Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchen

For years, many homeowners have been avoiding pink. It is generally associated with teenage girl rooms and nurseries. That pretty color works well in your kitchen. To inspire you, I have listed some lovely pink kitchen ideas.

Currently, pink is gaining more popularity. Not only does it generate a soothing effect, but it also makes your culinary space feel sophisticated and gorgeous. Besides, it is not old-fashioned.

If you have no idea on how to use rosy hue in the cooking area, luck is yours. In this article, our beloved FeastHome team will help you filter down your choices. Whether you are drawn to subtle pink tones or the bold ones, my pink kitchen gallery has got you covered.

Black and Hot Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Black wall, backsplash, countertops, and high stools bring visual depth to this kitchen. Meanwhile, hot pink island, cabinetry, and table accessories shine brightly. They create a happy mood as well.

Underfoot is a polished concrete floor. It gives a sense of comfort. Metallic hardware and appliances inject some unexpected industrial appeal into the scene. They also send out a glamorous air.

Minor Player Idea

Pink Kitchen

This kitchen is designed for preparing meals, kicking back, and family gathering. Pure white ceiling and walls open up the room. Light gray cabinets are such a muted contrast to them.

Baby pink kitchen island keeps the kitchen from feeling too clinical. The geometric floor and dining chairs tie two hues together. Potted plants and roses in vase imbue the space with real life.

Go Retro Pink Design

Pink Kitchen Design

The ultra pink aluminum cabinet with magenta handles pop against crisp white backdrop. Those furniture pieces convey a sense of excitement. They also bring you back to the 1950s era.

The black stove offers a dramatic look. Checkered floor and backsplash steal the spotlight in no time. They heighten the retro feel too. Built-in lights provide extra safety during nighttime.

Perky and Airy Pink

Pink Kitchen Ideas

White door, island, subway tile backsplash, and cabinets carve a light, open atmosphere. Lots of sunlight comes through the window. A two-tone geometric rug titivates the otherwise plain floor.

Blush pink walls exude relaxing vibes. The houseplants and wood stools infuse outdoorsy ambiance into the room. Copper and brass details elicit a feeling of luxury.

Think Peach Pink

Pink Kitchen Design

Peachy pink walls and floating shelves warm up this kitchen. The white brick ceiling reinsures the space with a rustic character. A marble backsplash and counters ooze timeless splendor.

Gray cabinets and black pendants balance out the sugariness of the pink walls. The island offers abundant storage space. Pale pink and gray geometric patterned floors produce a cohesive appearance.

Pink Decor: A Winning Pair

Pink Kitchen Design

This kitchen proves that two stunning colors are truly better than one. Both blush pink and pastel blue cabinets have no handles for a clutter-free look. They set a peaceful atmosphere as well.

The inside of the exposed shelving was painted magenta. It lends the space a bit of boldness. Bread jar, clock, and fruits add more invigorating pops of color. Lastly, the kitchen sign celebrates a vintage style.

Charming and Gorgeous Pink Wall

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Baby pink walls perk this cooking space up. They contrast awesomely with pure white countertop and cabinetry. White mirror reflects the light and makes the room seem bigger than it is.

Floral painting and pink flowers in vase impart a feminine feel. Two-tone decorative pieces and napkin introduce a visual interest. A black table lamp prevents the space from becoming too girly.

An Unusual Combo

Pink Kitchen Design

Who said salmon pink and black could not go together? That is very wrong. Here, they contribute to the kitchen’s playful yet mysterious character. Woodcutting boards carry comforting vibes to the space.

The light gray wood floor tones down the rosewood chairs and salmon wall. A statement pendant light illuminates the dining area after sunset. Flowers in the vase jazz up the black table.

Gray and Pink Kitchen Island

Pink Kitchen

The subway tile backsplash and island serve up a good dose of lemonade pink. They take the kitchen from bland to beautiful. Additionally, they exhibit a mind-relaxing atmosphere.

Gray cabinetry, stone floor tiles, and walls imbue the space with some grown-up appeal. White countertops and glass doors keep the room sunny as well as open. Two metal-and-wood high stools represent contemporary style.

Dazzling Pink Kitchen Backsplash

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Stark white ceiling, island, counters, and hardware-free upper cabinets trick the eye into seeing a more spacious kitchen. Gleaming magenta backsplash enlivens the entire space in an instant.

Wood base cabinets do not only heat the room but also give delightful details. Stainless-steel appliances deliver an urban feel to the scene. Fuchsia dining chair and orange napkin double as the centerpieces.

A Nontraditional Approach

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you crazy about two-tone cabinetry? If yes, steal the look of this kitchen. Pure white upper cabinets, walls, and planter develop a clean setting. Meanwhile, flamingo pink base cabinets brighten up the room.

Black countertop keeps the space from becoming juvenile. Patterned area rug and polka dot backsplash draw the eye without making the space busy. The potted indoor plant adds a breath of fresh air to the kitchen.

Stunning Stains

Pink Kitchen Ideas

I love this eclectic kitchen. It features a blush pink accent wall that produces a soothing appeal. Stromboli green tiled walls spice up the cooking space. Juniper and blue cabinets align perfectly with them.

