Orange Kitchen

orange kitchen

If you love invigorating colors, orange is one of your favorites for sure. It can be incorporated into any room of your dwelling, including the cooking space. Lucky you, I have rounded up some terrific orange kitchen ideas below.

Orange is a combination of two warm colors, yellow and red. Not only is it versatile, but it also looks welcoming. Moreover, it represents optimism, happiness, and wellness.

You do not have to be a color-savvy interior designer to use orange masterfully in yours. Just browse through our FeastHome orange kitchen gallery ideas. Here, you will see striking kitchens in a variety of orange shades, from peach to amber.

Country Chic

Orange Kitchen

The terracotta walls reinsure this small country kitchen with relaxing vibes. In no time, they warm up the crisp white ceiling, base molding, and cabinetry. Wood accents amplify the cozy atmosphere.

A black-painted wood floor brings a dash of drama to the room. A whitewashed table celebrates unrefined beauty. The eat sign works as a focal point, while indoor plants jazz up the kitchen.

Bold Never Gets Old

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

This dine-in kitchen is super cheery, thanks to creamsicle orange cabinets and pendant light. The white ceiling and walls let them stand out. A striped area rug picks colors in the fruit bowls.

The blonde wood floor, dining table, and chairs add rustic splendor to the scene. Two black-framed works of art and potted plants adorn the space.

White Meets Orange

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Above is an eat-in cooking space. It boasts a pure white ceiling, tiled backsplash, refrigerator, round pendant light, and walls. They set an airy atmosphere and a light feeling.

Carrot orange cabinets inject the space with energy. Polished concrete floor tiles and metallic appliances offer an industrial taste. Black metal table and chairs make a dining nook for four.

Two-Tone White Orange Cabinetry

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

I adore this kitchen. The neutral color palette dominates the space, creating a quiet ambiance. Meanwhile, pastel orange upper cabinets give the room a fresh look.

The orange retro pendant light, rug, chair, faux flowers, and orange fill the visual gaps in the room. Red-orange penny tiles on the backsplash lend the kitchen texture and intricate details.

A High Contrast

Orange Kitchen Ideas

The black shelving unit, countertop, and walls carry some dimension to the kitchen. Additionally, they carve a gothic vibe. The white ceiling offsets them and keeps the space from feeling too heavy.

Shiny cabinetry and cupboard come in pumpkin orange. Those furniture units elevate the room in an instant. The dining wares deliver splashes of color to the kitchen.

Reminiscent of Autumn

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen is such a multipurpose room designed for homeworking, cooking, and hanging out. The walls were painted autumnal shade of orange. They quickly heat the whole room.

Wood floor and furniture pieces elicit a sense of coziness. Colorful Spanish tiles cover the backsplash and provide a playful touch. Downlights and pendant lights illuminate the kitchen during nighttime.

Muted but Mesmerizing

Orange Kitchen Ideas

As you see, crisp white walls and cabinets make this kitchen appear larger than it is. They also evoke a feeling of cleanliness. Muted orange chair and upper cabinetry steal the show without overwhelming the room.

The wall-mounted racks accommodate potted houseplant and spice jars. Dark wood floor and dining table send out homey vibes. Metallic accents infuse the space with a healthy dose of glam.

Less Is More

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

If you admire the Scandinavian interior design, give this idea a go. Here, the kitchen features white-painted handless cabinetry. They offer a stylish look and an open atmosphere.

A couple of bright orange pendant lights were installed over the dining table. Those light fixtures keep the kitchen from being too clinical. Raw wood floors and flowers bring the outside inside.

Lots of Orange Kitchen Decor

Orange Kitchen Design

You have been a big fan of orange for so long. So, why do not use that punchy color in your culinary space? Take inspiration from this kitchen. The bright orange island, cabinetry, and decorative pieces convey a feeling of excitement.

White counters and walls are a stark contrast to vivacious orange units. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow in plenty of natural light. Wood floor balances out whites and metallic tones.

Orange Kitchen Walls: Delicate Pastels

Orange Kitchen Design

The homeowner integrated cantaloupe orange into her cooking space with the island and walls. That orange shade evokes a fun vibe. Off-white dining table and chairs complement the kitchen’s color scheme.

Three pastel blue pendant lights stamp an original retro feel. The ornamental plates in different sizes titivate the blank wall over a sideboard. Potted leafy plants and blue flowers enliven the room.

Cozy and Airy Orange

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Pure white countertop, cabinets, and window frames open up the kitchen. Coral orange walls make the space lively in a flash. The moss green and ginger orange painted floor assert a sense of cohesiveness.

Windows let summer breezes and fresh air in. Seagrass chair and rattan baskets bring rich textures as well as a cottage ambiance. The greenery cleans the kitchen’s air.

Layers of Orange Color

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

The checkered floor generates a neoclassical flavor. A multicolored Mandala rug celebrates the free spirit and provides comfort underfoot. Spanish tiled backsplash imbues the space with a tone of personality.

Salmon orange cabinetry and carrot stepladder anchor the room. Teal walls and two-tone sideboard take the eclectic kitchen to the next level. Leafy plants complete the Boho look.

