The 5 Best Whiskey Stones of 2022

Best Whiskey Stones

There is nothing better after a long day or a hot afternoon that a nice cold drink. Whether you choose a fine whiskey or cold soda, there’s one thing that most people hate: watering it down with ice. While the ice makes it nice and cold, it eventually melts which can really degrade the quality of the drink.

The 5 Best Selling Whiskey Stones:

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Some people chill the drink beforehand by placing it in the refrigerator. However, this will not keep it cool if you go out into the sun or hold on to the drink for any amount of time. It hardly allows for a relaxing experience slowly sipping your favorite drink.

So what’s the solution? Whiskey stones, often called chiller stones, are one of the best available options today. Don’t be fooled though! They can be used for any drink out there.

The 5 Best Whiskey Stones:

Compiled below are some of the best whiskey stones currently available for sale online. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and materials, so be sure to pick the best one for your specific usage, be it whiskey, wine or any other drink.

1. Chill-O Whiskey Stones

Chill-O Whiskey Stones

These novel whiskey stones are great for anyone who likes interesting shapes in their drinks. Before a lot of these folks would have the differently shaped ice cubes but that would dilute their drink. Now they can have these whiskey stones. They are shaped like bullets which are great in whiskey as it evokes the fell of the old west.

These stones are made of stainless steel which makes them perfect for any beverage. They are non-porous and will not retain odors or tastes making each sip pure and clean.

Speaking of clean, these are exceptionally easy to clean and reuse. Simply rinse them off after use and place them back in the freezer so they will be ready for the next glass.

This set comes with six stones and also comes with a storage pouch and tongs. Use the tongs to carefully place the stones in your glass as the unique shape and heavyweight of each stone could cause damage if just dropped into the glass. There is one large drawback to these stones: the price. At over $50 they are well outside most people’s budgets.

2. Quiseen Whiskey Stones

Quiseen Whiskey Stones

These stones follow a more traditional version of whiskey whiskey stones. They are made of 100% soapstone. They are also the traditional cube shape. Soapstone is non-porous so will not retain odors or taste which will ensure a clear, crisp drink. Cleaning them is also simple. Just rinse them after each use and place them back into the freezer. T

his set comes with an impressive nine stones which would allow for several glasses to be chilled at once. This is great for small gatherings. It has been noted that these will not cool. A drink as quickly as ice but it will easily keep a cold beverage cool for over an hour.

This set also comes with a velvet pouch for easy storage. Soapstone generally will not scratch or scuff glasses but be sure to carefully place the stones in the glass as the corners could cause cracks in the glass if they land in the wrong position. The best part about this set is the price. They are affordable for any budget.

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3. MERKIT Whiskey Stones

MERKIT Whiskey Stones

These stones are a mix of traditional and modern whiskey stones. They are made of stainless steel which is non-porous and will not retain odors or smells. Additionally, they will not rust, corrode, or wear. They are also filled with a cooling gel which makes them more efficient at cooling than just straight stainless steel. They are also very easy to clean. Just rinse them off after use and refreeze them.

They are a traditional cube shape but have rounded corners. This shape is the best way to protect glasses. The rounded corners ensure that glasses will not be scratched or scuffed. This set comes in a nice gift box that includes six whiskey stones, non-slip rubber-tipped tongs and a storage pouch which makes this set perfect for gifting. They come in at a very reasonable cost.

4. Lebefe Whiskey Stones

Lebefe Whiskey Stones

These stones are also a mix of traditional and modern whiskey stones. They are a basic cube but have rounded corners to protect glasses from scuffs and scratches. They are made of stainless steel which is non-porous. It will not retain any odors or flavors that could travel from one drink to another.

It is filled with a chilling gel for more efficient cooling than regular stainless steel. The set comes with eight cubes and also comes with a storage box and tongs. The set is extremely affordable at a price similar to that of the MERKIT and Quiseen stones.

5. Xummit Whiskey Stones

Xummit Whiskey Stones

This set is great for those that love variety. It comes with eight whiskey stones. Four of those stones are shaped like traditional cubes although they have rounded corners to protect glasses from scratches and scuffs. The other four are shaped like diamonds for a little different take on whiskey stones.

The edges of this shape are also rounded which lets you place these in any glass and turn any drink into a girl’s best friend. The stones are made of stainless steel which will not retain odors or tastes due to its non-porous nature. They are filled with a chilling stone and are very easy to clean. You can rinse them after use and refreeze or you can place them in the dishwasher.

They also come with a plastic storage tray and non-slip, rubber-tipped tongs. While regular diamonds may be expensive, these little beauties are far from it. This set is a bit more expensive than the previous three mentioned but well worth the price.


Regardless of whether you want a more traditional shape and material or a completely novel shape, the whiskey stones on list are great for any person. Additionally, most of these stones will fit into any budget. So, the next time you have a small whiskey tasting or just want to provide a way to keep drinks cool without watering them down at your next gathering, these stones are a great purchase.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite whiskey stone is and if you use it for whiskey, wine or any other drink.

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