The 5 Best Glass Drink Dispensers with Spigots of 2023

Best Beverage Dispensers With Spigot

When summer rolls around, there’s one thing that everybody wants: drinks! Whether you are sitting on the back porch enjoying the sunshine or at a huge family reunion picnic, everyone wants something to drink.

Some people just buy soda and throw it in a cooler but if you want a more eco-friendly and budget-friendly option, pick up a beverage dispenser with a spigot.

It allows you to make whatever drink you want including flavored water.

How do you keep drinks cold at a party?

When throwing a party, keeping drinks cold is always a struggle. One option is to fill up multiple coolers with ice, but those can take up valuable space and are often not enough to keep all of the drinks chilled. Glass beverage dispensers are a great solution for keeping large quantities of beverages cold without taking up too much room.

They also look lovely sitting on a table or countertop, adding a touch of elegance to any event. Simply fill the dispenser with ice and add in your favorite drinks – they’ll stay cold for hours and make it easy for guests to serve themselves. So next time you’re hosting a party, think about investing in some glass beverage dispensers – they’ll keep your drinks cool and add style to any gathering.

The 5 Selling Cold Drinks Dispensers With Spigots:

For your convenience, the below list shows the 5 best selling beverage dispensers with spigots on The list is automatically updated once a day.

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By placing fruit or vegetables such as berries, cucumbers, lemons, and limes into the water, you can have a healthy and refreshing drink perfect for summer. This is a beverage that can’t be purchased in cans or bottles and is less expensive.

The 5 Best Glass Beverage Dispensers With Spigots:

The question is, what is the best dispenser for my purposes? Collected here are the top beverage dispensers available. There are many different varieties available and all the details are assembled here.

1. Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

Buddeez Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

This dispenser has a capacity of 3.5 gallons which is great for large gatherings such as picnics, weddings, and parties. It’s clear which allows you to easily monitor the amount of liquid left in it.

Additionally, it has graduated liquid measure marks which make creating drinks such as Kool-Aid, lemonade, iced tea, and other powdered beverages effortless.

It comes with a no-drip Tomlinson faucet and a non-slip lock on base. The dispenser is made of BPA free plastic that is stain resistant, dishwasher safe and made in the USA.

The best feature of this dispenser is the removable ice cone. Just fill this cone with ice and place it inside the main compartment. It will keep the beverage inside the dispenser cool without diluting the drink with melting ice.

It is also affordable at around $30. so affordable, in fact, that you could get several and have several choices of drink at your gathering. There are a few small drawbacks to this dispenser.

It is not double wall insulated so in extremely warm environments the ice cone will be a necessity to keep the beverage cold. The product is also not actually unbreakable.

It can occasionally arrive with cracks near the spigot so check the product closely when it arrives. However, it should be durable enough to survive transport and small falls which is a large advantage over using glass.

2. Creativeware Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

Creativeware Unbreakable Beverage Dispenser

This 33-gallon dispenser is made of BPA free plastic. It is wide-mouthed and has a removable lid for easy beverage addition. This glass dispenser has a compartmentalized base that can be filled with ice to keep the drink cool. It features a no-drip easy pull spigot.

This dispenser is not actually unbreakable but is made of a durable plastic that generally resists cracks during transport and from small falls. Unlike most plastic dispensers, this container must be hand washed which can be inconvenient for consumers.

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However, at around $30 this is a budget-friendly container, which is easy to use and transport, for any gathering. Unlike other less popular beverage dispensers, you can purchase a replacement spigot called the Tomlinson Ceramic Crock Lever Faucet – Ivory White, if you lose or break your stock spigot.

3. Anchor Hocking Glass Drink Dispenser

Anchor Hocking Glass Beverage Dispenser

This container is made of Anchor Hocking glass which is known for quality. Glass dispensers have their own set of positive and negative aspects.

Glass is great for deeply colored or fragrant drinks as it does not retain smells or stains nor does it have chemicals in it that could leach into your beverage. However, glass is inherently fragile. It could easily be broken during transport or if it gets knocked over at a party or picnic.

This dispenser has thick sidewalls for insulation and a large, wide-mouth opening for easy addition of both liquids and additives such as berries and cucumbers.

The spigot is plastic and must be removed before placing the main container in the dishwasher. However, this makes the plastic spigot easily replaceable if it begins to leak or gets broken.

This dispenser has a capacity of 2 gallons which is perfect for smaller gatherings but could be too small for large parties or picnics. However, at under $25 it’s a great value buy.

4. Liberty Beverage Glass drink Dispenser

Liberty Beverage Dispenser

This dispenser is a unique look for any gathering. The container is glass and has a no-drip stainless steel spigot for a sturdy and mess-free dispenser. It has a tap style handle which recalls a rustic feeling as does the galvanized steel stand and wooden handle.

The galvanized steel stand can also be used as an ice bucket which will help keep the beverage cool. The lid has a rubber seal which helps keep the beverage cool and assures that no unwanted things get into the dispenser such as bugs or dirt.

This dispenser is dishwasher safe; resists stains, smells, and will not potentially leak chemicals into your drink. It can hold around 2.5 gallons which is great for small to medium-sized gathering but large gatherings may find the capacity to be too small.

At around $30, this dispenser is budget-friendly and could allow for several dispensers to be purchased. The real draw of this dispenser is the style. Unlike many other dispensers, this container recalls the rustic style of country picnics which is a nice change of pace for these types of containers.

5. Circleware Mason Glass Beverage Dispenser

Circleware Mason Glass Beverag Dispenser

This container certainly looks nice. It has thick sidewalls and is made of high-quality glass. It has a removable and replaceable plastic spigot and much like any other glass container is stained resistant, does not retain smells, and won’t leach chemicals into your drink.

Its capacity is quite small at 2.5 quarts which would definitely not be large enough for big picnics or parties. It does not have a stand and also has no method to cool the beverage except to add ice directly to the beverage. Additionally, at around $25, you get far fewer containers for the price than the other containers available.


Beverage dispensers are a staple of parties and picnics. By picking up one of these great options, you can be assured that your party will have plenty of drinks to satisfy everyone. Whether you choose the more fragile but more elegant glass containers or the more durable and larger plastic containers, a beverage dispenser is always a great addition to any gathering.

Great Summer Beverages for Beverage Dispensers

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