4 Types of Kitchen Lighting- Anything You Need to Know

Kitchen Lighting

FeastHome – You can create a well-planned scheme for your kitchen lighting in order to set the mood for entertaining, cooking and eating. Of course, you can share this article if you want others get the best lighting scheme in their kitchens.

You should know that wonderful kitchen lighting scheme offers you with great power to change your ordinary kitchen become something more spectacular.

Despite your kitchen can increase the multifunctional level, then the lighting plan should be able to meet with the need of dining, entertaining, relaxing or homework. Then you are able to choose types of kitchen lighting that can set up your need.

Before you start to know kitchen lighting options that you can choose, you are able to follow these steps first to get right kitchen lighting.

How to plan your best kitchen lighting

Kitchen Lighting
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There are many experts agree that the best time to install your new lighting scheme is the way back of your planning step. You can see the areas in your kitchen and consider about what activities that will happen in each space.

There are several spaces, such as kitchen sink, food preparation space, dining area and more. You are able to use these considerations to choose your best kitchen lighting scheme, whether you just want soften light that makes you relax or you want something brighter.

Then you should research what types of kitchen lighting available, you can consider the layout and size of your kitchen as well as the amount of natural light get through in your space. Then you can find out whether you have proper environment to combine these options below and create perfect atmosphere in your kitchen.

4 types of kitchen lighting and understand the differences:

The Mood LightingIf you want to get wider mood lighting, then you can start by see how much natural light will come to your kitchen, pay attention with the number of your windows and the direction that they face.

If you have multifunction kitchen with powerful living element, this is worth to consider having ambient illumination such as eyeball lights, feature lights and dimmable wall lights.

You can choose the rise and tall fixture in your table which can be drawn down to get comfy candle light dinner or lift up for daily meals and more activities as well.

If possible, ensure that you can get different moods by only push the switch. In order to make mood lighting for your relaxing space, then you are able to choose wall lights that can add fine for in your background illumination.

The Task Lighting

This task lighting more prefer to the brighter lights that targeted the main working spaces such as sink, worktops and cooker spaces.

There are many variations that you can choose, such as small or mid size fluorescents or LED light beneath the cupboard downlighters which is slim enough to be inserted into the bottom of your overhead units.

You are also able to use flexible LED strip to be mounted under your cupboard as another option. Or you can try ceiling mounted light to get more modern look. There are many ways that you can try to ensure that your kitchen has brighter lights inside.

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The Pendants

The series of magnificent pendant lights or only single statement piece in your dining table can help you to set apart the dining space and work space in your kitchen.

This kind of style is also an old school and even you can try more industrial shapes in shining things. You can hang the pendants lower over the dining table in order to keep more intimate feeling or positioning the pendants higher in the kitchen islands.

This is not only giving you with great source of lighting, however it also can add more interests as well. If you want adding more flexibility, then you can try to fit the proper pendants along with the dimmer switch. Your island can get double role as the space for gathering with low lighting and bright lighting for working.

The Natural Light

Do not ever underestimate to get more benefits with your natural light inside your kitchen. French doors, windows and skylight can help you to get much more natural light inside your kitchen. This is helps you to get brighter and functional space for your practice room as well.

Controlling your kitchen lighting

As mentioned before that you can just simple add on/ off switches, and dimmer switches can be your great option in order to create ambient light by reducing the power of the light source or even better you can get more light source as well as provide you with different function. So, it’s essential to consider the flexible control system.

If you want to get maximum scene setting device, then you can try smart light system that also allow you to make and remind the light patterns that had been set before just with push a button.

There are several these systems can be controlled throughout your tablet, PC, smartphone, or WiFi inside your house and allow you to adjust the type, color and brightness of beam that you want to get.

If you purchase the shelf, then you can employ a professional technician to ensure that you can get safety and proper installation. For the best result, you can consult with your interior designer or specialist lighting to choose best types of kitchen lighting scheme.

They have more knowledge of many fittings and fixtures as well as help you to achieve the scheme that you want.  Even most of kitchen companies also offer you with professional lighting design service along with installation package as well.

There are more ideas to make your kitchen lighting look stand out and fit perfectly with your overall kitchen design.

If you to choose your best kitchen lighting, then you can choose one of these types above and follow those tips to get your best result. You can read and share this article to provide other kitchen owners to get their best kitchen light.

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