistant or google home.

Pick an Applet in IFTTT for MyQ and Google Assistant to operate your garage doors

Now that you’re in the IFTTT App, you need an Applet to facilitate the myq google home integration. You won’t need any high-tech skills for this. Follow these directions.

Refrain from reinventing the reel and create a new applet. Search for myq in IFTTT and choose a pre-configured applet to add myQ to your google assistant.

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In our case, we picked the applet in the video below and slightly modified it to customize the phrase we’ll use to close our garage door.

Once you connect IFTTT to MyQ and connect Google Assistant, you can ask your google assistant to close your garage door. 

Use voice control and Phrases like the one below:

Ok, Google. Activate (Close sesame) or the phrase you picked for your garage door. That voice command should close the garage door.

Give it a try, and enjoy the convenience of this integration! I hope you found this guide to help you link myQ with Google home simple for you.

Happy Smart Home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does MyQ work with Google Home?

You can integrate myq with google assistant using the google home app on your phone. It won’t show up under devices in the google home app. Still, once MyQ is integrated using IFTTT, you can issue voice commands to google assistant to close your garage door. Read our post on the best smart garage door openers to find a smart garage door opener controller that will natively work with google assistant or google home.

Can I use google assistant to open chamberlain MYQ garage door openers?

IFTTT is a powerful tool for connecting smart devices and services, such as your MYQ controller and google assistant, allowing you to control smart technology with voice commands. While IFTTT is an excellent tool for managing home devices, it does have its limits.

In the case of the chamberlain MYQ devices, IFTTT only allows close-door action. It’s not the best home security practice to use simple voice commands to open any entry point in your home.

Can I use IFTTT other than for MYQ?

You can use IFTTT to automate many of your home devices. Not limited to many different purposes, like controlling smart appliances, streaming music, etc. IFTTT also offers applets that are pre-programmed IFTTT recipes designed to make it easier for users to set up IFTTT automation.

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