Why 4-Inch Backsplash? The Pros & Cons

4-Inch Backsplash

Since it first came on the scene, this backsplash has managed to stand the test of time — and for good reason!

A 4-inch backsplash is a statement piece. It adds a beautiful accent to your kitchen, as well as offering a splash of color and pattern. It’s up to you how that pattern will look, whether it’s bold and daring or simple but stylish.

They can be a bit tricky to put in, though, which is why we’ve rounded up the easiest way to install your 4-inch backsplash!

Find out how you can install your 4-inch backsplash in the space of a few hours without any special tools.

No need to go out and buy any special tools or materials, just see what we have for you here!

The Pros of 4-inch Backsplash in a Kitchen

4-Inch Backsplash

What are some reasons why homeowners prefer a 4-inch backsplash? Below are some of the most common reasons we hear:

When it comes to the 4-inch backsplash, it can actually be put into the category of various tiles.

It can be used in many different contexts in a kitchen, such as paneling, and adding a sense of character to the room.

The 4-inch backsplash is great for anyone who is looking for a new, unique design that they will love to add to their kitchen. It is a striking pattern that you will love for its uniqueness.

The 4-inch backsplash is also a great addition to a kitchen because it can be mixed and matched with most other styles in the kitchen; such as cabinets, flooring, countertops, and light fixtures. The 4-inch backsplash lends a unique aesthetic and style to the overall character of a room.

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The Cons of 4-inch Backsplash in a Kitchen

4-Inch Backsplash

The reason why homeowners do not choose a 4-inch backsplash to include:

A 4-inch backsplash can transform a kitchen from ordinary to amazing. Adding an accent wall can make the kitchen look more interesting and elegant, and a backsplash adds style to any kitchen.

Although there are some pros of the 4-inch backsplash, there are some cons as well. The not-so-hidden pros are that it is easy to install and relatively inexpensive. However, the drawbacks of the 4-inch backsplash make it less appealing to many people.

To begin with, some of the cons are that the 4-inch backsplash is not suited for kitchens with low ceilings. Although it may look nice and crisp on a high ceilinged kitchen, the backsplash will have no purpose in a room that is lower than the average height.

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The next thing that people also don’t like about the 4-inch backsplash is how it looks when it gets dirty. Because of its thin and narrow nature, it can be difficult to clean.

After that, the thin nature of the 4-inch backsplash means that it would require constant maintenance. If you can’t afford a professional to maintain your kitchen for you, you need to be extra careful when cleaning it so as not to damage the walls and tiles.

Finally, the 4-inch backsplash is not suitable for large kitchens. The smaller size of this backsplash makes it difficult to accommodate more than a few items on it. If you need to accommodate many things, it is better to have a wider backsplash instead of a 4-inch backsplash.

However, despite these cons, the 4-inch backsplash is still best for kitchens in low ceilinged rooms, especially because of its affordability.

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How to Update Your Kitchen with a 4-Inch Backsplash

4-Inch Backsplash

If you’re looking for a visual change to the way your kitchen is decorated, to get rid of outdated tiles and materials and replace them with something new, then the 4-inch backsplash is just the thing you need.

It should be noted that although the 4-inch backsplash may be cheap to install, it is not necessarily cheap in price. Depending on where you buy it from, the price will most definitely vary.

How to Buy a 4-Inch Backsplash
Before you can begin to make your plans for the new backsplash you want to install, there are a few things you need to figure out first.

First is, the size of your kitchen. Based on the area that you have in store for your backsplash, know the amount of area that you’d like to cover. If you have a small space, then a 4-inch backsplash would be ideal for you. But if you have a large area for this, then I would recommend considering going bigger.

The next thing you need to do is choose a pattern or a design that will be suitable for your kitchen. You could do this by shopping around and taking your time on the internet. You could even ask for help from experts at your local hardware store.

Finally, you need to actually buy the backsplash you selected. This may come with a fee, so be prepared to spend accordingly.

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