The fireplace asserts a sense of coziness. Crystal chandelier elegantly lights the kitchen. Brass details glorify the scene. Meanwhile, the work of art adorns the blank space over the fireplace. Lastly, wood oozes unmatched richness.

Contemporary Meets Industrial

Pink Kitchen Design

This kitchen is the true epitome of refined chic. It boasts contemporary gray cabinets and countertops. Those furniture pieces generate a sophisticated appearance. Metallic pendants and hardware cement industrial style.

The Thulian pink island brings function and beauty to the space, and it doubles as a focal point. Wood accents and limestone floor tiles imbue the room with natural textures.

Pastel Delight

Pink Kitchen Design

Sharp edges and well-defined lines give this kitchen a modern feel. Salmon island, blush pink walls, and rose gold bottles add to the room’s calming appeal. Meanwhile, the pastel blue door invigorates the space even more.

Light fixtures and area rugs deliver instant cheer to the scene. A statement-tiled backsplash makes the kitchen more appealing without competing with pastel hues. Blonde wood floor and white cabinetry tone colorful elements down.

Minimalist and Marvelous Pink Cabinetry

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Crisp white ceiling, door, and walls fool the eye into thinking the kitchen is larger. Windows produce a sunny, breezy atmosphere. Brass faucet and door handle carry a dash of glam to the culinary space.

The hardware-free cabinets in pale pink develop an uber-stylish look. They also keep the kitchen utensils and dishware out of sight. Gray herringbone-patterned floor and black unit prevent the room from feeling ultra-feminine.

Shades of Pink Kitchen Rug

Pink Kitchen Design

This kitchen features white Cathedral-style archways. In no time, they raise the room’s grandeur. Light gray subway tiled backsplash serves as a canvas for vibrant dinnerware.

Dusky blush pink cabinetry calms the soul. An apron-front sink injects a bit of farmhouse charm to the room. Hot pink rug tops blonde wood floor and spruces the kitchen up. Houseplants carry character and life to the space.

Two Is Better Than One

Pink Kitchen Design

White marble floor, backsplash, and countertops show off enchanting gray veins. They represent timeless beauty and classic elegance at once. Dusty pink island and cabinetry give the space soft color as well as a cozy feeling.

Dark green walls rival the pink furniture’s feminism. They also evoke a sense of maturity. Rose gold and deep green dining chairs bring the kitchen together. Copper pots and faucet stand out against marble backsplash.

Reminiscent of Cotton Candy

Pink Kitchen

Do you have a small kitchen? Do not worry. Paint the walls stark white as done by the owner of this cooking space. That way, your kitchen appears bigger than it is. The windows themselves let in the fresh air and natural light.

Dusty rose cabinetry and blush pink ceiling keep the kitchen from feeling staid. Moreover, baby blue cabinets are a perfect companion to them. Lastly, the crazy stone floor offers a visual interest without being out of place.

A Die-Hard Pink Fan

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you obsessed with pink? Try this idea. As you see, the kitchen boasts dusty pink cabinets and dining chairs. They set a tranquil mood. Shutter and shelves layer the coral and peach on.

Brass details produce a luxe, but approachable look. Two-tone subway backsplash tiles elicit a sense of cohesiveness. Flowers in vase infuse pleasant scent and organic feel into the cooking area.

Fantastic Fuchsia

Pink Kitchen Design

The owner of this kitchen used pink in moderation. She incorporates a lacquered fuchsia backsplash into the space. Not only does it electrifies the room, but also carves a happy atmosphere.

Dark gray cabinets contrast wonderfully with white countertop and wall. They keep the kitchen from feeling like a Barbie dollhouse. Lastly, metallic appliances carry some industrial appeal to the space.

Sunny and Splendid

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen fits pink, green, and blue. Those cheerful colors do not overwhelm the space at all. The secret lies in floral wallpaper that ties two main shades together. Meanwhile, chevron-patterned backsplash and vase bring on the pastel green.

The unfinished wood floor coordinates nicely with dining chairs. Brass details throughout the kitchen fill in the visual gaps. Both single-hung windows and skylight allow sunlight to enter the room.

Bold Pink Accents

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Is your kitchen lacking in the color department? Give this idea a shot. The white ceiling, island, and walls develop a light, airy setting. Hot pink pendant and coral seat cushions make the room lively.

Blooming flowers bring a touch of Mother Nature to the space. They naturally beautify the otherwise boring kitchen too. Brass and metallic pieces generate a sumptuous look.

Muted Pink

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Since her kitchen is tiny, the homeowner opted for a white color scheme. It instills an open ambiance. Pale gray cabinets contrast with the blonde wood floor subtly. A marble backsplash and counters amplify the room’s elegance.

Dusty pink dining stools are super pretty. Salmon and baby pink accessories convey a feeling of softness. Potted indoor plants purify the air. Brass pendant lights and cabinet handles complete the scene.

