5 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Use Granite for Your Kitchen Countertop

granite kitchen countertop

FeastHome – Kitchen countertop should be made using high quality of material. Granite becomes great option for countertop because it does not only offers high durability but also fascinating look. Share this article about shocking reasons why should choose granite for countertop.

Do you plan to change kitchen countertop but still confused about type of material to choose? Perhaps, it is the right time for you to consider using granite.

Using granite for countertop not only provides very durable work area but they also come in wide array of colors and patterns. Let’s move into reasons why granite becomes amazing option for kitchen countertop.

The amazing look of granite

Granite has great durability because it is a natural rock which formed in the middle part of earth. However, when talking about how it looks like, this come in wide array of color and pattern combinations making interesting choices for people who like beautiful surface. Most likely, granite is in red tones, brownish shades, grey, and natural color like white.

It doesn’t matter if you are fond of more fascinating shades because they are available in green and blue. The majority of their surfaces consist of sprinkled white and grey.

Several of them also come with the combination of swirl and capillaries which make the look even more interesting to see.

Moreover, you can find particular types of granite coming with crystals which beam when hit by the light. All of them come naturally and uneven.

Different kinds of minerals which form this stone bring their special color. There is no identical granite so that their natural forming process produces countless granite choices these days.

Now, there is more granite that interest people. Not only because of its high durability but also its great structure which suit the durability. Based on history, granite was used to make some pyramids in Egypt.

How durable is granite?

granite kitchen countertop
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Another reason which makes granite as excellent material for kitchen countertop is because it can withstand abrasion. It is suitable for receiving daily scratch during meal preparations. It is even harder than other kitchen tools. It is also completely tough from any kitchen knife.

Due to its good structure, it can hold certain amount of weight. It will not break even though you place many kitchen items on its surface. It will not scratch or damage easily under daily kitchen use.

Granite is strong rock because it can withstand weathering. Quite similar with ruby, granite receives strong pressure underground during its making process. Hence, it can hold hot pot as well as frying pan without getting damaged easily.

The reason why granite is stronger than other artificial counterparts made from resin and polyester. When it receives heat, granite will not melt, bend, and even discolor. It maintains its natural shades and gleam when exposed to particular types of elements.

Granite is completely unbreakable. Countertop is used as work area in the kitchen. Hence, avoid using it for seating or unrelated activities. Don’t step over it. Instead, use stool when you want to change above fixture or reach the top cabinet.

Never place heavy objects on top of it although it can withstand certain weight. This abruption can damage the surface in long-term. Remember that proper treatment and maintenance can make granite countertop last longer than you home.

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Reparation of granite chip is much easier

Considered as most used space in the home, kitchen is more prone accidents including dishes that fall out from the shelving and any drops over the countertop. Whenever you drop heavy thing or hit the corner with any item, countertop is commonly difficult to repair.

However, granite chip can be fixed easily and you even can do the reparation in your own. The reparation is simply done using granite repair kits that are available in many home improvement stores.

Granite is quite cheap

Cost perhaps becomes the main factor when people choose granite as material for their kitchen countertop. The total cost of countertop is actually affected by some factors.

However, in general, the cost of granite countertop is about $40 to 50 each square foot with its installation. This actually can help you to save money and use the budget for other kitchen design.

This serves as the best choice for you who expect to have fancy countertop without expensive pay. It will be cool if you can install the granite countertop yourself but proper installation of granite needs the hand of expert.

Installation of granite countertop requires skill, accuracy, experience and certain types of tools. If you have experience in doing this before, you can do it yourself carefully. However, if you don’t, you had better to ask help from expert since any mistake will cost you more.

The durability of granite makes it as financial investment during a life time. Even you just buy it one time; you can enjoy its function for a long period of time.

That’s why granite becomes perfect choice for you to have in the kitchen as it is more practical rather than other type of flooring that requires replacement once in a few years.

Granite is easier to clean

Granite countertop does not need any special cleaner. It is completely easier to clean this countertop. People usually like to use warm and soapy water to do regular cleaning.

Although it doesn’t require particular cleaning products, you have to know the right guide to clean them. Prior to cleaning process, you have to make sure that the countertop is sealed properly after being installed. It becomes prevention from any moisture to enter porous stones resulting lasting stains.

Then, avoid using abrasive cleaner since it can form scratch and harm the surface. This condition will make the countertops are prone to germs and stains.

There ae special granite cleaner products in the market but you are not completely necessary to buy them. Whatever cleaner you use, make sure to wipe the countertop surface until it dry using microfiber cloth after finish cleaning.

It is important to avoid moisture trapped on the surface in the long period of time. Although warm and soapy water is enough but for daily cleaning, it is better for you to purchase cleansers intended for daily cleaning of kitchen countertop.

There are numerous reasons which make granite become a good countertop material. If you are still confused to search the best material for your countertop, you can consider granite.

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