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Program NFC Tag

Near Field Communications, also known as NFC, might look like dry technical specifications. It seems to me that way. Nonetheless, NFC can be considered a useful application. The iPhone and iPod touch have been using NFC technology for decades, and iOS phones have had feature-limiting capabilities. However, these two platforms also employ a touchless payment system, paired headphones, and a little automation

What is NFC?

Near-field Communication or NFC is wireless communication technology that connects two electronic devices close by with an NFC chip inside. Official NFC supports a distance of 1.5 in apart and, in practice, can reach a maximum of four inches in distance. The majority of these can have two kinds; device-to-device communication or read-out-of-body tag.

However, contactless payment is made through NFC and is easy and safe. When a user walks into a shop and purchases a smartphone using mobile payments like Google Pay or Apple Pay, the transaction starts via NFC. Interacting between two devices via NFC is also a helpful tool. Keep reading to learn about more uses for NFC tags.

NFC compatibility

The Android phone supported NFC initially, but Apple canceled support for the iPhone. However, when Apple Pay was introduced, it also included these wireless chips in its new smartphones. Apple only allows users to pay via Apple Pay. Apple is introducing a new feature on the iPhone 7 that allows contactless payments and also allows NFC tags. This allows for synchronized use between both mobile phones.

What you’ll need

Those with NFC-enabled devices must have NFC tags installed before a launch. NFC tags come in several types, including affordable household tags and expensive commercial tags. You need to purchase a rewritable NFC tag for the best NFC application.

Although it has numerous different NFC tags available, Timeskey Stickers (10 packs) are excellent value and can be modified, rewriteable, or easily installed. You can download NFC tags writer apps for your mobile phone from the google play store or apple’s app store. Apple’s iPhone can read tagged images without software; you’ll have varying experiences with Android phones.

Here are some excellent ways to use NFC tags to simplify your life

1 Smart Nail

nfc smart nail

NFC Smart Nail Design combines NFC tags and manicures and refreshes the imagination of NFC tag uses. Install the NFC nailed tag on your finger, and you will see the miracle. Getting rid of the NFC card won’t take too much time or effort. NFC smart nail will assist you in any job.

2 Smart clothes

NFC CLothes

Smart clothing can be detected through NFC. Arrow is launching an NFC-ready smart shirt. Customers can put in tags such as displaying company addresses, websites you frequently browse on your smartphone and putting your phone off at meetings, etc. It is just like touching NFC codes on clothing using your mobile phone.

3 Wedding invitations

NFC wedding invite

NFC wedding cards and bracelets are ideal for wedding invitations rather than traditional ones. All guests get their personalized wedding invitations too. It can include information like video, audio, or photos. You will be pleasantly surprised because the romance is unique.

4 NFC wristbands and smartwatches are becoming more and more popular as they offer a variety of convenient features

NFC Wristbands

Here are just a few things you can do with them:

Make payments with just a tap with an Nfc wristband and smartwatch.

Access your tickets, boarding passes, and other important documents without having to fumble through your wallet or bag.

Unlock your door

smartwatch unlock door

Connect with other NFC-enabled devices for easy sharing of files and photos, and Track your fitness data and stats

5 Keyfob

NFC Keyfob

NFC key fobs are NFC key chains that are particular types of tags. You can use them as credit cards or payment cards, for example. You may also program this for tasks that usually happen when you travel, such as quickly firing up your playlists or changing navigation on the iPhone or iPad if you’re using the smartphone.

Using NFC AntiMetal Tags allows you to connect your mobile phone to a mobile wireless hotspot that can quickly reach a computer. When the computer needs internet to work or do a little research, you can start using it by just tapping the button.

6 Home electronics

Turning on lights and electronics. Smart homes have been heating up over the past year. Using an NFC device is a smart option. Many manufacturers of NFC-powered gadgets like stereo and gaming equipment. Tapping the handset into your phone also turns the music up, and Bluetooth sync enables you to use the music seamlessly. Bring on the celebration! Your life would be a wonderful place to be happy.

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7 NFC tags for Bluetooth speaker

If you are looking for a wireless speaker for a smartphone, it should take at least 5 minutes before you start the Bluetooth connection. Imagine if, after a long day at work in a hotel, you just have to put it away, and no one is thrilled to use Bluetooth to enjoy the beautiful song. The new NFC tags can be placed on the speaker; if the device has the NFC code, it should be on top.

8 Business cards

The cards have a magnetic chip, making them easier to use and a lot easier for a user. You can never lose customers if you do not keep a business card, and you will also avoid embarrassing someone who wants a card. NFC cards are environmentally safe and very user-friendly. In just 1-2 clicks, the contact information, company name, and site URL are shared.

9 Connect to the Wi-Fi Network or share your Wi-Fi password

When we own a restaurant and coffee shop, we have no doubt everyone will be able to ask us for a Wi-Fi password to their Wi-Fi connection. Then you must repeat that password multiple times. Each guest touches the NFC tag and connects to their wireless network. You’ll save more time by providing excellent customer service.

10 NFC ring


NFC rings are fashionable wearable gadget devices that operate magical functions from a mobile device. It can be used as reminders to do something or a particular app key to unlock your app, share a company card or send a data packet. Your NFC device won’t allow access to your building if the frequency isn’t compatible with you.

11 NFC Bracelet for easy Pet tracking

This NFC tag for pets, also known as the digital pet identification tag, has QR or NFC chip. This will protect your dog from loss. Keep details for pets, veterinarians, and, of course, yourself. If I bring my dogs into the store after leaving the house, I can ensure they have the right dog. If I’m looking for a cat, the NFC tag will have all the information I need to know where she is.

12 Phone cases

NFC can be used in mobile phone accessories. Using an NFC-enabled phone case means that you can make your own custom ringtones and share them with your friends.

13 Share your WI-FI Password Securely

You’re probably still asking for the WIFI password. A little NFC sticker will save your life by granting you instant access to your home Wi-Fi for an internet connection. The Wi-Fi password can be written into NFC tags and posted in a visible location in the house. This is a place where anyone can have access to Wi-Fi with just a simple touch.

14 Make your home smarter

Using NFC tags in a smart-home system provides convenience to a home user and offers less money than other devices. Write the data into these tags, allowing the user to control several devices like smart lights and appliances, such as smart TVs or smart fridges.

Turn on your lights and TV

Place the NFC tag on the coffee table; when you come home, it will automatically turn on the lights and TV.

16 Check-ins at the gym

If you often go to a public place like a gym or a library, you might want to use your NFC phone to check in. Tapping your device will automatically bring up a list of your recent check-ins.

17 Automatically launch an app

If you have a specific app you use daily, you can automate the process by writing a simple script that will launch the app as soon as you tap your NFC device on the tag.

18 Control your computer

You can use NFC tags to control your computer, whether it’s a desktop or a laptop. By writing a simple script, you can use your NFC device to turn on/off your computer, launch specific apps, or even control the mouse and keyboard.

19 Share your contact information

If you’re meeting someone for the first time, you can share your contact information by simply tapping your NFC-enabled device on their NFC-enabled phone. No need for business cards.

If you have an NFC-enabled business card, you can use it to share your contact information with others without even taking it out of your wallet. Simply tap it on their NFC-enabled phone, and the information about your website URL or social media details will be shared.

How are you using NFC’s today? Hope these ideas help you with uses for NFC tags in your life. Thank You for reading

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