Red Kitchen

red kitchen

Kitchens do not have to be white and gray. If you are getting bored of those two neutrals, spruce your culinary space up with a bold hue. You cannot go wrong with red for sure. These divine red kitchen ideas will excite you in no time.

There is a huge variety of red shades, from crimson to burgundy to candy apple. Moreover, red coordinates well with many styles such as modern, vintage, traditional, rustic, industrial, contemporary, and even eclectic.

Perhaps, you do not know how to use red properly in your cooking area. Fret not; here are some cool ways to create a happy kitchen without going overboard by FeastHome.

Lacquered Surfaces

Red Kitchen Design

The white ceiling and walls set an airy feeling. Shiny cherry red cabinets do not only make the kitchen shine but also generate glamorous vibes. In an instant, they give off an uplifting mood.

Stainless-steel backsplash, range hood, and appliances lend the room an industrial twist. Black island and base cabinetry elicit a sense of drama. The blonde wood floor keeps the bright furniture from being overpowering.

Red Kitchen Cabinets and White

Red Kitchen

Above is a spacious kitchen. It employs metallic appliances and countertops. They offer an updated look. The white ceiling, upper cabinetry, floor, and walls open up the cooking space, not to mention they represent cleanliness.

The crimson red island, cupboard, and lower cabinets energize the room. Those furniture units take the kitchen from meh to mesmerizing. A round clock titivates the wall.

Country Living

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

The unfinished wood range hood, floor, and cabinets add a rustic flavor to this kitchen. Natural stone countertops and flowers bring the outside inside. Copper pots were hung from the coffered ceiling.

Burgundy red cabinetry and island warm up the whole area. They inject the kitchen with personality too. Patterned rugs and blue plaid seat cushions draw the eye quickly.

A Strong Impression

Red Kitchen Design

Black cabinets infuse high shine and visual depth into this L-shaped kitchen. They are such a sharp contrast to the white floor and walls. Wood countertop boosts up the room’s elegance.

Scarlet red glass backsplash, chair, and appliances enliven the otherwise monotonous space. The open shelves hold a gorgeous dinnerware set. Fruits and flowers act as textured accents.

Details Do Matter

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

Don’t want to go crazy bold? You should install white upper cabinetry and paint the lower ones imperial red. That way, your culinary space appears bright and welcoming.

The backsplash itself was clad in red, orange, and gray mosaic tiles. They serve as a focal point. Meanwhile, gray countertop and floating shelf tone them down. Stainless-steel sink, cooktop, and cabinet grips tie the kitchen together.

Unusual Red Kitchen Island

Red Kitchen Design

As you can see, this kitchen is predominantly in pure white. The color scheme emanates a light feeling and a clean setting. Additionally, the room seems a lot bigger than it truly is.

The bold red kitchen island comes in an unusual shape. Not only does it introduce richness, but also helps ground the sterile room. An exquisite mirror adorns the space and oozes a bit of French country charm at the same.

Loads of Character

Red Kitchen Ideas

Both island and hardware-free cabinets were painted stark white. They reinsure the cooking space with a minimalist vibe. The refrigerator and pendant lights cement a retro style.

Three high chairs around the island give some contemporary appeal. White and gray tiled floor subtly steals the spotlight. The orange-red walls carry vibrancy and strength to the room.

Impactful Red and Black Kitchen Decor

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

Black upper cabinetry and stone floor tiles bring dimension to the space. They also lend the kitchen a gothic vibe. The white wall and ceiling, together with large windows keep the room from feeling overly gloomy.

Red island and lower cabinets inject dynamic energy into the kitchen, and they exude a welcoming atmosphere. Metallic accents were sprinkled throughout the room. They add an urban flair.

Never Tired of Red Kitchen Chairs

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

The white wall and ceiling convey a sense of freshness. Meanwhile, windows provide breathtaking outdoor views. They allow natural light to enter the kitchen as well. Black countertops introduce timeless splendor.

The off-white island, shelves, and cabinets carve a peaceful ambiance. Cherry red stools and cabinetry grab the attention in a flash. They make a bold design statement too.

Powerful Red Accents

Red Kitchen

In this retro culinary space, red is not a major player. However, that poppy color still stands out. Look at the red range hood, dining chairs, and accessories. They add happiness and help stimulate appetite at once.

The windows keep the whole kitchen sunny and breezy. Wood floor, table, and island take the chill off white cabinetry and metallic appliances. Half window curtains in white and red evoke a casual feeling.

Red Backsplash and Gray

Red Kitchen Ideas

Who stated red is an intimidating color? That is wrong. As long as you utilize red sparingly, it will not overwhelm your kitchen. In this example, red-lacquered backsplash draws the eye, while pastel gray cabinets balance it out.

The untreated wood island celebrates nature’s rawness. Marble countertop brings a touch of opulence to the room. Small shelves under top cabinetry keep the spices within arm’s reach.

