The 5 Best Vacuum Sealers for Every Need

Best Vacuum Sealers

Everyone wants to save time and money when going on a grocery haul but, more often than not, they end up with an excessive amount of food bought in bulk, which expires quickly and is ultimately thrown away, resulting in higher spending than saving.

The 5 Best Selling Vacuum Sealers

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling vacuum sealers on The list is automatically updated once a day.

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Vacuum sealer machines are the perfect solution for these issues because they offer you a great way to seal and preserve any food surplus you might end up with – may it be meat, fruits, vegetables or fish, you can extend their shelf life and keep the products fresh in your pantry, fridge or freezer, for whenever you might need them.

Any household can save a pretty penny every year, and the use of these machines exceeds food preservation since you can seal anything from documents to expensive jewelry and get full value for the price you pay.

The Best 5 Vacuum Sealing Machines:

There are a few key features to consider when on the lookout for a plastic sealing machine, including ease of use, different types, accessories and maintenance required. Based on those factors, and of course price to value comparison, we arranged for you a list of the top 5 vacuum sealers available on the market today.

1. FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealer

FoodSaver V4440 2-in-1 Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Are you looking for an easy to use and the perfect solution for your sealing needs? Look no further. The FoodSaver V4440 is a plastic sealing machine, which acts as a 2-in-1 sealer to use on any countertop or as a handheld appliance. You simply cannot match the ease of use on this one.

Place the food you want to be sealed in the proper sealing bag, press it up, and line the end of it into the sealer and at the push of a button, you are good to go. Making for perfect Sous Vide cooking, the sealer presses all the juices you want to marinade your meal in right into the foods, so you have your food prepped and ready to cook at the push of a button.

Not only is this device easy to use, but it is also as easy to clean. Just take out the drip tray and put it in the dishwasher or effortlessly wash by hand. In addition, a special indicator light starts glowing the moment you might need to refill the roll of sealing bags or to empty the tray, so you do not have to worry about it ever failing to impress.

With a competitive price, practically no learning curve, and absolutely fantastic features, this is a go-to choice when looking for a simple and easy solution for preserving your food or jewelry and important documents.

2. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

vacuum sealers

Do you want all of the aforementioned quality with a lower price tag? The FoodSaver V2244 is more compact in size and just as easy to use as its big brother. Thanks to the CrushFree Instant Seal technology, this is consideredthe best plastic sealer machine for preserving fish and other delicate foods.

Compatible with even 1-gallon bags, this appliance will prove useful in any household looking to conserve larger amounts of food for longer periods. The patented drip tray, just like in the V4440, is easily removable and machine washable.

Coming with a 5-year limited warranty, this vacuum sealer is a steal at the asking price considering you would not have to worry about any defect or damage after prolonged use. At the end of the day, it is a budget product for daily use, which will keep any food fresh for long periods, so you do not have to be concerned when buying groceries in bulk.

3. KitchenBoss Automatic Vacuum Sealer

KitchenBoss Vacuum Sealer, Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Moving on to another excellent pick for its price, the KitchenBoss automatic plastic sealer offers great preservative options at the press of a couple of buttons. Easily accessible for anyone, and effortless to use, this is a great alternative to the bulkier options on the market.

Highly compact and portable, this vacuum sealing system offers a safe and easy way to keep foods, dry and moist, fresh, and germ-free. In addition, it prevents freezer burns or any result of frozen fruit or vegetables left in the freezer for a longer period.

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The size is a valuable feature here because it makes it perfect for camping trips, as it can easily fit in a backpack, so you can rest assured your camping food will be kept dry during your experience in nature. On top of that, the air suction capability of the product lets you connect it to any vacuum canning jar, container, box, and canister to remove the air from them and keep your supplies fresh longer.

Combined with the decent price tag, this easy to use and highly portable plastic sealer is a fine option for the on the go and traveling person in need of supply preservation and money saver.

4. Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealer

Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

Being one of the most popular choices on the market, you cannot go wrong with the Crenova. Crenova VS100 is one of the many quality products of the company, with the motto “to make your life easier and better”, offers on the market today. Food, important documents, paintings, jewelry, all will be germ and air-free when using this appliance.

Boasting an 80kPA pressure, the vacuum sealer discards all the air out of the plastic bags, without damaging the products, and conserves their properties for up to 6 times longer. Also, it could not be easier to use, with a full LED display letting you know exactly which function you chose and what is going on at every moment.

Another great feature is the “pulse” function, allowing for gentle air extraction for crisp, moist, and soft foods, to keep them from losing their texture. Although the plastic sealer does not come with a washable tray, cleaning is just as easy as long as you unplug the power cord and use a simple damp cloth to prevent the accumulation of germs over time. Anyone would be happy to have the Crenova VS100 handy and save time and money by keeping food and valuables always clean and fresh.

5. Gourmia GVS435 – Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

Gourmia GVS435 - Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer

Certainly not our least favorite product, even though coming in last, stainless steel appliances are welcomed with much joy in every home. Gourmia GVS435 does not make any difference. As a manufacturer fixated on making things easier for everyone in the kitchen, the company has come up with a refreshing option in the plastic sealing department, complete with a great price and uses for all the gastronomes looking to preserve every piece of their finely prepared cuisine.

Unlike most vacuum sealers on the market, this one offers full customizability and control over the sealing process with an intuitive display that lets you chose anything from what food you are sealing to how you would like it to be sealed.

Gourmia takes great pride of their product being ETL certified and assures that you will stay satisfied with the product you purchase. The sealer works with all available varieties of plastic bags as well as vacuum jars and pouches, and even bags made from rolls.

One misfortune with this machine comes when trying to seal liquids, as it is not ideal for this purpose, so you might want to stick to fruit and non-marinated foods, to preserve the heat seal from damage. At the price the Gourmia GVS435 comes, you probably can find very few better options which makes a great choice for anyone on a budget.


When it comes to saving money on groceries, you do not need to restrict yourself just to store sales. Vacuum sealers are a great way to preserve your food for longer periods or to have meals prepped in advance, for the occasional unexpected guests.

FoodSaver is certainly the authority on the market when it comes to plastic sealing and any choice would be the right one. Gourmia offers a fresh look with plenty of options for the picky customers but without the liquid sealing capabilities. Nevertheless, the other two options on the list are also worthy alternatives.

Which one is your favorite vacuum sealing system? What do you use it for? Is it on our list? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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