7 Nice Appeals Ideas to Small Kitchen Decor

Small Kitchen Decor

FeastHome – Giving your small kitchen a new look is something you should always look forward to. The kitchen is where your dishes are being prepared.

So you need to ensure that all necessary things are well in place to making cooking in your kitchen far easy for anyone. The interesting fact is that there are several designs in which a kitchen owner can adopt in order to give a kitchen a new look.

After all, you do not expect your kitchen to remain unappealing. Here are done some nice appeals you can have right in your kitchen.

1. An island cart

Small Kitchen Decor

A wheeled cart can come handy for you especially when you have to deal with many kitchen utensils.

Rather than have kitchen items scattered all around, a wheeled cart can give you that tidy aspect which can make your kitchen an attractive good hub.

Apart from the fact that your wheeled cart can be used to get keep things tidy in your kitchen, it can serve other purposes.

You can use this cart to wheel prepared food on their large quantity to your dining table, as you anticipate a good way to celebrate a special day in your home.

2. An open shelf

Small Kitchen Decor
Good house keeping

Spicy ingredients are part of what is inclusive in a kitchen. So, it is better to have those spicy ingredients in place.

The reason is that you wouldn’t want to be treated to a meal course in which the most essential ingredient is missing.

Moreover, a suitable place in which you can also keep other kitchen items in your kitchen wall.

Sometimes, you can have your kitchen all packed with items being displayed on the fridge, the floor or around the window.

The solution is turning the space made available by your kitchen wall into a place that allows you to neatly arrange all items for easy pickup. Your kitchen does not have to be littered or look unbearable. Rather, you should bring in the best furniture to make it attractive to your guests.

3. A breakfast bar

Small Kitchen Decor

You can transform your kitchen counter edges into a space that allows you to accommodate a breakfast bar.

It becomes exciting to see your family members all lined up to have a share of the early morning breakfast you are preparing for them.

Everyone comes to the table and is served tea and breakfast. Interestingly, you don’t have to stick necessarily to serving breakfast for your family members.

You can borrow your breakfast bar for other exciting events, host a party at your house and your kitchen can serve the purpose of a minibar. Also, have different guests seated at the edge of your kitchen while they wait for their turn to be served wine or beer, according to preferences.

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4. Storage under-benches

Small Kitchen Decor

Perhaps you have a lot of items that may need storage: items such as potatoes, tuber goods or grains.

You can decide to add a good storage under-bench to an unused space in your kitchen to give it one of the best resorts in your home.

In the course of entertaining your guests, you can have them while you go into the kitchen to prepare a befitting meal for everyone.

5. A nook dining space

The beauty of having your kitchen nearer to your dining table is that you don’t have to walk too long to serve your family or guest with hot saucy meals.

This design is ideal for those that are having a date who have decided to remain indoors because of the harsh weather condition.

Your nook dining can become that special spot in which you can have a perfect dinner, treating your date to a special meal and an exquisite wine.

6. Hanging pots

You need to be specific with your pot choice to determine the kind of meal you are to set on fire. Not all pots are good for preparing a specific kind of meal.

You cannot expect to make an omelet with a bid pot; in the same manner, you cannot expect to use a small pot to prepare a large quantity of food. So, in order to see that your pot collection is properly arranged, you can opt for a ceiling hanging apparatus. Your pots are placed in a good position for easy selection.

7. Using your cutting board as décor

This is another great idea you can implement for your kitchen outlook. Sometimes, your kitchen cutting board may be too large to fit into your cupboard, having acquired other items to fill up its space.

In this regard, you can decide to face a section of your wall on your kitchen, drill in some nails, and get ready to fit your cutting board on the wall to give your kitchen another artistic natural design.


With these suggestions, you can turn that kitchen of yours into a haven with the most attractive outlook in your home.

Moreover, you make things easy for yourself when preparing your meals, because your hands can easily pick up utensils at their rightful places.

You don’t have to ransack your kitchen to look for your favorite pot or spice when you can actually avoid things such as these by planning your kitchen into looking exquisite for your taste.

Perhaps, you never can tell when your kitchen sets in the mood for individuals to have their lost appetite revived by the décor present in your kitchen.

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