Cheery Red Kitchen Walls

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

This culinary space bathes in sunlight, thanks to the large windows. White base molding and wall generate a hygienic setting. Blonde wood floor offers ultimate comfort underfoot and contributes to the kitchen’s homey vibes.

Several coats of crimson red paint on walls give the room a dramatic effect. They impart a cheerful ambiance as well. Stainless-steel sink, shelving unit, and appliances add an industrial taste.

Full of Colors

Red Kitchen

White color palette dominates this contemporary kitchen, from ceiling to base cabinets. That is why the room appears more expansive. Marble subway tiles and shiny appliances glorify the space.

Candy apple red range hood and island steal the show. Metal-and-wood stools are space-saving furniture. The runner rugs top the wood floor and serve up vivid pops of color at once. Two pendants illuminate the dining nook.

Stimulating Shades

Red Kitchen

Even though this culinary space is not large, punchy hues like orange-ish yellow and chili pepper successfully make it feel bigger. They work as appetite stimulants and inject fun vibes into the kitchen.

Red and black subway tiles on the backsplash throw focus to the accessories. Since the homeowner used plenty of red, she outfitted her kitchen with white countertops and island.

A Retro Twist

Red Kitchen Ideas

As you see, this kitchen is tiny in size but looks striking. Cranberry red cabinetry, decorative piece, and planter prevent the space from becoming staid. Meanwhile, the checkerboard tiled floor offers a retro character.

White ceiling, wall, countertop, and backsplash balance out vibrant units. Potted houseplant infuses a breath of fresh air into the area. Metallic sink, hardware, and appliances produce a modern feel.

Open and Splashy

Red Kitchen Design

Crisp white ceiling, walls, and base cabinets help stretch the room visually. Raw wood countertops and dark gray stone floor tiles emanate a soothing atmosphere. You want to spend the entire day cooking and baking.

Cherry red kitchen island and tools warm up the otherwise bare kitchen. Blue and wood high stools are spunky. Colorful dinnerware and polka dot wall decor pop against the white backdrop.

Red Hot Kitchen: On The Dark Side

Red Kitchen Design

If you have a roomy kitchen, luck is yours. Steal this idea to create your dream cooking space. It boasts white backsplash, exposed shelves, and walls. The concrete floor and metallic hairpin legs give a mid-century modern feel.

Maroon red kitchen island and cabinetry convey a sense of intimacy. They take the space from blah to beautiful. The ornamental pieces are truly artistic.

Stay Minimalist Design

Red Kitchen Design

Are you a true minimalist? Then, this idea is exactly for you. The kitchen features a pure white floor, ceiling, and walls. They generate a simple, clean look. Furthermore, the space is showered with sunlight shining through windows.

The imperial red cabinets come without handles. They are a feast for the eyes, while red and white mosaic tiled backsplash show off the wonderfully intricate details. Pendants light the countertop.

Darker Is Better

Red Kitchen Ideas

Red has your heart. However, you are not brave enough to paint your entire kitchen. You could incorporate a deeper red island into the room. Not only does it provide plenty of storage space, but it also generates instant coziness.

Gray cabinetry and stainless-steel appliances keep the kitchen feel modern. A marble countertop adds a glamorous touch. Fruits and vegetables serve as edible accents. Wood floor and cutting board counter-balance cold-toned elements.

Vintage Lover

Red Kitchen Design

The off-white ceiling and cabinets carry a tranquil air to the kitchen. They let floral wallpaper sing out. Meanwhile, a white refrigerator lends the space a vintage flavor.

Rustic red and white floor tiles catch the eye, without making the room overly busy. They team perfectly with furniture units too. Copper pots develop a luxe appearance and an inviting scene.

Minor but Marvelous

Red Kitchen

Pictured here is a galley kitchen. Crisp white ceiling and walls fool the eye into thinking the space is larger. The polished concrete floor infuses the room with maximum comfort and industrial charm.

A dining chair evokes a feeling of sexiness. Black countertop and furniture units blend drama into the area. The giant window shutter was painted crimson red. It introduces a sense of intrigue.

Relaxing Tones

Red Kitchen

Can you not decide between yellow and red? Include them both in your culinary space. Here, pastel red and yellow launch the entire color palette. They soothe the soul and brighten up the space.

An area rug picks up some bold colors in the cabinets and fruits. It is the room’s focal point as well. The range hood, deep sink, and ceiling lights create French country appeal. Dark red marble backsplash heats the room.

Pistachio Meets Red

Red Kitchen

Do you have no two-story house? It is no worries. You should give this idea a chance. Here, the kitchen employs pistachio green cabinets for a cozy feeling. The raspberry red walls over the cabinetry make the ceiling seem higher.

The light and medium gray tiles were laid diagonally on the floor. Raw wood ceiling and beams amplify the warmth of the kitchen. Bubble ceiling light illuminates the whole space.