Contemporary Charm

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen is mostly in crisp white. The color expands the room and conveys a state of openness. Blonde wood floor contrasts nicely with gray kitchen island. L-shaped sofa, tulip table, and black chairs create a conversation spot.

The Arabesque tile wallpaper in citrusy orange adorns the backsplash. Sunset leather chairs, fruit buckets, and large wallpaper add jolts of color. Light fixtures contribute to the kitchen’s contemporary taste.

Calming Hue

Orange Kitchen Design

White ceiling, backsplash, counters, and base cabinets elicit a feeling of timelessness. Stainless-steel appliances, pendant lights, and hardware keep the kitchen up to date.

The wood floor and knife holder raise the room’s elegance. Dusty orange island and upper cabinetry stand out without becoming an eyesore.

A Perfect Pair

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

The pale gray island, cabinets, and walls maintain the kitchen’s light feeling. White ceiling, base molding, and countertops are a subtle contrast to them. A wood floor adds richness and refined beauty.

Dining chairs serve up a good dose of tangerine orange. They also deliver strength and boldness to the otherwise neutral kitchen. Plants and ornamental pieces round out the scene.

Nature Feels

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Without a doubt, the homeowner went natural. Look at the pumpkin orange walls. They exhibit an inviting atmosphere and ooze perennial warmth. Both maple and green cabinets lend the cooking space a soothing feel of nature.

Granite countertops have pastel orange undertones. The stained wood floor generates unmatched splendor. Lastly, two wall hangings call attention to the autumnal orange backdrop.

Say Yes to Apricot

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Above is a fruit-inspired culinary space. It boasts apricot-orange kitchen island and walls. In no time, they blend vibrancy and comfort into the room. White cabinetry and ceiling create a hygienic setting.

The kitchen also features a designated dining nook for a couple. Archway, ceiling, and pendant lights cement old-time grandeur. Wood and terracotta tiled floors are congruent with the rest of the room.

An Efficient Design

Orange Kitchen Design

Do you have limited cooking space? Do not worry. You could use this idea as an inspiration. The white color scheme and glass door set an airy scene. Orange glass backsplash behind the stove infuses an unpredictable pop of color into the space.

High-gloss surfaces provide a modern vibe and an opulent appearance. Black accents fill the streamlined kitchen with a bit of drama.

Dreamy Creamsicle

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Do you have a sweet tooth? If yes, steal this kitchen’s look. It boasts Benjamin Moore’s orange creamsicle-painted ceiling and wall. They exude a tranquil air in a moment. The deeper orange accents unify the whole space.

The wood floor and coffee kitchen island set an intimate mood. Concrete countertop and stainless-steel pendant light inject industrial appeal into the room. Flowers and decorative items produce refreshing vibes.

Rustic yet Fantastic

Orange Kitchen Design

This kitchen combines rustic charm with stylish furnishings, resulting in an inviting and functional room. White walls and windows develop an open feel. Soft orange and striped chairs are the stars of the show.

Pipe shelves, whitewashed bricks, chandeliers, and gray furniture heighten the industrial flavor. Wood floor, dining table, and countertop take the chill off them.

Orange Kitchen Countertops, A Vibrant Route

Orange Kitchen

Bold orange counter, pendant light, and dining chairs effortlessly steal the spotlight. White cabinetry and pale gray walls tone them down.

The wood floor and kitchen napkin have orange undertones. They generate an awesome transition into vibrant units. Two square wall clocks fill the space over the windows.

Peaceful Amber

Orange Kitchen

Are you not drawn to bright shades of oranges? This kitchen wins your heart. It features ginger orange walls. They perk up the entire room. Meanwhile, amber kitchen island and base cabinets evoke a cozy feeling.

Crisp white ceiling, a retro refrigerator, counters, and doors, together with skylights keep the space from being dingy. Wood floor and basket add textural contrasts.

The Best of Both Worlds

Orange Kitchen Design

Undoubtedly, this cooking space brings out the minimalist in you. The small upper cabinetry and corner shelves truly maximize every square inch. Hardware-free base cabinets offer an uncluttered look.

Yellowish-orange walls carry sunshiny vibes and a feeling of joy to the kitchen. Besides, they make the room super chic. Lastly, an indoor plant breathes life into the space.

Earthy Shades

Orange Kitchen Ideas

The floor is covered with marble tiles in a herringbone pattern. They lend the kitchen enduring luxury and grandeur. Burnt orange cabinets elicit a sense of calmness.

Dark green backsplash complements the cabinetry nicely. Black countertop and handles deliver visual drama to the space. Greenery in vase, crystal chandelier, and ornamental pieces create a finished appearance.

A Multi-use Space

Orange Kitchen Design

This kitchen is ideal for a small apartment. Since crisp white cabinets come without hardware, they make the space feel organized and clean. Yellowish orange elements contribute to the room’s positive vibes.

There are breakfast nook, reading spot, and nap zone. Raw wood floor, tree stump table, and leafy plant forge a great connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Navy furniture exudes a bit of mystery.

