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Bathrooms are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs in a house. It is also one of the ways through which several infections take place. Therefore, utmost care must be given to keep it free of bacteria and germs. This can be done by deep cleaning it and not just cleaning it regularly. But how often should you do a good deep cleaning of your bathroom?

This depends on how well you care for your bathroom daily and weekly basic cleaning tasks. Forget about all that for a second, it is advisable to deep clean your bathroom monthly, probably at the end of each month or whatever time you find convenient for a consistent cleaning schedule.

Read on to get an in-depth understanding of a deep cleaning checklist for your bathroom and some tricks you can use to ease the cleaning task.

How often should you do deep cleaning of your bathroom?

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Bathrooms come second to the kitchen when deep house cleaning is involved. It is one of the few places we are sure to visit daily; it is more prone to getting dirty. Regular cleaning is indeed good as they keep our bathrooms neat. However, they can not accomplish what deep cleaning does. 

Deep cleaning removes the visible dirt from every area and thing in the bathroom and the invisible germs and bacteria. After a deep clean, you can confidently sit on your toilet pot after a deep clean without fearing infection.

As mentioned, you should deep clean your bathroom as often as possible. 

Because your bathroom is a bacteria breeding ground with surfaces that can harbor bacteria and viruses, you should do daily cleaning and weekly cleaning checklist and deep clean it at least once every month.


Deep cleaning your bathroom several times comes with no adverse effects. But failing to clean your bathroom comes with several possible health challenges that will be costly in the long run.

How do you deep clean your bathroom?

Deep cleaning your bathroom entails cleaning and disinfecting everything, including the toilets, sink, mirrors, bath mat, shower curtain, blinds, shelves, tubs, floors, light switches, light fixtures, etc.

To do this, you will need a couple of things.

Cleaning Products for your Bathroom Cleaning Checklist

You need several cleaning supplies for deep cleaning your bathroom, including;

  • Buckets 
  • Warm soapy water
  • Paper towels
  • Toilet brush
  • Baking soda
  • Rubber gloves
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Disinfectant spray
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • Grout and tile cleaner
  • Degreaser for any oils
  • A small brush with firm bristles or an old toothbrush
  • Disposable rags and scrub pads
  • Spray bottle with vinegar and water

After securing those things, you can go deep cleaning your bathroom.

Steps on how to deep clean a bathroom

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You may employ the following steps to deep clean your bathroom.

Glove up and open your bathroom window

Empty The Bathroom

  • Empty everything in your clutter, including trash cans, and shower curtains.
  • Disinfect the containers containing your shampoo, greasing lotion, skin care products, and others with a disinfectant or white vinegar, and keep them in a clean area outside the bathroom.
  • Remove your shower curtains and place them in the washing machine for washing with mild detergent.
  • Wash your bath mat per the manufacturer’s specifications and dry air outside.
  • Use bleach to wash and sanitize your hand towels in the washing machine.

Vacuum the Bathroom

  • This will take out all hair and other particles lying around.

Wash and disinfect your shower and bathtub

  • Disconnect your shower head and steep it in a bucket of vinegar water solution for about 15 minutes. 
  • Apply baking soda paste (one cup) and vinegar (drops) to the shower door. Wipe clean after about an hour with dry microfiber cloths. 
  • Wash and scrub shower walls and floor with abrasive sponges, brushes, and degreaser. Do the same for the bathtub. 
  • Disinfect with vinegar water, rinse, and dry with clean towel rags. 
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Wash and deep clean all surfaces

  • Wash and disinfect the sinks, and cabinets, clean door Knobs, clean windows pull, clean mirror and every glass surfaces found in the bathroom. 
  • Use scrubs and a bucket of water containing detergent to scrub walls.
  • Disinfect with a disinfectant or white vinegar for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse with clean water.

Clean the toilet

  • Scrub the toilet bowl thoroughly with the toilet brush and disinfect it with bleach for about 15 minutes. 
  • Then scrub the toilet cover, surroundings, and seat with a scrub brush and disinfect with a toilet bowl cleaner or white vinegar. 
  • Scrub the outer part of the toilet (under the seat) and disinfect it as well. 
  • Rinse and flush the toilet when rinsing the toilet walls.

Scrub the bathroom walls and floor

  • Scrub and clean the floor and soak it with bleach. 
  • Use an all-purpose cleaner to clean the bathroom walls, ceiling, and countertops. 
  • Steam the bathroom with hot water from the shower.
  • Let the water flow for about 5 minutes with the windows shut. After that, turn it off and shut the bathroom door for about 15 minutes.
  • Rinse everything in the bathroom from the walls down and dry the sink, counters, toilet seat, toilet cover, and other surfaces with clean, dry towels. 
  • Dry the floor. 
  • Clean and disinfect everything you used for the clean-up.

Clean yourself up.

  • You should thoroughly wash your hands and shower after deep cleaning your bathroom. Consider your bathroom deep cleaned!

How can you make the process of deep cleaning your bathroom easier?

You can do this by washing your bathroom on daily and weekly bases. The more unkempt a bathroom is, the more time and effort you need to deep clean. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your bathroom constantly clean. You can,

  • Prevent water marks on the shower wall by wiping with a squeegee after each shower.
  • Vacuum the floor for about two minutes daily.
  • Clean sink after use
  • Clean your bathroom surfaces, tub, and toilet weekly.

Although doing those things will keep your bathroom clean, you must still deep clean at least once a month to kill all germs and bacteria that can survive on bathroom surfaces for months.


Bathrooms are breathing grounds for bacteria, germs, and viruses. Bacteria on bathroom surfaces can come from toilet sneezes, urinals during flushing, and coughing out mucus or saliva.

Seeing how easy it is to contaminate a bathroom, which will, in turn, contaminate you, you should clean yours as often as you possibly can, not just during spring cleaning, especially if you live with kids at home.

Although regular daily and weekly bathroom clean-ups are good, they can not completely eradicate all bacteria and germs. As a result, we must deep clean our bathrooms at least once a month. 

Monthly bathroom deep will keep your bathroom as bacteria-free as possible. This will increase your quality of life and prevent you from spending unnecessarily on health issues that can be avoided.

Thanks for reading our bathroom deep cleaning checklist to the end! 

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