The 10 Best Countertop Ice Makers for a Home Bar 2023

Best Countertop Ice Makers

If you are in the habit of hosting a relatively large number of people for summer parties, beer-drinking sessions, engagement ceremonies, or dinner parties, you’ve probably had to spare some time to buy a few bags of ice from the nearest gas station or grocery store. After all, there is only so much ice that a standard freezer can produce.

A countertop ice maker, also known as a portable ice maker or nugget ice machine, eliminates the hassle of having to purchase additional ice whenever you host such an event – and you’ll also enjoy the benefit of being able to bring the ice you need to outdoor events like camping trips or a picnic at the beach.

The 10 Best Countertop Ice Makers for a Home Bar:

This article outlines the product specifications of some of the best portable countertop ice makers available in the market at the moment – so that your guests, family, and friends will never have to limit themselves to room temperature or lukewarm drinks at a future social gathering

1. Igloo ICE103 Countertop Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket

Igloo ICE103 Counter Top Ice Maker with Over-Sized Ice Bucket
Weight25 pounds
Dimensions 14x12x15 inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
Igloo ICE103 Portable Ice Maker Specs

With an over-sized ice bucket that can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice, the Igloo ICE103 countertop ice maker can easily accommodate the demand for ice at any party, picnic or social gathering. Its lightweight and compact design allow it to weigh in at only 28 pounds, thus allowing you to transport it easily to wherever the ice is needed.

It can produce 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours and only takes 6 minutes to produce a batch of ice. It provides three cube options: small, medium and large. All desired specifications can be made easily via the convenient electronic control panel and LED indicators. 

The Igloo Product Corporation has been manufacturing quality metal products and home appliances for more than 60 years and is one of the first companies to build high-quality ice chests and ice makers.

2. Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Countertop Ice Maker

Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker
Weight19.9 pounds
Dimensions 11×14.8×14.7 inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker Specs

The Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable Ice Maker can also produce up to 26 pounds of ice (in two sizes) every 24 hours and can make a fresh batch of ice in 6 minutes. It weighs only 21.2 pounds and comes in three colors: black, silver and red.

It comes with a bottom drain feature, which makes it easy to clean. Lighted indicators are incorporated to remind you to add water and empty the ice tray when it is full, and also comes with an automatic overflow protection feature.

Any unused ice will not be wasted; it will simply melt back into the reservoir and be recycled into fresh water. Avalon Bay is a leading manufacturer of stylish and affordable small home appliance products.

3. Della© Easy Touch Countertop Ice Maker

Della© Easy Touch Portable Ice Maker
Weight26.1 pounds
Dimensions 14×12.2×14.5 inches
Capacity28 cubic feet
Della© Easy Touch Portable Ice Maker Specs

The Della Portable Ice Maker bears some resemblance to the Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker. It also comes with a sleek performance-oriented design and a removable ice tray that allows you for easy ice transfer. It is available in four colors: red, black, silver and stainless steel.

As with its Knox counterpart, it can produce up to 26 pounds of ice each day and takes only 6 minutes to produce a fresh batch of ice. Measuring 17 x 13 x 16 inches and weighing 21 pounds, it is slightly lighter than the Knox portable compact ice maker, however.

It comes with a well-insulated integrated storage bin is well-insulated that can contain up to 1.5 pounds of ice (bullet-shaped, and available in two custom sizes) at a time. The sleek design incorporates easy-push touch buttons and intuitive icons for digital control.

You can look through the ice window to check up on the ice level, or rely on the light indicator to know when the water level in the reservoir is about to be depleted, and when the ice bucket is full.

4. Knox Countertop Ice Maker w/LCD Display

Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker With LCD Display
Weight23.6 pounds
Dimensions 16×13.5×14.5 inches
Capacity26.5 cubic feet
Knox Portable Ice Maker Specs

Measuring 16 x 13.5 x 14.5 inches and weighing 23.6 pounds, the Knox Portable Compact Ice Maker is lighter than its Della counterpart. Its sleek, performance-based design is available in three colors: red, silver, and white. It can store up to 26.5 pounds of water and can make a batch of ice cubes in only 6 minutes. All 26.5 pounds of water can be converted into ice within one 24-hour cycle.

