The 10 Best Electric Snow Blowers of 2022

Best Electric Snow Blower

While electric snow blowers cannot rival the speed and power of their gas-powered counterparts, they offer a convenient, relatively inexpensive, and environmentally friendly way of dealing with light and less dense snowfall.

The best electric snow blowers are capable of clearing depths between 6 to 8 inches of powder snow and up to 4 inches of dense snow. Not only are electric snow blowers less expensive but it also requires less maintenance than gas-powered snow blowers.

The 5 Best Selling Electric Snow Blowers

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Electric snow blowers are usually single-stage snow blowers and are suitable for clearing snow from driveways, decks, and walkways (while being ill-equipped for dealing with steep slopes). They are usually similar in size to a small lawnmower and are relatively light, quiet, and user-friendly.

They use a relatively simple technological process that involves a plastic auger pulling in the snow and throwing it out via the chute in a single step (do note that other objects – e.g. stones and gravel – may also be picked up and thrown with the snow, so it would be best to ensure that other humans and pets are not in the vicinity when you turn on your electric snow blower).

While the electric motor removes the hassle of having to deal with fuel and engine maintenance, the power cord (for non-cordless electric blowers) can restrict your movements if you need to clear snow over a large area.

Besides power, you will also want to consider user comfort and other specialized features that may accompany a modern electric snow blower. Several also come standard with extra rechargeable batteries, lights, etc.

The 10 Best Electric Snow Blowers:

To help you choose the best electric snow blower we have singled out and reviewed the 10 best electric snow blowers currently on the market:

1. GreenWorks 2600502 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Electric Snow Blower

GreenWorks 2600502 13 Amp 20-Inch Corded Snow Thrower
Dimensions31” x 21.6” x 37”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width20”
Clearing depth10”
Weight32 lbs


  • Lightweight and powerful
  • 12-inch shoveling width
  • Ideal for snow up to 6-inches deep
  • 2.0 AH battery included
  • 4-year warranty


  • The motor could be stronger

The GreenWorks snow thrower comes with a 13-amp corded electric motor that delivers powerful results without using gas as a source of energy. Its powerful electric motor allows for an instant start; you will be discharging 850 feet of snow per minute up to 20 feet away in no time at all. Furthermore, the adjustable 180-degree directional chute helps reduce the effort needed to get all that snow out of the way.

Its compact design (weighing only 30 pounds) and accompanying grab handle make it easy to maneuver and transport; the durable handle can also be folded down for compact storage.

2. Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E 18-Inch 15-Amp Electric Snow Thrower with Light
Dimensions45” x 19” x 26”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width18″
Clearing dept10″
Weight33.7 lbs


  • Corded electric snow blower with cord lock 
  • 20 W halogen light to clear paths day or night
  • 2-year Warranty  
  • The motor runs at 2450 rpm when not under load
  • CSA and ETL certifications and listings
  • Clearing paved surfaces


  • High sound level of 100 dB
  • Limiting maximum extension cord length of 100’

With the simple push of a button, the Snow Joe Ultra SJ623E delivers the powerful performance of a gas machine with the convenience of electric power. You will never have to worry about gas, oil, costly maintenance, and polluting the environment again.

With its 15-amp motor, you can move up to 720 pounds of snow per minute. Its durable 4-blade steel auger is constructed from heavy-grade steel that cuts an 18-inch wide by a 10-inch deep swath of snow with each pass. 

The easy-glide wheels (4½” high X 2½“ wide), allow you to turn and maneuver the Snow Joe Ultra with ease while being assured that the scraper blade at the base of the unit will efficiently scrape the snow clear to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement.

The 180º adjustable discharge chute allows you to throw snow up to 25 feet away in the direction you want it to go, while the on-board chute clean-out tool will help you free up a clogged chute in the event of a snow jam.

3. WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower

WORX WG650 18-Inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Thrower
Dimensions18.9” x 18.9” x 20.7”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width18″
Clearing depth9″
Weight32.4 lbs


  • Can throw snow up to 20 foot
  • 6-inch wheels for easy mobility
  • Capable of throwing up to 490-pounds of snow per minute
  • Ideal for clearing snow up to 9 inches deep and 18 inches wide


  • Snow throughput is lower than competitors

The WORX WG650 Electric Snow Thrower helps reduce the hassle of clearing off driveways, sidewalks, and patios. By virtue of its 13-amp electric motor, it can clear up a path that is up to 18 inches wide and 9 inches deep, throwing snow up to 30 feet from a 180-degree rotating chute.

