Standard Stove Dimensions: How to Determine Your Best Size

FeastHome – Discovering the standard stove width should be the first thing you like to do before selecting a new one for all your cooking creations.

To help you get the right one for your kitchen or for any kind of recipe to cook, this article will provide the necessary information to understand stove dimensions and sizes. Let us check this out!

Standard Stove Dimensions for Your Kitchen

Standard Stove Dimensions

It is no secret that you will rely on finding the accurate width, depth, and height when buying a new stove for your home kitchen.

This way you do not get the one that does not fit in the surrounding countertop and cabinet space.

In some cases, the standard stove width may vary based on the type of this cooking equipment. However, they mostly fit within a usual size range.

The sizes of most standard ranges or stoves are 30 inches wide and approximately 25-27 inches deep, exclusive of the knobs and handles.

Stoves are usually 36 inches tall without the control panels. This height is similar to most kitchen countertops.

With this standard height, the cooking surface of your stove can flush with the counters for more perfect integration.

You can discover a broad selection of stoves within the standard stove width and depth mentioned above. Your options will include slide-in ranges, freestanding models, and even double-oven ones.

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Standard Stove Width, Depth, and Length Based on Its Types

Standard Stove Dimensions

When it comes to a stove, you possibly think of a standard electric range or an oven combination with four coil burners.

In fact, you can find a lot more stove types instead of those ‘standard’ ones. These include 6-burner gas ranges that feature built-in griddles and smooth-top electric models that have convection ovens.

While most common types of stoves work with the standard size dimensions, not all of them are created equal.

Then, how could you determine the right size for your specific stove type? The following list of standard stove width by type will help to learn it further.

  • Apartment-sized Stoves

Standard Stove Ideal Dimensions

Let us start with the standard dimension for an apartment-sized stove. Since it means for a small house, the dimension is smaller than the usual to fit the tiny kitchen.

Generally, the depth and height of an apartment-sized stove are similar to the full-size ranges. What makes difference is its width, which is approximately 25.4 cm narrower than the standard variant.

Thus, the standard size for this stove type is 91 cm tall, 66 cm deep, and 50 to 61 cm wide.

Due to its narrower width, the oven capacity of an apartment-sized stove is rather limited. This is typically about two to three cubic feet.

If the control panel is in the rear position, the standard stove width of this variety will not change. However, it can become much taller than 91 cm (up to 111 cm tall) when this happens.

Similar to the standard types, this stove variety can come with gas, electric, or induction ranges. It typically has stainless steel, black, or white body.

  • Slide-in Stoves

Standard Stove Ideal Dimensions

This type of stove appears to be a built-in model once installed since it slides in between two sections of your cabinet.

For a seamless look, the design of slide-in stoves slightly overlaps the counter edges it meets. That is why it does not have little gaps or clearance on the sides of its body.

The standard stove width for a slide-in model is 76 cm. Meanwhile, the height is 91 cm and the depth is 73 cm.

Different from an apartment-sized stove, this variety has an average oven capacity of around four to six cubic feet.

Slide-in stoves tend to be more costly than their freestanding brothers because of the way they are produced.

You may find this stove variety more boring to pick and install since it has to fit flush with your cabinets on either side.

However, if you seek a higher-end alternative to a freestanding range, a slide-in stove is worth considering for your upcoming remodeling.

Furthermore, you can find several color options as well, such as black, white, and stainless steel. Custom colors are also available for your unique interest.

  • Freestanding Ranges

Standard Stove Ideal Dimensions

Freestanding ranges have the standard stove width of 76.2 cm. Then, they are typically 91 cm tall and 66 cm deep.

Meanwhile, the average oven capacity of freestanding stoves is about four to six cubic feet.

The design of this stove type makes it fit between two cabinets without a big amount of clearance behind the range and on each side.

Known as the most common type of stove, freestanding ranges feature various heating sources and elements.

Electric, natural gas, induction, and dual fuel ranges are available for your kitchen. Color options for freestanding stoves include stainless steel, black, and white.