The removable tray holds 2.5 pounds at a time, allowing you to easily transfer the made ice to your freezer or ice bucket – and to make room for more ice. It features an ingenious design where the water reservoir is interconnected with the ice tray, allowing melted ice to be turned into ice once more without creating any water waste.

The backlit LCD control panel is easy to use, allowing you to control and fine-tune your ice making needs. You can specify the size of the ice cubes you need (small, medium or large – all in bullet shapes) and set the timer to ensure that all the ice you need is ready when you need it.

You will easily be notified if there is a need to add in more water or to empty the ice tray. You can also check up on progress by glancing at the ice chamber via the convenient transparent ice window. Knox, aka. Knox Gear is a budget-friendly electronics brand famous for their home and lifestyle gadgets.

5. ThinkGizmos TG22 Countertop Ice Maker Machine

Weight26 pounds
Dimensions 17.2×15.9×13.7 inches
Capacity28 cubic feet
ThinkGizmos TG22 Portable Ice Maker Specs

The most expensive ice maker only on this list is relatively heavy, weighing in at 25 pounds and measuring at 7 x 16 x 13.8 inches. It can hold up to 2.2 pounds of ice within its quality stainless steel and ABS housing and can make up to 26 pounds of ice in a day.

You can choose between three cube sizes via the selection panel: small, medium and large. A fresh batch of ice can be made in only 6 minutes.

As with the other ice makers on this list, no plumbing is required. All you need to do is plug it into a power source, and add in the necessary amount of water. Unused ice will simply melt back into the water reservoir and converted into new ice during the next ice-making cycle – thus ensuring no water wastage. ThinkGizmos is a leading gadget and toy supplier based in Sussex, England.

6. Della Stainless Steel Water Dispenser with Built-In Countertop Ice Maker

Della Stainless Steel Water Dispenser with Built-In Portable Counter Ice Maker
Weight38 pounds
Dimensions 17x15x17.5 inches
Capacity40 cubic feet
Della Stainless Steel Portable Ice Maker Specs

Available in sleek stainless steel and black housing, the Della Ice Maker comes with a water dispenser that allows you to conveniently obtain ice and chilled water from a single unit. Its’ main components include a durable stainless steel body and a water-cooler style 5-gallon water jug. The soft-touch controls dispense water or ice with ease, making for a perfect addition to any office or home.

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It can produce up to 40 pounds of fresh ice each day without using a low amount of energy and only takes up to 6 minutes to produce a batch of ice. There is a light indicator that alerts you when the water level in the water dispenser is running low, and you have the option of three cube sizes: small, medium or large (which are all bullet-shaped).

Measuring 18 x 20 x 21 inches and weighing only 38 pounds, this compact ice maker is suitable for bars, restaurants, kitchen counters, and any location where a power outlet is available.

7. IKICH Countertop Ice Maker Machine

IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop
Weight17.35 pounds
Dimensions 13.4×10.2×14.6 inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
IKICH Portable Countertop Ice Maker Specs

Probably one of the most compact and easy to use portable ice makers on the market, the IKICH ice maker can be a great addition to your home, man cave or any place you feel like relaxing.

You should keep the machine upright for at least 4 hours before using it, for starters. It offers 26 pounds of ice a day, 9 pieces per cycle and no longer than 6 minutes for some ice to be coming your way.

It is energy efficient and quiet at that with only 45 Db you can forget about noisy ice makers. Easy to clean and fill, you can simply take a look at the display and the ice maker will tell you when it needs more water or when it is full of ice and ready to go.

The machine is also great for storing iced food and fruit as well as some ice packs when you are all worn out from a great workout. You can also choose between small and large ice cubes on the go as this option makes it even easier and effortless to go with whatever you are storing in the ice maker.

At about 17 pounds and 2 liters capacity, this is a great purchase with not much counter space usage and is a perfect choice even for smaller countertops. 

