Keep These 13 Things When Buy New Stuff For Your Kitchen

Home is more than just your safety above and goes beyond the expression “home is where the heart is”.

How you build it and decorate it already exists in your mind as much as it exists in a physical location.

The same goes with your kitchen as well which is why it is important to decorate it and protect it from hazards. As much as your entire home, the kitchen is also important for varied reasons.

Since the kitchen is the first place where you step in for energizing, it must be in tranquility.

It is in your kitchen that you prepare food for your family and also where you probably eat together if you have an attached dining area.

This article will breeze you through the nitty-gritty of the things that you should keep in mind while selecting kitchen decor according to its size.

Design a Functional Kitchen with These Tips

In the planning stage of your kitchen, there are several factors that you need to consider to design the ultimate functional kitchen.

1. Redirect your focus from the ‘usual’

The ‘usual’ here means the working triangle of the kitchen which is the area between the sink, the cooktop, and the refrigerator.

To design a functional kitchen remember not to overfill the working triangle area. If you are planning to have a seating arrangement cooktop or island remember to keep a clearance of at least 5 feet.

If you are keen on installing an island or countertop, make sure to consider your needs as that is where you would mostly prepare your meals.

If you are frequent to the kitchen then consider installing a bigger counter space or two countertops to make meal preparations easier.

2. Modernize your kitchen outlook

In the modern era, your kitchen also deserves a modern outlook. To accomplish this, you can make your kitchen appliances resemble built-in ones.

Side tables and cabinets that are installed at a depth of at least 24 inches will make this a reality.

Modernizing your kitchen also means that you design it to be kid-friendly. The traffic flow in your kitchen must be considered to design the kitchen where children are not hurt.

For instance, keeping the cooktop at a height above children’s reach and placing the refrigerator strategically to make it accessible to adults but safe for children.

3. Provide working space for the appliances

For making your kitchen functional as well as appealing, appropriately placing your appliances is a crucial factor to consider.

For instance, avoid putting your stove or mixer grinder in one corner of your kitchen as it won’t allow you to use it according to convenience.

Due to the absence of working space around the appliances, it can also cause a fire so be careful to place appliances in an open area where it is also easily accessible.

This is also true for your fridge since you need to have sufficient space to put down the items to take out from the fridge. A great option would be to have an island as a landing space in the kitchen.

4. Choose your kitchen appliances and place them carefully

The foremost thing you need to keep in mind while buying kitchen appliances is their particular requirements.

Always do appliances that match your specific needs which will help you to avoid unnecessary cramping up.

Also, picking out your appliances before designing a kitchen would help you to build spaces and cabinets according to the size of each appliance.

When you have chosen the necessary kitchen appliances make sure you place them in an accessible but safe place.

For instance, your microwave oven has to be placed at the appropriate height. This will go well with your kid-friendly design.

In general, keeping your microwave above the countertop, at a height of 15 inches from it will make it feasible for you.

5. Keep in mind the appliance’s size

Being thoughtful of the appliance’s size is another significant factor that you need to keep in mind before planning your kitchen.

You would not want to buy an appliance that is larger than the space you place it on. It would not only look odd but also unnecessarily cramp up space.

The best way to choose the size is to understand your priorities. For instance, if you have a joint family which requires extensive daily cooking, then buy large appliances rather than doubling them up.

It is only when you want to divide the workload that you can think of buying double appliances but we are careful when choosing the size.

6. Keeping your kitchen insured

The kitchen is considered to be an important area in your house because that is where your daily fuel(aka food) is produced.

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On most days you are likely, to begin with, a cup of coffee and the first meal of the day in your kitchen itself.

It is an integral part of your whole house, which is why when you design it you make sure to give your best, both in terms of decor and investment.

All in all, keeping your kitchen insured is as important as securing home insurance. Nowadays, insurance covers kitchen insurance separately.

You can take a look at this article on ‘what does home insurance cover’ to ensure that your investments are protected from unfortunate hazards.

Now let’s move on to additional kitchen decor tips

Once you have the blueprint of a functional kitchen in your mind, the next step would be to plan, organize and buy those items that give the kitchen a decorative dimension as well as serve its purpose.

7. Avoid wasting space

Your kitchen must look like all its items are meant to be in its place and not just left where it is.

When you are organizing your kitchen, place the regular items in cabinets, shelves, and drawers that are handy when required.

Thereafter, place dishes and utensils near the dishwasher so that it becomes easier to load and unload.

As reminded previously, place your frequently-used appliances closer to the cooktop as well as your cookware sets.

8. Organize according to need

Designing your kitchen is a task although organizing it is the real catch. Organizing means planning how to place kitchen essentials and where to place them.

Remember to place everyday cooking essentials within the range of your cooking area. Also keep a shelf close to the cooking area for placing spices, cooking oils, and condiments. You can make a DIY organizer or buy a trendy one from the store.

9. Think of smart storage

To think of smart storage means to store and place kitchen staff that keeps your kitchen clean and helps you to place them back easily after use.

For instance, incorporate s-hooks above the sink or a place where the dripping water from the pots and pans do not stagnant.

Also, store knives or hang them on a magnetic strip just above the countertop or chopping space for easy accessibility and also so out of children’s reach.

10. Think of the materials used

To think of the materials used to design your countertop or shelves is to cut down on cleaning time as well as protect the kitchen from spills, splashes, and fire.

Choose the kitchen decor materials carefully so that it does not accumulate dirt or fades on wiping. For example, choose durable glass for easy cleaning or marble top in glossy material, to know when it needs a thorough cleaning.

Also consider using dark shades for the materials used to build cabinets if you have a large kitchen with lighter shades of countertop, island, and refrigerator.

For a small kitchen then use pastel shades for the decor. Irrespective of the size of your kitchen make sure it receives sufficient natural light.

Must-have kitchen essentials

Given all the tips and tricks, now is the time to focus on the essential kitchen items that you must have, to make a striking statement.

11. Kitchen towels

A primary essential for keeping your kitchen clean and hygienic, kitchen towels are a must-have. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and fabrics so that you don’t have to compromise on quality or style.

12. Kitchen rugs

In case you didn’t know, kitchen rugs are specifically for safety purposes for you as well as your dishes.

Buy anti-slip mats to protect you from unexpected falls and thicker ones that protect your dishwasher and cookware from breaking.

13. Kitchen aprons

Kitchen aprons specifically protect you from bonds spills and splashes and are essential for everyone. Buy kitchen aprons that have thick fabric and have antimicrobial properties for more safety and easy cleaning.


When you have guests over it is in the kitchen where you cook, eat and socialize together. This is why decorating your kitchen becomes so crucial.

How you set a vibe for your kitchen reflects how you feel about the place. As a part of your house, a kitchen is a place where you not only cook but also play with creativity.

Kitchen decor ideas do not have a limited budget and, understandably, a lot of effort and money goes into designing the kitchen of your dreams.

This is why it is also important to consider home insurance to protect you from financial losses and distress in cases of hazards.

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