The Hotter the Better

Pink Kitchen

Being a rosy hue lover does not mean you must go all pink. The hot pink backsplash and dining chairs are enough to create a positive space. Skylights infuse an abundance of sunlight into the kitchen.

Polished concrete floor tiles and metallic pendants stamp industrial style. The other furniture units come in light and medium gray. An open shelf over the backsplash accommodates colorful items.

Too Sweet to Be True

Pink Kitchen Design Ideas

Having a pocket-sized kitchen? It is no problem. This kitchen is tiny but full of excitement; thanks to the baby pink refrigerator and wall decor. They bring a retro flair to the kitchen as well.

Tablecloth and window curtains pile on the salmon pink. The wood floor and red accents warm up the otherwise cold space. Scalloped details embellish the kitchen, while a striped rug steals the show in a moment.

Modern Minimalist Pink Kitchen

Pink Kitchen

This kitchen was outfitted with blush pink countertop, open shelves, and cabinets. They set a soul-calming scene. For sure, the homeowner loves baking sweet cupcakes in her culinary space.

White walls and wood floors prevent pink hues from becoming overpowering. Houseplants and ornamental pieces produce a finished look.

A Feminine Touch

Pink Kitchen

Baby pink cabinetry and island evoke a sense of femininity. Concrete countertops and metal pendant lights are a perfect nod to modern industrial decor. They also balance out overtly pink surfaces.

The wood floor delivers warmth to the space dominated by cold tones. Windows set a sunny atmosphere and light feeling.

Cheery Breakfast Nook

Pink Kitchen Design

This kitchen features wood cabinets. Those furniture items exhibit a welcoming air throughout the space.

Fuchsia wall and curvy white chairs transform the breakfast nook into a dynamic focal point. Striped area rug and colorful ottomans generate a coordinated look.

Pink Kitchen Appliances with Standout Features

Pink Kitchen

From ceiling to cabinetry, this contemporary style goes almost 100 percent white in this culinary space. Retro pale pink appliances make the kitchen more playful.

Black and white diagonal tiles grab the attention without visually cluttering the room. Window curtain unifies the whole area.

True Showstopper

Pink Kitchen

If you are not ready for a major update, just invest in a French rose-pink dining chair. It lends your neutral kitchen an unpredictable jolt of color.

You could also swap out the upper cabinets for floating shelves. Therefore, your cooking space will not appear too heavy. Meanwhile, marble counters add luxurious vibes to the scheme.

Pink Kitchen Ideas: Dark vs. Light

Pink Kitchen

Here, blush pink walls bring the kitchen to life. They provide a lovely backdrop for dramatic black cabinets and as well.

The orange leather dining chairs warm up the space. A ceiling light draws the eye upward, while vivid accents develop lots of visual interest.

Soft Color Palette

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Pale gray cabinets and blush pink subway tiled walls reinsure the kitchen with a serene ambiance. Metallic appliances keep the room from being overly cutesy.

Brass details introduce a lavish setting. Furthermore, patterned floor and kitchen island adorn the space instantly.

Sleek Modular Pinky Kitchen

Pink Kitchen Design

This kitchen boasts salmon pink cabinets and exposed shelves. They look terrific against pure white walls.

Two-tone hexagonal floor tiles are a feast for the eyes. A white chandelier offers superior illumination and understated elegance at once.

Say Yes to Magenta

Pink Kitchen

Crisp white stepstool, apron-front sink, appliance, and wall evoke a clean, hygienic setting. Magenta cabinets accentuate the kitchen, not to mention they make a bold statement.

The open shelves display blue and pink dishware. Striped area rug provides comfortable feeling underfoot. Rattan basket and flowers lend the kitchen nature-inspired textures.

Lovely Pink, Rustic Chic

Pink Kitchen Ideas

Salmon cabinet and backsplash exude mind-relaxing vibes. They elegantly prettify the whole cooking space too. Brass faucet and marble counters create an upscale scene.

The live-edge wood wall shelf celebrates unrefined beauty. Distressed gray cabinets and kitchen island lend the space a grown-up character.

Peach and Teal

Pink Kitchen Ideas

When combined, teal, black, and peach are a divine color palette. In no time, they produce a cheerful atmosphere and classy statement at once.

The wood floor in herringbone pattern oozes distinctive vintage charm. It also carries warmth to the room. Geometric shapes inject some added interest into the kitchen. Lastly, windows let in maximum sunlight.


Is pink perfect color for culinary space?

Pink works great in the kitchen. Since the color comes in various shades, it can make your space either daring or subtle.

Should I paint my cooking space pink?

Yes, you should incorporate pink into your kitchen, instead of sticking to classic neutrals. That nontraditional color gives off uplifting and calming effects.

How can I jazz up my cooking area?

Adding pops of pink and hanging a decorative mirror will brighten up your kitchen.

Is pink getting out of trend?

Pink is growing in popularity. It also will not look outdated.

What is the most stunning and popular color for cabinets?

Pink instantly makes your kitchen cabinetry attractive.

Those pink kitchen ideas help you visualize your dream cooking area. Just remember not to utilize pink excessively. So, you will not get bored with your pink-toned kitchen.

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