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awesome kitchens

FeastHome – If you had no kitchen, how would you survive? Am sure you would not be having a specific place to prepare your meals. You would not be having any urge to welcome your friends or family. Imagine… Imagine…. The list can go and go.

But that aside, the place that you spend most of your hours, laughing , talking, eating, encouraging, learning new techniques is very important we keep it attractive and always appealing. That place you would want to spend your first hours when back from a long tour.

Thanks to our decorators, they have made us stick to this room longer than ever. In addition to the decorators influence, you have changed your mind and now at a point of loving the area.

You have walked around, held a meeting with a décor or consulted the architects to keep you updated and advised about the space you have.

Congratulations! Bold steps there by you, you will be giving your kitchen a fresh new, new arrangement, move from old equipment, beautiful and different accessories and how you work here will be new. Everything new. Sounds cool.

So what inspires you to change the area? What will you need to get to the end? Before you call the décor, again think of considering such steps.

Make it a Neutral by color choice

Treat your kitchen to a warm appearance by blending in different colors.

Check on the color of the equipment you purchase.

You can enhance the room color using additional lighting equipment as chandelier.

If possible make sure you have a glass window to allow for more light into the room.

awesome kitchens

Island Child

Much modernized and it involveshaving a common working place. It can be a movable drawer with roller coasters or permanently fixed at the center of the kitchen

You have no reason to worry cause with the small space within your kitchen will be properly utilized.

You can make it a place for two tasks, which is food preparing and dining place.The space will be enough to allow more than one person to use. Therefore, food can be made ready so fast.

In addition, you can have an adequate sizeable table and seats of your choice here for dining. After use always tuck the seats when to give you back the bigger space.

You can always have a good room when your kitchen is opening into the main living room. The space is becomes very fulfilling when you decide adorn.

You can add any color of choice rug on the floor corridors. Keep it as cool as possible

You can add to the existing light some hanging chandelier from the ceiling to add the amount of light

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Every modern kitchen must have an increased counter area. Achieved by keeping all appliances in an appropriate place, have a cooktop where you can place other items when it is not being used.

awesome kitchens

Add some color but avoid too dark

You can decide to go white in the kitchen from the ceiling, to the cabinets, furniture and maybe the floors

Having a white kitchen is cooler. This ensures you have maximum reflection of lighting

You should avoid dark dull rooms, but brighten up. This can be achieved by using appropriate paint. You can opt for the dark cabinets but enhance using good lighting.

Help make your space bigger even is the kitchen is smaller by adding lights under shelves use energy efficient bulbs. You can also opt for pendant light and bring in new light fixtures.

A mirror can also work well on the walls to help reflect light too.

awesome kitchens

Increase the storage units

You can do it as the restaurant do it you can opt to storing utensils and tools on the walls

Hang utensils on a bar with hooks and loop a hole in them. Baskets can be hung on this rack to hold some of the items

You can add a peg and use it to suspend some of the kitchen tools. Organize them as the color used and uses. The knives can be stored using wall magnets or placed in jars.

awesome kitchens


Do not think you must have big kitchen so that you will be better. Kitchens are better when small and the space is utilized well.

Check on space when you want a good kitchen design. Decorate the space with the small ideas you will be having.

Avoid too much tools and equipment. Only store what you use and need. Incase there is a lot and the shelves are not enough, look for additional shelving. Can add some more on the walls and will still be decorating. Open shelving is another common design and trend.

In addition, consider having an extra workspace, that is an island. This helps add more preparation space and can be used as dining area.

In your small space consider organizing it, make it functional and beautify with accessories, paint or kitchenware.

If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life. — Louis Parrish

We’ve put together some small-kitchen decorating ideas that tackle the following issues with good design solutions. The three most common small-kitchen complaints are clutter, lack of counter space and a dark kitchen.

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