The three-position adjustable handlebar allows you to choose the right height to work comfortably, while the oversized chute adjusters were designed for easy use with winter gloves. Once winter is over, you will find that the collapsible handlebar and lightweight design allow for efficient and compact storage.

4. Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Electric Snow Blower

Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower
Dimensions36.2” x 18” x 47”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width18″
Clearing depth12″
Weight24 lbs


  • Decent build quality
  • High Performance
  • Good for large driveways
  • 160-degree rotating chute
  • Easy to assemble
  • 2-year warranty  
  • Uses Power Curve technology for variable power
  • Zip deflector
  • Includes a quick level


  • Expensive
  • May require an extension cord

The Toro 1800 Power Electric Snow Blower with its 15 amp motor was designed to clean patios, decks, driveways, and other residential areas of snow (up to 700 pounds of snow per minute, with an 18-inch clearance width and a 12-inch intake height), operating with the assistance of Power Curve technology which helps to eliminate clogging.

The snow blower’s zip deflector provides a choice between high, low, and in-between snow throwing, while its 160-degree chute helps you direct the snow discharge (up to 30 feet away) in many directions.

Meanwhile, the ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip during use. Weighing only 25 pounds, it can be easily maneuvered, transported, and stored away when not in use (the handle folds away for more compact storage).

5. Snow Joe iON18SB Cordless Single Stage Brushless Electric Snow Blower

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower
Dimensions50” x 20.5” x 28”
Run timeUp to 50 mins
Clearing width18″
Clearing depth8″
Weight32 lbs


  • Ideal for clearing paved surfaces
  • Lightweights at only 32 pounds
  • Rechargeable 40V 4.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 180 degrees auto-rotating chute, which throws snow up to 20 foot
  • Cordless


  • Limited battery life
  • Lower snow throughput than most other snow blowers on this list

The Snow Joe iON allows you to clear snow from sidewalks, driveways, and decks via a highly convenient cord-free operation. Weighing only 32 pounds, it is also highly portable and easy to manoeuver – especially when compared to heavier and clumsier gas machines that have the added hassle of pull-up cords, gas, oil, and tangled extension cords (and which also contribute unnecessary carbon emissions).

Powered by EcoSharp technology, it runs on Snow Joe’s interchangeable 40 V 4.0 Ah rechargeable lithium-ion battery system, which allows it to deliver up to 50 minutes of whisper-quiet runtime with zero carbon emissions.

It starts instantaneously with a simple push of a button, allowing you to move up to 500 pounds of snow per minute and clear a path of 18 inches in width and 8 inches in depth in no time.

The heavy-duty steel auger and two rubber blades allow for durable power, while the scraper bar at the base of the unit lets you clear right to the ground without damaging your deck or pavement. It also features a 180° auto-rotate chute that rotates instantly with the push of a switch, directing the snow stream up to 20 feet away.

Its cordless dynamo is also engineered with a powerful 500 W brushless motor for increased battery efficiency, optimal motor performance, and extended motor life. You can expect to rely on your trusty iON season after season – and the integrated LED headlight even allows you to use it at night!

6. GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Electric Snow Blower

GreenWorks Pro 80V 20-Inch Cordless Snow Thrower
Dimensions31” x 21.6” x 37”
Run timeUp to 45 mins
Clearing width20″
Clearing depth10″
Weight33 lbs


  • Lightweights 
  • Rechargeable 80V rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • 180 degrees auto-rotating chute
  • Cordless


  • Short battery life

The GreenWorks Pro 80V delivers the same high-powered performance as its gas equivalents – at greater and cleaner efficiency. Its 80V Li-ion system allows it to run for up to 45 minutes, after only half an hour of charging. At the push of the start button, you can clear a 20-inch path via its quiet and maintenance-free brushless motor technology.

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The 180-degree rotating chute allows you to direct the snow to your desired placement, without issuing any carbon emissions. The dual LED lights allow you to work before sunrise or after sunset – a useful feature during the short winter days.