8. Prime Home Countertop Ice Maker

Prime Home Portable Ice Maker for Countertop
Weight18.85 pounds
Dimensions 14.9×14.9×14.8 inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
Prime Home Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Another great choice for a portable ice maker with a lot of punch and potential, the Prime Home Portable Ice Machine would be a fantastic addition to any place at home you might need it. Your ice would be ready in just about 8 minutes.

It is also yet another ice maker which is quiet and efficient at only 45 Db you will not even know it is there. Another great feature is that this one allows you to reuse ice from already melted cubes to make new ones, so you do not just end up with iced water but also fresh new ice cubes.

A bigger 2.2-liter water tank ensures you are always stocked up on ice and the more durable and better isolation makes sure the ice stays always good and well prepared. If this is not enough, this ice maker comes with a bonus basket and a scoop to make every cocktail be served in style and even easier to disperse the ice around the party. Another great choice for a smaller countertop or a great addition to any dorm, the grill or pool area.

9. COSTWAY Countertop Ice Maker

countertop ice makers
Weight17.5 pounds
Dimensions 9.5x14x12.9inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
COSTWAY Portable Countertop Ice Maker Specs

Time to kick it up a notch with style, design, and capacity. The Costway Countertop Ice maker is all this and more. If you need a more stylish design not only for your ice cubes but a color to match your kitchen backsplash or your countertop, do not look any further.

Just like the others, the Costway is very portable with about 26 pounds of ice per day capacity but with a couple of tricks up its sleeve. A see-through window makes it so much easier to save time and effort as you can see every ice cube is made and ready for your next drink or any need. At just below 35 Db noise even a toddler can calmly sleep around this ice maker without a worry in the world and, with 9 ice cubes per 6 to 13 minutes, it sure packs a punch for such low noise.

Another great feature is the indicators that let you know when your cubes are ready, the basket is full or when you need to add more water to the maker to continue producing ice. Yet another great product for any home, able to store everything from food to cold drinks and ice packs for a sore muscle to making ice on the go and help you be ready for any party.

10. Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Countertop Ice Maker

Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Ice Maker
Weight38 pounds
Dimensions 15×14.5×14.5 inches
Capacity26 cubic feet
Frigidaire EFIC206-SILVER Portable Ice Maker Specs

Frigidaire is well known for making great affordable products such as mini-fridges, ice makers, air conditioners, and other smaller home appliances. Great design and style also come with their every product.

The EFIC206 ice maker is no different.  Another machine with a see-through window to make sure you know exactly when your ice is ready. You also have the ability to choose between ice cube sizes. Full stainless steel design available in many color options is another plus for these high-end tools.

Compressor cooling makes this ice maker energy efficient and easy to use via a simple cord to plug, pour water and collect your ice. At less than 38 Db of noise, this is another quiet appliance which can be used without even noticing.

An ice shovel is included with the product making it easier to remove any unused ice or just for ease of cleaning after you are done. Everyone associates Frigidaire with well-built affordable products, which also have great design, and this one is no less than just that.

How Much Electricity Does a Portable Ice Maker Use?

Your portable icemaker utility bill will vary from several factors. How energy efficient is the product, how clean you keep it and, most of all, keeping the lid closed while making the ice. Most of the time the amount of electricity used depends on the model and, more often than not, they usually use a bigger amount of electricity compared to other home appliances.

How Does a Portable Ice Maker Work?

Just like your normal freezer ice maker, water is pumped into the ice tray where the compressor and fan freeze the water to make ice and then dispense it into the bin.

How Do You Clean a Portable Ice Maker?

Most portable ice makers are very easy to clean. Just empty the ice bucket, apply warm water and a clean cloth, then dry the exterior with a soft tissue or cloth. Portable ice makers should be cleaned regularly in order to conserve energy and not get clogged.


Why go through the hassle of having to empty and refill the small ice trays in your freezer or waste fuel to buy ice from the nearest fuel station each time you have guests over? All of these portable countertop ice makers will easily ensure that chilled drinks are constantly available throughout your social event – without burning up too much of your time and energy.

Some of the sleek designs would also surely complement your kitchen counter while making sure that you do not have to go without a chilled drink whenever you feel like it.

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