6 Chinese Porcelain Tile Problems You Must Know

Chinese Porcelain Tile Problems

To perfect the beauty of the interior of a room, you have to optimize the various elements in it.

You have to choose the right elements, such as Chinese porcelain tile. But, although many people choose this material, there are still pros and cons to the Chinese porcelain tile problem.

Some people are reluctant to use this material for some of the reasons. However, many people still use this material.

Then, what are the real problems with porcelain from this bamboo curtain country?

Some Chinese Porcelain Tile Problems

Chinese Porcelain Tile Problems

Porcelain from China is believed to give its beauty to the interior of a building. Its beauty is as if it can not be replaced by anything.

However, until now, there are still problems surrounding the use of this porcelain, such as:

#1. Many Fake Porcelain Products

One of the most common complaints about porcelain from China is the abundance of fake products.

Not even a few fake porcelain products are similar to the original products. Many people should know it immediately from an unreasonable price offer.

However, seeing the resemblance, few people finally decided to buy fake products. Even if applied as a tile, you will certainly feel the difference.

Especially when viewed from the beauty. Although it is similar to the original product, it will still look different in appearance.

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The white color of Chinese porcelain is incomparable. For lovers of art and the beauty of pottery, you may be very familiar with the white color.

So, there’s no need to argue about this Chinese porcelain tile problem anymore.

#2. Chinese Porcelain Tiles is Difficult to Maintain

Did you know that another issue that is often debated about Chinese porcelain material is maintenance?

Many people think that it is not easy to maintain this tile. So, is that true? Of course, not. Tiles made of porcelain-like this is not difficult in terms of maintenance.

You can take care of it very easily. When you want to clean the tiles from this porcelain, you can use plain water.

Then, if you want to remove dust, you can use a dry cloth or regular mop. Certainly not difficult to do.

Even just like when you want to clean tiles with other types of porcelain.

That way, you do not have to bother with this Chinese porcelain tile problem anymore because it is not difficult to take care of this porcelain tile.

#3. Porcelain is Prone to be a Breeding Ground for Bacteria

The next Chinese porcelain tile problem that most people talk about is the resistance of porcelain to bacteria.

Of course, the tile is the part of the house that is most often stepped on and is susceptible to germs.

Some people say that porcelain tiles are susceptible to bacteria and other harmful germs. Then, is it true?

Porcelain is made of sand. Then, the porcelain will be burned at a very high temperature. This causes the shape of porcelain to resemble glass and is not porous.

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With characteristics like these, porcelain is not easy to become a nest of bacteria or bad germs.

You can be free to do various activities on porcelain tiles like this. It’s just that you still need to do a good cleaning and maintenance. Chinese porcelain tile quality does not need to be doubted.

#4. Chinese Porcelain Tile Price is Expensive

Not a few people say that porcelain tiles from China are high. Because of this, many of them run to fake porcelain tiles.

So, is it true that Chinese porcelain tile is expensive? It is not so. You must understand it.

There will always be a price that matches the quality provided by a product, including tile products made from this porcelain.

However, if it is very expensive, it is certainly not true. Compared to the price of ceramics, it is true that the price of porcelain is higher.

However, when compared to Italian porcelain or Chinese porcelain vs. Italian, Italian porcelain is much more expensive.

Therefore, you do not need to discuss this Chinese porcelain tile problem again. You can still buy this tile at a reasonable price.

#5. Chinese Porcelain Tile Can Not be Used in The Long Term

There is always talk of the Chinese porcelain tile problems. One of them is that the porcelain used as tiles will not be used for a long time.

The service life of porcelain tiles is very short, so it is better to switch to using other materials.

In reality, it is not so. The opposite happened. Suppose you compare this porcelain with ceramic.

Ceramics are very susceptible to damage. This is because ceramics have a water absorption rate of up to 4%.

Meanwhile, porcelain is stronger because it is thicker. This makes porcelain highly recommended for various needs, including home tiles.

So, you no longer have to get caught up in these unpleasant issues again.

#6. This Porcelain is Difficult to Shape and Cut

One of the Chinese porcelain tile problems is that porcelain is difficult to shape. Even just cutting is also difficult.

This issue is not entirely wrong. Porcelain does require precision and expertise in the process.

That’s why the process of making porcelain should not be done by hand carelessly. Must be an artist who is proficient in his field.

However, this is also the advantage of the porcelain material. This material is very sturdy and strong, so it is not easily damaged.

Porcelain is very suitable for making special tiles for bathrooms and kitchens.

By using this material, the tiles in your home will be more durable and long-lasting. You do not need to renovate your kitchen and bathroom often.

Indeed there are many Chinese porcelain tile problems that people talk about.

If you look at the quality and durability provided, of course, you do not need to make repairs to your tiles too often. This porcelain will be the best choice for you.

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