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kitchen trends 2019

FeastHome – Kitchen trends help you to create new look in the kitchen. Even you do not make major renovation in the kitchen, small change still can be given to provide new look.

The kitchen trends seems to offers some changes in the kitchen. So, share this article about kitchen trends to understand what are up-to-date now.

Kitchen trends offer abundance inspirations about the new designs you can apply in the kitchen. As most used space in the home, kitchen should be properly-designed and look attractive to provide great whole ambiance in the house. Let’s take a look on the trends in 2020 that you can apply in the kitchen.

More mature color theme in the kitchen

kitchen trends 2019
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While couple of years ago, classic white chic become a trend and can be found in majority of houses. This year kitchen color trend seems to shift into a little bit braver. All-white kitchen offers both clean and crisp look.

Besides, this neutral color is suitable to be applied many interior designs starting from modern to country.
The euphoria of white kitchen changes fast like its glossy cabinets. Now, the trends use various shades of grey, green, as well as olive as dominant color in this room.

As for the texture, kitchen in 2020 likely uses matte finish on the furniture surface. Most importantly, the atmosphere that would like to produce by the kitchen this year is both chic and mature. So, clean and white look are not becoming a hot trend anymore.

Besides those three colors, matte black also is likely option for most of kitchen appliances this year like sinks and refrigerator. Hence, we should remember to put classic chrome finish that now still becomes favourite in the kitchen too.

Install the durability into kitchen with marble

kitchen trends 2019
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Stones are still become parts on trends in 2020 but marble and terrazzo place the top position this year. Both stones offer both durability and versatility so that many people choose them to be applied in the kitchen which receives huge traffic. Those stones not only perfect to be used for flooring but also backsplash and sinks.

Since terrazzo still less popular than marble so the application of this stone in the kitchen is more expected. However, the use of marble for the island tops or backsplash still continues to become a trend.

There is a particular type of marble called silver galaxy that offers dramatic look. However, it is considered as calm stone so that everything it is used it will provide sophisticated look.

Stone and mirror backsplash

kitchen trends 2019
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Kitchen trends this year come with simple backsplash. This then gives you a chance to choose more options and styles that will be applied in the backsplash.

Using the same stone you use for the island top into the backsplash will create an elegance nuance. If your kitchen is not too big, you can use mirror for the backsplash because this will help to give sense of bigger space.

If you are not completely use the stone on the island top for the backsplash, you can use them only in some parts as accents. Alternatively, you can use subway tile. This tile will look good to be arranged in stack and combined with white grout. Tiles especially square ones now are also quite trendy.

Smart storage always works

kitchen trends 2019
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Smart storage is still needed even when your kitchen is small. It becomes a vital element in the kitchen since it will help you to arrange kitchen utensils and appliances appropriately.

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For instance, pots can be kept on the drawer. You have to make sure that everything has its own place in the kitchen. It will not only make your kitchen look tidy but also will make you easier to find anything you need for.

Place open shelving on kitchen wall

kitchen trends 2019
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Smart storage plays important role in every kitchen, the trends today also bring kitchen feature. Hence, it would be great if you combine the wall with open shelving. This can be a good place for you to display any collection especially if related to kitchen things.

Open shelving also becomes a good choice for people who do not like to clutter up all the walls in the kitchen with cabinets. Besides, open storage create a sense of bigger space which is more suitable in small kitchen. Arrange the ceramic kitchenware or just put plates and daily tableware into this shelving.

Focus on the detail

kitchen trends 2019
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If you do not completely renovate the whole kitchen and just want to give something fresh in it, you can change some of the details of the kitchen. Making a kitchen look up-to-date does not mean that you should change everything. Small thing even can create change into your new kitchen. For instance, you can select new brass that now come in myriad style to give new look in the kitchen.

Brass seems to be the substitution for copper. Copper has been really popular for long years in the kitchen. This year becomes the right time for you to move on. Any kitchenware made from brass now starts to rise its popularity and it will be more popular.

Kitchen appliances with bright color also can create interesting look without overwhelm anything. Following trends when you plan to renovate kitchen can be great idea but you also need to keep in mind that selecting suitable finish is important.

Add pendant lighting into the kitchen

kitchen trends 2019
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Pendant lighting is expected to have its fame this year. You can place this lighting on the ceiling above kitchen island. This will serve as focal point on this space. This lighting will make your kitchen looks more interesting as well. This light will look good to be placed above the vanity.

More colorful cabinetry

kitchen trends 2019
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White or grey cabinet still look quite good in the kitchen this year. However, the trends offer more colorful cabinetry to add in this space. More various colors such as navy, olive, charcoal, and dark ones like black will look great to be combined with natural wood.

Using two colors in the cabinet becomes a simple way to show up color without look too overwhelming. You had better to hide kitchen appliances like refrigerators to toaster since it is not only avoid clutter but also offer minimalist look that still become one of this year kitchen trends.

Kitchen trends bring some changes from the previous years such as the use of mature color and durable material. Some trends might still the same like smart storage use but it also highlight how to make a small change in the kitchen for new look. Read article about other kitchen trends design to know the update style of kitchen design.

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