What Type of Glass Should I Use For Kitchen Cabinets

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

FeastHome – Kitchens are among the most used rooms within most people’s homes. For this reason, it is understandable when you pay particular attention to its aesthetics and functionality. After all, you spend quite a significant amount of time there. This is also where glass cabinets come in. This kind of cabinets has been popular among homeowners for many decades now.

Kitchen glass cabinets have never gone out of style, mainly because glass cabinets are really attractive as well as practical. They also work for all types of kitchens, be it a traditional, retro, or a contemporary kitchen. With cabinet glass, you no longer have to worry about spending too much time looking for your utensils, spices, and what have you; because the items are visible behind the cabinetry. If you are not a very organized individual, this type of cabinetry will also suit you because you can use a kind of glass that is translucent.

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Why use different patterns of glass instead of clear glass on cabinets?

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

Glass cabinetry is the best way to go when you want to get the perfect compromise between open shelving and solid cabinets. Glass cabinets will keep your dishes free from debris dust, and enable you to showcase your utensils. However, there are more varieties of glass to choose from other than just transparent glass. Moreover, these different kinds of translucent glass are much more decorative; and have other benefits. Translucent glasses are not clear like their transparent counterparts, as some sort of treatment is done on these glasses to make them translucent. Below are some reasons as to why you should use different types of cabinet glass apart from transparent glass

1. Translucent glass offers some level of privacy

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

Most times, people love transparent kitchen cabinets because they can be able to display their most exquisite and most delicate utensils. This is usually prevalent among people who are very organized and those that like to arrange their utensils meticulously. However, if you are not very organized, this transparency may not work for you. If you still want the aesthetic that glass offers, the translucent glass may work for you. Additionally, you can see where your utensils are located and not have to worry about the disorganized appliances being on display.

2. Translucent glass is more decorative

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

Frosted glass distributes light evenly, unlike transparent glass. Therefore, you can use it for your glass cabinetry as any embossment or decorations on the translucent glass pieces. When appropriately installed, the translucent glass will make your space elegant and will last you over a long time.

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3. Translucent glass is easier to clean

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

A translucent glass kitchen cabinet is much easier to clean than transparent glass. Unlike transparent glass, the semi-transparent glass does not streak when you wipe it. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot of time meticulously cleaning your cabinet doors while avoiding streaks.

The frequently used types of cabinet glass for kitchen

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

Because glass is popularly used for cabinets in all types of kitchen, a wide variety of glasses are available to suit different needs. Whether your kitchen decor is retro, traditional, or contemporary; there is glass that will suit your needs. Frequently used kinds of glass include frosted glass, seeded glass, textured glass, and leaded glass.

Which type of glass should you install at cabinet doors?

Here is a list of some glass for cabinet doors that you could use for your kitchen cabinetry.

1. Frosted glass

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

You may like the aesthetic of glass cabinetry but are not really comfortable with the transparency of glass cabinets. In this case, then, frosted glass is ideal for your kitchen. This type of lens is sleek and cool, and it will blend in with your kitchen, especially if you have a contemporary kitchen. If you are not very organized, this glass is even more ideal. You will be able to still distinguish the shadows of the things behind the cabinet, without having to display the disorganized mess behind the enclosures to all and sundry.

2. Seeded glass

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

Seeded glass is a special glass that has a very distinct look. This kind of glass features bubbles that are either big or small, depending on how it is designed. Seeded glass kitchen cabinetry will suit your home well, especially if it has traditional or vintage decor. Also, it may work for some kinds of modern kitchens. The seeded glass will obscure the contents of your cabinets without hiding them completely

3. Leaded glass

Type of Glass For Kitchen Cabinets

As suggested by its name, this type of glass is rich in lead. The high levels of lead are responsible for the unique appearance of this glass. The tint of leaded glass is really appreciated for its aesthetics. Leaded glass is elegant and will look great in a modern kitchen.

Glass cabinets come in a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. Consider a type of glass cabinets that will suit your space and aesthetic. Incorporating cabinet glass into your kitchen will give your kitchen an elegant look.

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