You’ll Need It! The Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

FeastHome – An ornamental kitchen garden is exactly what it sounds. It’s a garden near your kitchen where you can grow vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers. It is a very trending topic and it has many benefits. If you are already excited about it, great! If not, read on, you’ll learn to like the idea.

Why does anyone need one?

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

That’s a great question. And I assume you haven’t tasted home-grown vegetables. With chemical pesticides on the rise and a lot of processing that your groceries go through, they do not taste the way they should. Home grown vegetables are tastier and definitely healthier. There is nothing healthier than the fruit you just plucked from your garden. The transition from store-bought groceries to home-grown ones is happening at a rapid state. That is for a good cause, too.

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Types of Ornamental Kitchen Garden

There are three types of kitchen gardens:

Potager Gardens: Potageris the French word for a kitchen garden. This garden type is about the aesthetics. Usually, vegetables and fruits are grown with a lot of colorful and flowers and plants. The idea here is to make a garden that looks ravishing.

Vegetable Garden: This type is the common one. Here you plant vegetables that can feed the whole family and more. You can throw in tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, carrots and what not.

Herb Garden: Yes. You guessed it. This type involves herbs and spices primarily. They help make the food aromatic and taste better. The herb garden is pretty easy and a lot of people have it even when they don’t know about ornamental kitchen gardening.

Beginners note

It’s great that you want to have an ornamental garden. The fact that you’re reading this means you’ve already taken the first step. It’squite a long way ahead, but we’re here. Gardening can sound like a tedious job, but it is not. Once you’re accustomed to it, it becomes more like a habit. You will start watering plants subconsciously, just like you brush your teeth.

All the work you put in the garden will reap into healthy foods for you. There is no better reward.Gardening also helps you relieve stress and enjoy the nature around you. It will become another hobby. What’s better than having a stunning kitchen? A kitchen with an adjacent vegetable garden.

Ornamental Kitchen Garden

Instructions and Tips

  • Size of your garden: We recommend that you start with a small area for a garden. It’s not only a big burden to have a big garden, it will demotivate you. A small well-groomed garden is always an attraction.
  • Locating the garden: This is a very important aspect to put thought into. As we know plants need 6 hours of sunshine at least, you need to make sure they get that. The location has to be as stable as possible. It should not get clogged in the rain or get too prone to pests. The more unstable the location is now, the more you will have to work on later.
  • Fertilizer: Most people ignore this. Fertilizers are like the occasional power pack for plants. They provide the plants with nutrients that they don’t get much from the soil. Manure is the most common fertilizer, but, do your research and give the plants what they need.
  • Soil: Make sure to use soil that is associated with high fertility of crops. We have heard that loam soils are great for plants. They have high pH and calcium content.
  • Best time to begin: Spring is the best time to begin. Butyou must begin to prepare at least two months prior. This will help you get all the stuff you need.
  • Seeds: Purchase high quality seeds. This is because well developed seeds have a higher chance of germinating. Low quality seeds are just a waste of money.
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Let’s look at some of the tips. These will come handy on your voyage to having an awesome garden.

  • Tools: Invest in a horihori. This Japanese knife is called the Swiss knife of gardening tools. It can crop, chop weed and transplant seeds. A hand prunercan be used to trim your plants.
Ornamental Kitchen Garden
  • Water hose: This is essential and will be enough for your humble garden. Don’t forget to water them.
  • Selecting the plants: Do not invest in plants that have no real use. You don’t have to plant seven types of roses because they will make your garden look good. Tomatoes, potatoes are a must. If you plan on a Potager garden, keep it simple at first. Those flowers look great, but they are just more burden. Plant chilis. They are colorful and are highly useful.
  • Harvesting: The seed packets have a harvest date in them. Make sure you harvest the vegetables by then.
  • Share your reward: Great! You just harvested your first batch of home-grown veggies. Feels awesome, right?Want to make it more awesome? Share some with your neighbors. They will be happy and might even start their own Ornamental Kitchen Garden.


An ornamental garden ticks of so many things. You cut your grocery bill, you eat healthier foods and you have a great hobby. We promise that your garden will be a rewarding experience. Spread the happiness.

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