Black Backsplash and Orange Island

Orange Kitchen

White walls imbue this dine-in cooking space with an airy atmosphere. Black backsplash and counters carry dimension and depth to the room. The stone tiled floor provides an outdoorsy touch.

Tangerine orange island and lower cabinetry transform the otherwise gloomy kitchen into a positive space. Pastel orange high stools pile lovely shade of orange on.

Double Up, Unique Lighting

Orange Kitchen Design

What’s not to love about this kitchen? It features large windows that allow you to have breakfast with a jaw-dropping view. Lots of sunlight shines through them as well.

Marigold orange cabinetry and islands reinsure the space with a fun flair. Creamy orange pendants illuminate the room and work as the focal point. Shiny metallic surfaces maintain the kitchen’s modern vibes.

Hidden Secret

Orange Kitchen

White ceiling, cabinetry, and beadboard backsplash trick the eye into seeing a bigger culinary space. When upper cabinets opened, they reveal coral orange-glazed the inner sides. They instantly accentuate the room.

Wood furniture units counter-balance silvery kitchen appliances. The cookbooks provide the homeowner with a ton of cooking inspiration. Yellow flowers add a pop of color.

Hard to Ignore

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Straight lines and sharp edges lend this kitchen a modern feel. Large windows let the room bathe in natural light.

Pumpkin orange cabinets generate instant cheer and happiness. Blonde wood accent wall acts as a great canvas for punchy cabinetry. The houseplants turn the cooking space into a livelier place.

Orange Cabinet, A Sharp Contrast

Orange Kitchen

The polished concrete floor and ceiling tiles, along with stainless-steel appliances carve industrial appeal. White walls convey a state of openness.

Black base cabinets and an accent wall are a great contrast to the pure whites. Meanwhile, carrot orange upper cabinetry animates the space. The eat-in table and two pumpkin chairs make a romantic breakfast nook.

Contemporary Seating

Orange Kitchen Design

The dark gray wood island, lower cabinetry, and stone floor tiles infuse the kitchen with nature-inspired textures. Metallic stools and appliances deliver a glamorous air to the scene.

Bright orange upper cabinets offset pale gray tiled backsplash and white walls. The decorative piece and flowers create a unified look.

Rich Textures

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Black base cabinetry, curtains, and dining chairs evoke a state of seriousness. The wood floor and table add rustic charm to the kitchen. Metal pendant light and pipe shelves offer an industrial twist.

The backsplash features coral orange subway tiles. Since they were used sparingly, they will not overwhelm the space. Marble accents ooze an exclusive feel.

Wood and Orange Appliances

Orange Kitchen Design Ideas

Blonde wood floor and handleless cabinets make the cooking space look airy, and they carve a light feeling. White backsplash and dining table pair awesomely with them.

The orange chairs and kettle bring strength as well as the boldness to the room. The kitchen napkin and area rug have orange undertones, allowing a nice transition into the chairs.

Orange Kitchen Backsplash: Mediterranean Mood

Orange Kitchen

Range hood, archway, and cabinetry were painted crisp white. They cement a Mediterranean style. Additionally, they lend the space old-time elegance. Dark-toned wood floor asserts a sense of intimacy.

Moreover, amber and burnt orange backsplash tiles are not just stunning, but also quickly draw the eye. Cookbooks introduce more splashes of orange. Backsplash inset titivates the kitchen.

Sunshiny Splendor

Orange Kitchen Ideas

Pictured here is an eat-in single-walled culinary space. The yellowish-orange wall brightens up the kitchen and sends out a playful ambiance. White base molding, ceiling, and window frames offer a clean look.

Wood floor, island, and cabinets team well with the accent wall. Metal furniture, exposed pipe, and stools generate an industrial flair. The pendants over the island and downlights illuminate the entire cooking area at night.

City Skyline

Orange Kitchen

This kitchen employs dark gray island and black cabinets. They deliver a feeling of sophistication into the room. White ceiling and shiny stainless-steel appliances keep the space stylish.

Poppy orange cityscape wall decal perks up the otherwise neutral cooking space. It carves an urban flair too. The wood floor oozes unparalleled warmth. Meanwhile, potted plant and wall hangings visually make the room more appealing.


Is orange a perfect color for the culinary space?

If you live in a cold climate, orange would be a great color for your kitchen. It is both comforting and welcoming.

What cabinets match with orange-glazed walls?

The orange-painted walls go well with dark-toned wood cabinetry. Additionally, navy, turquoise, and gold cabinets are a great pair for them.

What colors team nicely with burnt orange?

Lighter orange, purple, deep teal, and dark blue will look spectacular with burnt orange.

What is the happy color?

Orange, red, yellow, and pink are considered happy colors. Pastel hues such as lilac and peach make people more optimistic too.

What color does tone down the orange-glazed cabinets?

To keep orange cabinets from overwhelming the kitchen, you can use dark gray. This shade adds a moody feel to the bold orange cabinetry.

Thanks for reading my orange kitchen ideas. I hope you find a lot of inspiration here. Whether you are into bright orange hues or the subtle ones, orange is always the best friend of your kitchen. So, do not hesitate to include orange.

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