10 Unbelievable Ideas of Modern Glass Dining Table

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FeastHome – A modern style nowadays becomes the favorite of a lot of people. It is because this style mostly looks simple yet stylish without too many accessories or decorations. A modern style is also able to be applied in a dining room.

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One of the ways to bring a modern look in a dining room is by having a modern glass dining table. Not only making a dining room looks modern, but a glass dining table can also make the room looks elegant.

1. Office-Like Dining Room


Do not get it wrong, it is a dining room, not an office room. The dining room in this picture looks like an office not only because of the modern glass dining table, but also the modern dining chairs.

For you who want to have a super modern dining room, this idea might be perfect for you. The soft grey carpet and the curved dining chairs create a comfortable and stylish dining area at the same time. As you can see, this dining room looks so stylish without too many accessories or decorations.

2. Modern Minimalist Dining Room


The modern style in this dining area comes from the glass dining table with its stainless steel legs. While the minimalist style comes from the simple white dining chairs.

Modern and minimalist is a perfect combination to instantly make a room looks super stylish. The long rectangular glass dining table is able to accommodate a lot of meals so that this idea is suitable for you who love to dine with a big family member.

The sliding glass door completes the modern look beside allowing the natural sunlight to brighten the area in the morning.

3. Super Stylish Dining Room


Only 2 words to describe this dining room: super attractive. The legs of the glass dining table and the dining chairs successfully make this dining area looks so stylish.

The white color that dominates the area makes it right in the center of attention. A soft rug is added in order to create a comfortable dining area. And the wooden floor with a light tone brings a warm touch to this area.

4. Glass-Legged Dining Table


A glass dining table does not always have to use the glass material as the top, but it can also be used for the table legs, just like the image above.

The using of a glass material as the table legs make the table looks more attractive and the dining area looks less boring. This idea of a modern glass dining table is suitable for you who want to have a unique dining table.

The wood material used as the top of the dining table adds a color to the neutral dining room which still matches well with the surrounding environment.

5. Futuristic Dining Room


This dining room is already spacious, and the big glass windows make it looks even more spacious. The windows also clearly display the amazing view of the pool that creates a comfy place to have a meal with family members.

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The modern glass dining table has a unique table leg, which is an instant way to make a glass dining table more stylish. The soft rug is used not only to create a comfortable dining area but also to separate the dining area from the family room area.

6. Grayish Dining Room


The dining room in the picture above is dominated by gray, from dark grey until light grey. This design makes this area looks super modern. The glass material is used as a coat to protect the top of the dining table.

The patterns from the cabinets and the table legs, added by the attractive hanging lamps, make this dining room looks less plain. The nude carpet is placed in order to add a color so that the area does not look too dark. And 2 paintings are hung up as the wall decorations.

7. Bright Dining Room


This dining room looks so bright because the householders choose white as the dominant color. Added by a clear glass dining table with stainless steel table legs, make this dining area looks even brighter.

A black chair and black hanging lamp are added in order to create a modern monochrome look. This dining room is located near a bookshelf, which is suitable for you who love to eat while reading your favorite books.

8. Clear Glass Dining Table


Do you want to simply make your dining table as the center of attention in your house? Then, you can pick a full glass dining table. From the top and the legs, just like in the picture above.

If you want to apply this idea, make sure you choose a strong glass material. Combine the full glass dining table with a light grey rug and white elements such as white dining chair and white walls in order to create a modern minimalist dining room.

9. Simple Glass Dining Table


This glass dining table is simple, what makes it looks more attractive is because of the table legs. The matte black wall and gray carpet are combined with the most white elements in order to create a monochrome look, which is one of the characteristics of a modern style. A beehive-shaped hanging lamp is used so that the dining area looks more stylish.

10. Fancy Dining Room


Besides a modern look, a glass dining table is also able to create a fancy look if it is properly combined with other furniture. Just like in the picture above, the dining area looks fancy because the glass dining table is combined with the fancy crystal hanging lamp. A big mirror is placed in front of the dining area in order to create a spacious illusion.

Those are the ideas of a modern glass dining table that can be your inspirations. A glass dining table can make various looks so that do not doubt anymore to have one in your dining room.

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