How to wash a crochet blanket at home?

wash hand knit crochet blanket

Generally, a hand-knit and crochet blanket are more delicate than other blankets. They are more difficult to maintain and easily wear out if not well-taken care of. As such, it is critical to know how to wash them so you can use them for a long time and get your money’s worth. If you’ve ever pondered how to wash hand-knit and crochet blankets, look no further as this article is exclusively a treat. 

The straight answer is this! The best and safest way to wash your crochet and knitted blanket is to hand wash rather than machine wash them. Handwashing your hand-knit and crochet blanket can never go wrong, irrespective of their fabric. Conversely, not all hand-knit and crochet blankets can be machine washed. 

It is, therefore, best to know the type of yarn or fabric used in making your knitted blankets before deciding whether to hand wash or machine wash it. This article provides detailed information on how to wash different hand-knit and crochet blankets. Read on to know more!

What is the best way to wash a hand-knit and crochet blanket?

knitted blanket

As mentioned above, blankets that are hand-knit or crocheted are exceedingly delicate. They will become damaged or wear out earlier than expected if not handled or washed correctly. Therefore employing the appropriate method, the right detergent, and water at the right temperature will save your blankets from any severe damage. 

Typically, the best method to wash crochet blankets is handwashing. This is because hand washing does not subject them to much tumbling that destroys the material and shape of the blankets. Even so, without the right detergents and water at the right temperatures, your hand-knit, and crochet blankets will still end up damaged.

Why is it preferable to hand wash rather than machine wash hand-knit and crochet blankets?

Although some hand-knit and crochet blankets can be machine washed, it is always best to hand wash them. This is because the washing machine exposes the yarns to heat and friction, which is quite detrimental. Blankets knitted with wool yarn may end up shrinking or felting.

To be on the safe side, you want to be washing crochet blankets by hand and only machine wash if the care label of the yarn recommends it.

How do you hand wash crochet and hand-knit blankets?

Three very important things are needed to a hand wash hand-knit and crochet blanket.

A mild detergent

Find out the type of fabric your blanket has been made with, and get a mild detergent that is suitable for it. Using harsh detergents or any detergent that is not suitable for the yarn will end up damaging your blanket.

Cold or cool water

It is always advisable to use cold water rather than lukewarm water if not stated in the care description. Warm water can easily damage some yarns.

Dry towels, preferably cotton

You must lightly dampen water from the blankets and maintain their shapes before air drying.

After securing these items, you can hand wash your hand-knit and crochet blankets. here are the washing instructions:

  • Pour cool water into a big bowl or tube. The quantity of water should be sufficient to submerge the blanket completely.
  • Add the mild detergent. Use the detergent recommended on the care label of the yarn used in making your blanket.
  • Submerge the blanket into the water mixed with detergent and allow for about 15 to 30 minutes.
  • Gently shake the blanket in the water to wash off any dirt that is still left.
  • Discard the soapy water and replace it with clean water to rinse the blanket. Do this repeatedly until the water becomes clean after rinsing the blanket. 
  • Pin the blanket flat on a blocking board, and damp out excess water with cotton towels.
  • For the drying process, allow the blanket to air dry on the blocking board to maintain its shape.
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Can you machine wash hand-knit and crochet blankets?

Most people may be tempted to machine wash rather than hand wash their hand-knit and crochet blankets because it is easier. However, it is good to note that machine washing works on some but not all hand-knit and crochet blankets

Hand-knit and crochet blanket made with synthetic yarns like acrylic can be machine washed. Those made with cotton can also be machine washed on a gentle cycle using cold water and delicate spin speed. 

Unlike those made with acrylic and cotton yarn, those made with silk or wool yarn should not be machine washed. Additionally, it is advisable to hand wash those made with blended yarn.

There are specific instructions when washing knitted and crocheted blankets in a washing machine.

How do you machine wash hand-knit and crochet blankets?

It is easier to machine wash rather than hand washing knitted and crocheted blankets. If the yarn used in making your blanket can be machine washed, wash it as follows;

  • The first thing you should do is to check the care label. Look at the care instructions and follow them.
  • Add mild detergent.
  • Put in your blanket. Do not simultaneously put several hand-knit or crochet blankets of different colors into the machine.
  • Set to wash on a gentle cycle using cold water. Use lukewarm water if the care label of the yarn recommends it.
  • Take out the blanket after it has been washed and pin it flat on a blocking board. 
  • Lay it flat to dry naturally. Do not tumble dry to avoid shrinkage.

How often should I wash a crochet blanket?

wash hand knit crochet blanket

It can differ by several things including its usage frequency, the fabric type and dust content that builds up. However if you wear your crochet blanket every day as a blanket, you might need a more frequent wash.

It is advisable to wash your hand-knit and crochet blankets seldomly. However, if you use them often in a way that exposes them to a lot of dirt, you will have to wash them often.


Compared to other blankets, hand-knit and crocheted blankets are more sensitive. As a result, they cannot be carelessly or frequently washed in a washing machine. Generally, even though cotton, acrylic, or linen yarn can be machine washed, this must be done on a gentle cycle with cold water to prevent any damage. Those that can only be hand washed must be hand washed with mild detergent and cold water.

However, irrespective of the washing method used for your blanket, always air dry and not tumble dry your hand-knit and crochet blankets. If you decide to tumble dry your hand-knit or crochet blanket, what you will get at the end will be far different from what you put in. And such damages are usually irreversible, so it is best to play it safe and air dry.

Thanks for reading till the end!


Can I use fabric softener on crochet blankets?

Most hand-knit and crochet blankets are not machine washable be, so fabric softener would not begin to apply. In fact, it is best to follow the care instructions on the yarn label to find out if the blanket can be machine washed with fabric softener.

What should I do if my hand-knit or crochet blanket is starting to pill?

Pilling is a result of the fibers in the fabric being pulled out. To stop your hand-knit or crochet blanket from pilling, you can use a pilling comb or a pilling razor. You can also cut off the pills with scissors.

What is your crochet blanket made of?

The type of fiber determines the method of washing the blanket. Clean cotton thread crochet covers is different from a cotton lace crochet cover. It is possible to clean a crochet blanket with synthetic material using only a washable machine. However, most natural fiber covers require careful handling.

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