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How often should you do deep cleaning of your basement?

basement cleaning

A basement is the ground floor of your home. It is usually wholly or partly below the grade level.Most people who utilize their basements as storage areas for damaged toys, bicycles, or things they do not find pleasant enough to store in the main house, often pay little attention to how neat or orderly it is. On the other hand, individuals who use their basements as a wine cellar, home bar, game room, workout room, playroom, or additional bedroom usually invest time and effort to keep them neat.

As utility spaces, basements tend to acquire dirt, dust, and other types of filth rapidly, regardless of what you use them for. As a result, it is critical to deep clean them regularly. But how often should you do deep cleaning of your basement? 

The answer to this puzzle is quite subjective. In truth, it all depends on what you use your basement for. Those who use it as storage for junk will probably never need to do deep cleaning unless they intend to take out the trash because deep cleaning involves discarding all junk. On the other note, those who use theirs as extra bedrooms, game rooms, or more should deep clean it at least twice a year.

This blog post will go over how often you should deep clean your basements based on what you use them. You’ll also understand how to do a deep cleaning of your basement. So you don’t want to stop reading here. 

How often should you deep clean your basement?

As previously mentioned, the number of times you will need to deep clean your basement depends on what you use it for. 

Basement used as junk storage

If you use your basement as junk storage, deep cleaning will not be necessary unless you intend to throw out the junk. This is because deep cleaning aims at removing all dirt, and most junk is considered dirt. 

Notwithstanding, it is advisable to deep clean your basement whenever you clear out the old junk before bringing in a new one. This will keep the basement floor, walls, and ceiling in good condition.

Basement used as a wine cellar

Basements used as wine cellars should be deep cleaned once a year. Regular cleanups can be done monthly to keep the place neat. Deep cleaning once a year will help you keep the basement bacteria and microbe-free.

Basement used as an extra bedroom or room

If you turned your basement into an extra bedroom, you should deep clean it as often as you deep clean the other bedrooms at home. It is best to deep clean a bedroom at least twice yearly. Nonetheless, with the ongoing covid-19 pandemic, you should probably deep clean your bedroom basement as often as possible.

Basement used as a game room

Basements used as game rooms should be deep cleaned once a year. 

Depending on how often you utilize it, you can do regular cleaning task daily if you and a group of friends use it every day or about two days a week if you use it a couple of times per week.

Basement used as a laundry room

Some people use their basements as their laundry room. You should deep clean it at least once a year if you are one of them. A laundry room accommodates all your dirty laundry. Keeping it clean and bacteria-free is necessary.

Basement used as a workshop

If you’ve turned your basement into a workshop, you should deep clean it at least once a year. Regardless, regular cleaning should be done to keep it clean daily, while deep cleaning should be done for thorough disinfection.

How should you deep clean your basement?

Nowadays, several people use their basements in a way that requires them to clean them often. They use it as workshops, playrooms, laundry rooms, and more. 

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Cleaning out a regularly cleaned basement is relatively more manageable than the reverse. This is because the hidden spots that are difficult to access during regular cleanings, such as the area under a laundry machine, will need extra scrubbing.

To deep clean your regularly cleaned basement, read the deep cleaning checklist below

  • Take out everything from the basement or send them to one side if you can not send them out of the basement.
  • Take off the carpet (if any), scrub with soapy water and use a stain remover to remove all stains.
  • Clean out any cub web or dirt from the roof and walls on the area you have emptied.
  • Clean and disinfect cupboards and windows if present.
  • Vacuum the floor.
  • Scrub the floor with soapy water if scrubbable, paying more attention to areas usually missed during regular cleanups.
  • Disinfect the walls and floor with a disinfectant for about 15 minutes.
  • Wipe clean with towels and allow to dry.
  • After that, carefully clean and disinfect the items on the unclean side of the basement and send them to the clean side and then clean the uncleaned side in the same manner. 
  • If you succeeded in emptying the basement before deep cleaning it, disinfect the items outside and bring them in once the base floor is properly dry. 
  • The items should then be rearranged in an orderly manner to ease accessibility.

On the other hand, some people use their basements as storage units for scarcely used items. As such, they barely deep clean them. As a result, these basements are usually clustered and have become regular breathing grounds for germs that thrive in moist dirty places convenient for their growth and survival. Consequently, deep cleaning of such basements must always start with decluttering.

How do you deep clean a cluttered basement?

Deep cleaning a cluttered basement aims to extinguish any unpleasant odor, moisture, pest, thick dust layers, and built cobwebs. It is not an easy task. 

To deep clean your cluttered basement, you must begin by decluttering it and removing all the junk.  Read the deep cleaning checklist below


  • To avoid discouragement, start from a fixed corner. Just pick an area and start organizing till you accomplish the task and get rid of all junk. 
  • Getting rid of the junk is extremely necessary. This will provide you with enough space to neatly organize needful things to ease accessibility.

After decluttering 

  • After decluttering, follow the above procedure to deep clean a regularly cleaned basement. It will only differ in the number of detergents, stain remover, disinfectant, and water you will use. You may also need to use heavy equipment to scrub out thicked dirt.

How can you ease the task of deep cleaning your basement?

It is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is keep it organized so that you do not have to spend time decluttering in the future. Additionally, vacuum the floor and clean up weekly or monthly. This will make deep cleaning easier.


Most basements are the junk areas at home. Every unwanted or scarcely used thing gets in there. However, it is essential to know that you can not have a perfectly clean and germ-free home if your basement is untidy. To accomplish this, it is best to deep clean it once a year to kill all microbes and bacteria that have become comfortable in it. 

Also, you may want to establish a regular cleaning schedule, weekly or monthly cleaning tasks to keep it neat and organized.

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