7. EGO SNT2100 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Snow Blower

EGO SNT2100 56-Volt Lithium-Ion Electric Snow Blower
Dimensions38.5” x 23.8” x 20”
Run timeUp to 45 mins
Clearing width21″
Clearing depth13″
Weight69 lbs


  • Cordless battery powered 
  • Does so without any noise or fumes
  • Variable speeds
  • Can throw snow up to 35 foot


  • Limited run time
  • Heavier than most competitors
  • Does not throw snow as far as most competitors

The EGO Power+ is a cordless snow blower that can easily compare with the performance of heavy-duty gas snow blowers. Unlike the latter, this tool provides a much more enjoyable experience without the fumes and noise. It has variable speeds and snow is thrown up to 35 feet.

The 21 inches in width, along with 13 inches in depth, ensure that you will clear your yard and driveway in no time and with minimum effort. The EGO is a bit on the heavier side, coming at about 69 pounds, but this does not affect the easy maneuvering when using the tool.

If winter is harsh where you are at, this is the snow blower to go it. It is powerful and will not disappoint.

8. WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower

WEN 5662 Snow Blaster 18-Inch Electric Snow Blower
Dimensions40” x 18” x 37”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width18″
Clearing depth7.8 in
Weight32 lbs


  • Cordless battery powered 
  • Lightweight
  • 2-year warranty  
  • Inbuilt extension cord holder
  • Easy to assemble


  • May get clogged with wet snow
  • Low snow throughput

The WEN 5662 is a light and useful tool to have in your garage when the winter is coming. The 13-amp motor can clear your yard quickly as it covers an 18” wide surface and can go to 7.8” deep.

Besides, it throws up to 490 pounds of snow per minute up to 20 feet away and. The 180-degree adjustable chute enables you to direct the output

Combine that with the easy mobility, lightweight design, and packed 6-inch wheels and you have the perfect tool to combat heavy snow. As the tool is corded, you should not worry about battery life and recharging and you can go on to use it carefree.

9. PowerSmart DB5023H 18 inch 13 Amp Electric Snow Blower

PowerSmart DB5023H 18 inch 13Amp Electric Snow Blower
Dimensions21″ x 20″ x 20″
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width18″
Clearing depth8″
Weight37 lbs


  • Powerful
  • Good for small driveways
  • 180-degree adjustable chute
  • Includes chute deflector
  • 1-year warranty  
  • Rubber-tipped steel auger


  • Short warranty
  • Small plastic wheels

The PowerSmart snow blower comes equipped with a 13-amp electric motor to help you easily and effectively remove snow. The clearing width covers 18 inches and the tool can clear 8 inches in-depth, so you can quickly have clear patios, driveways, and sidewalks.

The auger is rubber-tipped and the snow is thrown up to 30 feet. The chute handle is oversized to allow for easy maneuvering when working with gloves and the chute itself is 180-degree adjustable, so you can throw the snow in any direction you desire.

The grip on the handle is foam-coated and very convenient considering the, often harsh, winter conditions. This blower comes at the relatively light 37 pounds that ensure it is light enough to not tire you up.

10. Ryobi RYAC801 16 Inch 10 Amp Electric Snow Blower

Ryobi RYAC801 16 in. 10 Amp Electric Snow Blower
Dimensions19.3” x 50” x 19.3”
Run timeUnlimited (corded)
Clearing width16″
Clearing depth6″
Weight26 lbs


  • Push-button start
  • Direction controlled discharge shoot
  • Adjustable handlebar


  • Low powered motor (10-amp)

The Ryobi RYAC801 is light and easy to work with. It has a 10-amp electric motor that is more powerful than it looks. With this tool, your driveways, decks, and patios will be quickly clear of snow.

The push-button starting provides a hassle-free experience and any paved surfaces are safely cleaned with the flexible paddle. Although it is not one of the most powerful on the market, it performs at a good 16-inch width and 6-inch depth and has direction controls that allow adjustable discharge.

The mounted handlebar is also adjustable and allows you to fixate it in just the right position for you. Furthermore, the lightweight and compact dimensions make this snow blower easy to transport and store when it is no longer needed.

