How to take your Echo device on vacation

can i take my echo device on vacation?

When planning a vacation, there are a few items that travelers should consider bringing along with them. An Alexa Echo device is one of those must-have items and one of the best smart home devices. We found this out the hard way when we went on our last vacation and didn’t bring it along.

Sure enough, after settling into our hotel room, we realized how much we missed having Alexa around to help make life easier. We couldn’t help but talk to Alexa in our hotel suite even though she wasn’t there! We won’t repeat that mistake on future trips – from now on, an Alexa Echo dot device will always be part of the packing list for any vacation.

Here is the short answer

If you’re wondering if it’s possible to take Amazon Echo dot devices on vacation, the answer is a resounding yes! You must ensure Alexa has access to a wi-fi connection and download the Alexa app. Once you connect Alexa to the new wi-fi network, it will be able to help you with all your needs. From finding local amenities such as stores or restaurants to setting reminders for important activities.

What you need to make your echo device work while you’re on vacation.

Download the Alexa app on your smartphone

The Alexa app is key to ensuring echo speakers work as seamlessly on vacation as they do at home. To make sure Alexa knows your location and can accurately provide information about local amenities, you’ll want to download the Alexa app onto your smartphone or tablet before leaving for vacation. You will later open the Alexa app to set up the amazon echo device at the hotel.

The name of the echo device

Remember the name of the echo device you plan on bringing with you. You’ll need that information to reconfigure it at the hotel. To make this process easier, rename your echo device to something like “Echo Vacation” or something that makes it easy to pick from a list. We have at least three echo dot devices, so remembering which one you take will make life easier.

You’ll need to have this once at the vacation rental

The echo device, of course

Remember to pack the echo device. Although some hotel rooms come already equipped with Alexa, don’t rely on hope.

Internet access

You’ll need to log in to the Alexa app after arriving at your destination. Most hotels these days provide complimentary wi-fi. Make sure to check with the front desk upon arrival to know what information you need to log into the hotel’s local wi-fi network.

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The new location, such as the zip code of where you’re staying

You’ll need to change the device location, and to do that, the zip code of the hotel you’re staying at is required. Echo devices need this information to provide accurate responses like restaurant and store recommendations or directions and other local information.

How to connect your Echo device once you are at the hotel

Now that you have the echo device name and the wi fi network you’re using at the hotel follow this video to change your wi-fi settings. The following will work on most Echo dot devices.

Connect your Echo device at the hotel, what this video:

Final Thoughts

Bringing Alexa along on your next vacation can make life so much easier. This guide goes for Airbnb rentals as well. From providing helpful information about the local area and its nearby restaurants and surroundings, Alexa can create a smoother experience overall. The echo dot would have come in handy for our family during our vacation for our daily routines. From setting up reminders of what not to forget every time we leave the hotel, our to-do lists, the local weather forecast, and baby shark songs for our toddler in the morning.

This smart device, it’s a great way to stay connected while away from home, not just a glorified alarm clock! So remember: when packing for your next trip, include the Alexa Echo device in an already checked list of items. You won’t regret it!

Remember to check out our cool uses for Alexa and additional tips if Alexa is not working.

Have a wonderful trip!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take my Echo Dot to another location?

Yes. You can take an Echo Dot to another home; You should follow the same process above.

Does Alexa have a vacation mode?

Guard is an Alexa skill that also provides security solutions from Ring. Alexa can turn the lights on and off when you leave. Once you have Alexa Guard, you can say, “I’m out.”

Can I take Echo Dot to the beach?

You’ll need a mobile hotspot and a portable battery power bank to play music from an echo dot at the beach. So, You can take the Echo dot to the beach and make it a portable device. Follow The instructions in this blog post to set it up.

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