A Tasteful Contrast

Red Kitchen Ideas

The white floor and walls exhibit a sense of airiness. They also keep the cooking space feel open and fresh. Red kitchen island and cabinetry pop against stark surfaces, not to mention they set positive vibes.

The light fixtures and metallic hardware carry high shine to the room. Lastly, ornamental pieces transport the homeowner to East Asia. Black bowls magnify the kitchen’s elegance.

Tiny yet Terrific

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

The owner of this kitchen is super brilliant. She utilizes every precious square inch in her pocket-sized cooking area. It overlooks a small backyard garden. White walls and cabinets prevent the room from feeling confined.

Red units come in varied shades of red such as salmon, crimson, cherry, and candy apple. The indoor plants reinsure the space with real life. Neutral-toned backsplash and rug ensure that the red accents do not get overpowering.

Perfectly Minimalist

Red Kitchen Ideas

Are you a fan of the minimalist interior? This sleek kitchen steals your heart. It only features necessary seating, furniture, and appliances. They keep the room clutter-free and open.

Maroon red chairs, wall shelves, and larger-than-life work of art lend the room some strength. They jazz up the otherwise boring kitchen also. The pendant light is dazzling on its own.

Lavish and Welcoming

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen was furnished with oddly shaped islands. They are the focus of attention, while marble counters and floor tiles instill a luxurious feeling.

Shiny carmine red cabinets energize the scene. Black dining chairs and metallic appliances convey a state of sophistication.

Textural Contrasts

Red Kitchen

The owner of this kitchen did not go red-wild. Her culinary space boasts scarlet red accent walls. They make the room much livelier. Whitewashed brick backsplash and stone floor tiles offer some rustic appeal.

Open shelving and pared-down furnishing prevent the space from feeling too heavy. Wood units deliver homey vibes to the area.

Neon Red

Red Kitchen

Having a small cooking space does not mean you must skimp on a bright color. You could use coats of neon red on your cabinets. Therefore, your kitchen will appear brand new again.

The exposed brick walls embrace the industrial style. Light fixtures cast a soothing glow when the night falls.

Star of the Show

Red Kitchen Design

This traditional kitchen employs the features I love: coffered ceiling, hardwood floor, and cream walls. A red island animates the space.

Windows bring lots of sunlight into the room. A patterned rug, dining chairs, and valances provide warmth all around.

An Enchanting Combo

Red Kitchen Design

Although this culinary space is small, it packs an impactful punch with a bright red accent wall. It creates a modern feel and cheerful ambiance.

White countertops and wood floor rival the bold wall. Black cabinets carry visual depth and drama to the room.

Splashy and Trendy

Red Kitchen Design

Here is a streamlined kitchen. Pure white ceiling, wall, and cabinetry produce a clean setting. They open up the space as well.

Scarlet red wall and potted plant add refreshing pops of color to the room. The kitchen also features a lovely breakfast nook for three.

Bursts of Burgundy

Red Kitchen Design Ideas

White color scheme and windows contribute to this kitchen’s light, airy feeling. Stainless-steel backsplash, hardware, and appliances evoke modern vibes.

A black chandelier is such a show-stopping piece. Burgundy cabinets take the kitchen from stark to spunky.

Japanese Influences

Red Kitchen

This Japanese-style cooking space feels intimate and dynamic with the presence of mahogany red cabinets. They pop against a crisp white backdrop.

There are splashes of bright red scattered throughout the kitchen. Blonde wood details infuse a tranquil atmosphere into the room.

An Eclectic Touch

Red Kitchen Ideas

Cherry red backsplash and base cabinets have lacquered surfaces. They create a luxe appearance. Red wall decor and pot fill in the gaps.

The rest of the room was kept stark white. Striped carpet and pendant lights infuse some eclectic appeal into the kitchen.

Yellow and Red

Red Kitchen Design

The mahogany cabinetry and island in this Southwestern culinary space are not just solid, but also full of personality. Terracotta floor tiles make the room feel comfortable.

Moreover, the kitchen pulls chili pepper red shade with countertops and wall tiles. Metallic hardware and appliances lend the space unexpected industrial charm.


What color matches with red-glazed kitchen?

White countertops are a perfect fit for modern red cooking space. They develop a fresh look.

How do you decorate a bright red kitchen?

If your kitchen has red cabinets or ceiling, adorn it with elegant accessories in neutral shades.

Does gray and red look great together?

Yes, they are a winning combo. Bursts of red add richness and interest to plain gray.

What colors pair well with bold red?

Some warm colors like brown, caramel, gold, and orange go nicely with bright red.

Do red and teal marry together?

Specifically speaking, ruby red teams nicely with teal. It warms up vibrant teal tones.

The kitchen is a space in your home where you should not play it safe. That means you can experiment with vivid colors including red. So, if you are not faint-hearted, try any of those red kitchen ideas.

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