What to look for when buying an electric snowblower

The Different Types of Electric Snow Blowers

When choosing a snow blower, there are several factors to consider and, among snowfall and terrain, the various types of snow blowers are of significant importance. There are single-, two- and three-stage snow blowers and the main difference between these is the snow handling abilities.

The two- and three-stage blowers are gas snow blowers and are capable of handling more snow way quicker. If the snowfall where you are is about 8 inches, then you would probably need a single-stage blower.

It will do the job well and will be easy and light to handle for any mid-size area. In addition, it should be noted that the latter is best used on paved surfaces due to the auger’s direct contact with the surface.

Furthermore, the single-stage blowers come in three subtypes – corded electric, cordless electric, and gas-powered devices. Gas and electric cordless tools provide flexible maneuvering as they are not restricted in length by a cord. The cord connected to corded electric snow blowers could affect its maneuverability.

Electric blowers, both corded and cordless, are lighter on your budget as they require less maintenance maintain than gas-powered snow blowers. 

For much less snow you can also consider something like an electric snow shovel.

Width, Depth, and Weight

Make sure to choose a blower that performs at a level that corresponds to the snowfall and the area you want to clear, and the typical type of snowfall you experience in your area. It also should be fairly lightweight, so you can easily remove the snow from patios, driveways, and sidewalks without much of a hassle and effort.

Power source 

Electric (non-gas) powered snow blowers came in either running off electricity (corded) or battery-powered (cordless) options.

Corded snow blowers are the most common ones available on the market and can throw up to 700 pounds of snow per minute, making it ideal for homeowners that have a short driveway to clear. It requires a power source and an extension cord which limits the length that it is usable. A long extension cord may get in your way while clearing the area.

Cordless snow blowers have a smaller slice of the market but are becoming more popular. The lack of power generated by a cordless snow blower makes it ideal for smaller areas and you do not need an outlet to connect to electricity. 

Tracks vs wheels

Snowblowers are available with either wheels or a track as can be found on most military tanks. Both options have pros and cons that will influence your purchase decision.



  • Wheels are easier to maneuver even when the motor is not running
  • Wheels generate faster groundspeed 
  • Wheels are more affordable


  • Wheels generate less traction especially on slopes, in ice, or deep snow
  • Wheels are difficult to maneuver on gravel



  • Tracks provide increased traction on steep inclines
  • The track provides increased stability on uneven ground or slippery slope
  • Tracks enable you to set a fixed plane to lift it slightly to avoid catching gravel when removing snow from gravel


  • Snowblower with tracks is usually more expensive
  • Tracks have lower groundspeed than wheels
  • Tracks are more difficult to maneuver when the motor is not running.

Additional Features

Among the few nice-to-haves is an electric starter for an easy start with the press of a button, single-hand operation, and speed variations, so you can make adjustments as necessary. Maneuverability is also important and power steering is a key factor on that front.

The traction and steering will be smooth with large tires and lights will help you see better the terrain you are working on. And to make the experience as nice as possible, you can also check a model with heated handles.

Maintenance on electric snow blowers

Electric snow blowers have fewer moving parts than a gas-powered snow blower thus there will be fewer replacements and liquids required to service an electric snowblower. The electric cord will require a frequent inspection to determine whether there are any cuts or damages.


Are electric snow blowers loud?

Although electric snow blowers are generally less noisy than gas-powered snow blowers, they could exceed 100 decibels. This is loud enough to cause noise-induced hearing loss. It would be beneficial to make use of earplugs or earmuffs while using a snowblower. Earmuffs can serve as additional protection against the freezing weather when clearing out the snow from your driveway

How good are electric snow blowers?

Lightweight electric snow blowers are ideal for clearing snow in small areas such as walkways, driveways, decks, and patios where the snow is no more than 12” deep.  

What is the most reliable electric snow blower brand?

There are several reliable electric snow blower brands, which include GreenWorks, Snow Joe, and Toro.

Do electric snow blowers work?

Yes, electric snow blowers work very well.

Can I leave my snow blower outside?

Yes, you can leave you snow blower outside, as long as you keep it elevated off the ground and cover it with a tarp.

Final Thoughts

Which electric snow blower best suits your needs? Choose the right one for the job you have in mind, and you will be able to enjoy snow-free walkways and driveways next winter without spending too much time or energy (or by incurring the risk of injuring yourself).

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