How to Get Burn Marks Off Concrete in 5 Different Methods

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete

Keeping your concrete patios or driveways in their good look all the time is rather impossible.

With all the hustle and bustle, these surfaces may receive unexpected stains of foliage, rust, oil, and even burn marks.

If you’re concerned with the last one, take a closer look at how to get burn marks off the concrete below.

5 Ways How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete

Removing stains and restoring your concrete’s look may be daunting but with a little know-how and a bit of effort, you can achieve the goal.

Read on and try different methods that are quite common to remove concrete stains.

#1. Use Pressure Washer

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete with Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is a great method to get rid of stubborn stains on many surfaces, including concrete. This tool works just like magic to get your concrete to look new.

Many professional concrete cleaners use this method to remove not only burn marks but also foliage stains, rust, and mud.

But yes, not everyone has a pressure washer at home. If you can’t find a pressure washer nearby, a high-pressure nozzle might do the trick.

Use a pressure nozzle on your garden hose to clean the surface and remove burn marks right away.

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How to get burn marks off concrete using a pressure washer? All you have to do is direct the nozzle to the affected area and work on it.

A powerful water stream directed at the stain will remove the mark from the concrete surface.

But it’s important to note that a direct and powerful stream may gradually degrade your concrete. Avoid spraying too close and select the right nozzle to reduce the risk of damaged concrete surface.

#2. Use Powdered Detergent

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete with Powdered Detergent

Dish detergent is a gentle concrete cleaner to get rid of burn marks without causing damage on the surface.

This method has been used for a while and it seems to be everyone’s favorite to bring back the good look of concrete.

How to get burn marks off concrete using dish detergent is pretty simple. Follow the step by step instructions below:

  • You’ll need to prepare a large bucket.
  • Combine a cup of powdered dish detergent with a gallon of hot water.
  • Mix thoroughly and make sure dish detergent dissolves.
  • Dip a bristle brush into the soap mixture and start scrubbing away. Begin from the outer edge to the center.
  • Rinse with warm water and repeat until burn marks are completely gone.

You may need to put extra effort into stubborn burn marks. Be careful when scrubbing the surface so the bristle brush doesn’t damage your concrete surface.

#3. Liquid Dish Soap Solution

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete with Liquid Dish Soap Solution

Liquid dish soap is a savvy alternative to remove burn marks without harming your concrete. It offers a good option, especially if you don’t want to call a professional cleaner.

How to clean a concrete patio or doorway using liquid dish soap is pretty much like powdered detergent and it’s super easy to do.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Mix a gallon of warm water and a half cup of liquid dish soap. Mix thoroughly to create suds.
  • Using a bristle brush, scrub away the surface to remove burn marks. Just make sure to dip the brush into dish soap solution before scrubbing.
  • Rinse with water and repeat until burn marks are gone.
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How to get burn marks off concrete using liquid dish soap is worth trying. However, harsh scrubbing may damage the concrete surface especially if you are using a bristle brush.

To keep the concrete floor on its good look, scrub gently and avoid using sharp tools to get the job done.

#4. Make Baking Soda Paste

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete with Baking Soda

Baking soda is a powerful cleaning agent widely used in many households across the globe. It works effectively to remove any stains, including burn marks on your concrete surface.

That becomes the question, how to get burn marks off concrete using baking soda? This natural ingredient is completely easy to use.

Neither does it degrade the concrete nor leave residue behind. Here’s how to do it:

  • Pour the affected area with water.
  • In a small bowl, make a thick paste by mixing baking soda with water.
  • Then spread the paste over the stubborn marks
  • Leave it for an hour.
  • Using a soft bristle brush, scrub the surface.
  • Rinse off using a hose or a bucket of water until the paste is completely gone.
  • Check the burn marks. If remain, you may need to repeat the process.

Now that you know how to get burn marks off the concrete with baking soda paste, you can try this method before calling a professional.

Get to your kitchen, grab baking soda, and see how it works on your concrete driveway or patio.

#5. Use Home Made Alkaline Cleaner

How To Get Burn Marks Off Concrete with Home Made Alkaline Cleaner

Not least of all, alkaline cleaner promises an effective way to clean up burn marks on the concrete surface.

If several methods above don’t work quite well in your place, using alkaline degreaser concrete can be a brilliant solution to get the job done.

An alkaline cleaner contains a powerful agent of detergent and acidic substances that help clean stains like magic.

If you don’t want to spend a dime, make your own alkaline cleaner by mixing borax, liquid dish soap, and washing soda.

How to get burn marks off concrete using alkaline cleaner? Follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  • Put a gallon of hot water into a bucket.
  • Add a half cup of borax and a half cup of washing soda.
  • Next, add a tablespoon of dish soap and mix thoroughly.
  • Get a stiff-bristle brush and dip into the alkaline cleaner solution.
  • Use the brush to scrub away the affected area.
  • Rinse concrete and repeat scrubbing if burn marks remain.

For more effective results, work with a pressure washer when rinsing the area so any stains on the concrete can be removed.

Just be careful with the stiff-bristle brush and pressure washer as it may damage the surface of the concrete.

There are different methods to try out when it comes to getting burn marks off concrete.

You may want to combine several methods for increasing the effectiveness so the stains can be completely removed. Overall, how to get burn marks off concrete is quite simple if you know the tricks.

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