Despite the standard stove width and length mentioned above, freestanding stoves that feature raised cooking controls at the back of the stovetop are usually taller.

The control panel adds several centimeters to the overall height, making the length reaches 116 cm.

  • Drop-in Stoves

Standard Stove Dimensions

Drop-in model is less common than apartment-sized, freestanding, and slide-in stoves. It is a kind of small range that is mounted on top of your base cabinet.

This stove’s dimensions in feet are 2.1 to 2.3 ft tall, 2.5 ft wide, and 2.1 ft deep.

Compared to slide-in or freestanding stoves, drop-in varieties have a smaller oven capacity of around three to four cubic feet.

Because of the standard stove width of drop-in ranges that is pretty small, you may consider using this in your small kitchen.

You can find drop-in stoves in electric, dual-fuel, and gas models. They may come with an electric oven and a gas cooktop as well.

Standard Stove Sizes for Smaller Kitchens

Standard Stove Ideal Dimensions

Which stove size should you choose for a smaller kitchen?

An apartment-sized range makes a good choice as it is around 50 to 61 cm wide.

This means you are capable to set it up seamlessly with standard countertops but can save some horizontal space at the same time.

It features minimally 4 burners despite the reduced standard stove width. However, you should not expect it to have similar cooktop surface space and oven capacity to the standard ranges.

For this reason, those who have a tricky kitchen or limited space are more likely to have a wall oven and separate kitchen cooktop combination.

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Standard Stove Sizes for Commercial Uses

Standard Stove Dimensions

If stoves for smaller kitchens are not as big as the standard models, are commercial-style ones larger than the usual ranges?

The width of commercial-style stoves varies greatly because of the dissimilarity in the cooktop surface sizes, the number of ovens, and other factors.

Generally, the standard stove width of a single-oven commercial-style model is between 76 and 91 cm. Double-oven commercial-style stoves are about 121 to 152 cm wide and even more.

Meanwhile, commercial-grade stoves designed for restaurants typically come in a more variety of sizes.

However, the ones created for residential homes are likely to have identical height and depth to the standard-size ranges.

A lot of commercial-style ranges come with premium features, as well as bigger capacities and additional burners. Thus, it is possible to sauté vegetables, simmer sauces, and boil fresh pasta at the same time.

How to Install Your Range between Cabinets

Standard Stove Dimensions

Once you figure out the standard stove width for your needs, there is no need to postpone the installation process.

If you want to install the new stove between your cabinets, start with removing the current range to ensure the accuracy of the vacant cutout space.

After that, take a measuring tape to measure the actual width of the cutout from one to another.

To avoid the chance of uneven cabinets, do the measurement close to the rear opening and near the front. In case you find any difference, opt for the smaller size.

You should also measure the actual cutout height and depth to adjust your new stove. Remember to use the standard stove width and dimension as a reference.

Other Things to Remember about Stove Dimensions and Its Installation

Standard Stove Dimensions

Even though you already know the standard sizes, you can still measure your new stove from side to side to be sure.

For instance, the standard dimension of a four- or five-burner stove with cooktops is 76 cm wide. Meanwhile, the dual-fuel and pro models are typically 91 cm wide.

Furthermore, when you purchase a 30-inch stove, the actual size is likely less than 76 cm. You may find it to be 29 7/8 inches instead of 30.

Hence, it is never a bad idea to add half an inch extra for your stove opening to provide adequate room for pulling the range out when cleaning.

When installing your new stove, do not forget to check its installation instruction or product guide even though you already know the standard stove width.

It will help you to determine the exact clearances needed around the range when it is mounted between your cabinets.

The Verdict

Standard Stove Ideal Dimensions

Now that you have known a range of standard stove dimensions based on its type, it should be much easier to determine which range size is best for your kitchen.

Whether you want to replace your current stove or consider creating a whole new kitchen from scratch, there is always a great one to fit your room and your culinary goals.

You can always come back here to check the standard stove width, length, and depth of your range type to make sure before investing in one. Good luck!

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