Green Kitchen

green kitchen

Color scheme affects the look as well as atmosphere of your cooking space. Gray, black, and white are overwhelmingly popular but quite monotonous. If you want to enliven the hub of your home, look at these cool green kitchen ideas.

Since green is the color found in nature, it will not get out of trend. Additionally, it conveys the senses of healthiness and renewal. Not only is it versatile, but also easy to work with.

In this article, Our FeastHome team will show you some gorgeous kitchens in different shades of green, from sage to olive. They certainly will leave you in awe.

Green Kitchen Cabinets with Forest Vibes

Green Kitchen

The cabinetry and island were painted forest green. They elevate the culinary space in an instant and transport the homeowner to the woods. Wood items, off-white subway backsplash-tiles, and greenery create an organic feel.

Moreover, patterned floor serves as a focal point. They take the kitchen from plain to pretty. Cathedral arches give the room old world charm. Stainless-steel appliances and pendant lights make the space still feel modern.

Green Tea Kitchen, Bright Meets Dark

Green Kitchen Design

You love both neutral and vivid colors. Why do you not get the best of both worlds? This kitchen would be a great inspiration for sure. It features black cabinets and sink. Those units lend the space a touch of drama.

Lime green lacquered glass backsplash contrasts tastefully with black cabinetry and brightens up the space at once. Shiny objects reflect the light, while green kitchen supplies and indoor plants tie things together.

Moody, Sunny, Greeny

Green Kitchen Ideas

If light green is not right up your alley, go for the deep hue as done by the owner of this kitchen. She incorporated rich green cabinetry and island. The crisp white ceiling, countertop, and walls allow them to stand out.

Windows and skylights bring an abundance of sunlight into the room. The unfinished wood units and potted plants infuse the outdoorsy feels. Meanwhile, gold accents deliver a dose of glam to the area.

Olive Dream Kitchen

Green Kitchen Ideas

Do you have a compact kitchen? If yes, do not despair. This small, windowless kitchen proves that size does not matter. The white ceiling with delightful molding and countertop make the room appear bigger.

Marble backsplash oozes timeless beauty. The olive-green cabinets lend the kitchen some color and a peaceful ambiance. Both white and olive dining wares elicit a sense of cohesiveness.

Cottage Appeal: Sage Green Cabinet

Green Kitchen Ideas

This pocket-sized kitchen does not look lifeless at all, thanks to sage green cabinets. They carve a quiet atmosphere as well. The wrought iron handles complement them well.

Pure white countertop, beadboard ceiling, and backsplash visually enlarge the room. The exposed ceiling beam and wood floor produce a seaside vibe. Lastly, plant in vase and kitchen tool bring more lovely shades of green.

Lots of Refreshing Green Decorations

Green Kitchen

As you see, this kitchen is not spacious but fabulous. There is a cute dining nook for two too. Crisp white floor, countertop, apron-front sink, dining table, and walls open up the culinary space in no time.

Mint green cabinets set a happy mood. The shelves display dining utensils. They come in greenish-turquoise, sage, jade, mint, and pistachio green. Wood chairs, window shade, and two-tone rattan bag imbue the room with rich textures.

Two is Always Better than One

Green Kitchen Design

Are you swooning over this colorful kitchen? I do, too. It boasts lime green cabinetry, pendant light, backsplash tiles, and dining chairs. Do they not only inject some energy but also create contemporary flair.

The fern green rug and wall provide an appealing contrast to lime green units. White floor, dining table, countertop, and walls assert a state of cleanliness. Sheer curtain serves as a sunlight filter.

Green Kitchen Island: Jewel Box

Green Kitchen Design

The deep emerald green kitchen island and cabinets take the cooking space to the next level. Additionally, they elicit senses of luxury and tranquility. Black backsplash and kitchen appliances generate a sophisticated look.

Marble countertops offer unmatched elegance. They are a nice contrast to emerald cabinetry too. A couple of wood pendant lights draw the eye. The window keeps the space from being gloomy. Flowers and avocados provide natural textures.

Subtle yet Incredible

Green Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is swathed in understated hues. Sage green island sets a calm mood, not to mention it accentuates the accessories and cookbooks displayed on the open shelves.

The off-white cabinets and pendant light soften the kitchen’s look even more. Windows let in a lot of sunlight. Wooden floor meets the island harmoniously. Both of raw wood dining stools and kitchen utensil warm up the room.

Unusual Perspective

Green Kitchen Design

Who says lime green is jarring? This kitchen says the opposite. It employs lime green cabinets with grooved doors. They quickly perk the entire space up. The olive green tin tile backsplash provides mesmerizing details.

Black-framed artworks, yellow and white dining wares on the open shelves steal the attention. Meanwhile, lemons, limes, and pineapple enhance the kitchen’s lively ambiance. Wood countertop and floor tone bright hues down.

Gentle Touch to Green Kitchen Walls

Green Kitchen Ideas

In this kitchen, the walls are painted mint and sage greens. Those pale shades calm your senses when you prepare the meals. Cherry wood open shelves and dining chairs carve an inviting atmosphere.

Pure white cabinets come without handles. They give the cooking space a minimalist flair. Marble countertop exudes a sumptuous feel. Pops of pink and red invigorate the kitchen.

Rich Olive

Green Kitchen Ideas

This culinary space is predominantly styled with deep olive-green cabinets. They lend the kitchen a bold color, yet still, look neutral. Additionally, they unite copper, stainless steel, and wood accents.

The white marble backsplash and countertop have light gray veins. It is a divine contrast to dark green walls. Meanwhile, wood floor generates a welcoming ambiance. A clock over the backsplash oozes vintage appeal.

Dreamy Greeny Kitchen

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

White ceiling, dining chairs, and handle-free cabinets make the cooking space appear more expansive than it is. Moreover, mint green kitchen island and wall develop an open setting.

The jade-green acts as a stunner. It energizes the whole room in a moment. Three metallic olive green pendant lights come in cylindrical shape. They create a sexy look and visual interest at the same time.

Grayish Green

Green Kitchen Design

If bright green hues do not win your heart, try this idea. Here, the kitchen features cabinets and island in deep olive with gray undertones. They exhibit a relaxed vibe while keeping the room subtle.

The crisp white ceiling, beam, and walls embody a sense of freshness. Marble countertops work as a harmonizer. Wood pieces take the chill off metals, whites, and gray greens. The greenery brings the outdoors in.

Beach Lover

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Are you a beach enthusiast? If yes, this funky kitchen is something you are searching for. It features greenish-turquoise backsplash for beach vibes. A large, jade green vase maintains the kitchen’s cheerful mood.

The blonde woods and houseplant deliver touches of nature. Black kitchen island and window frames offer a dramatic effect. Penny tiles and star-shaped ceiling lights are the attention grabbers.

Lacquer Finishes

Green Kitchen Ideas

This cooking space is almost entirely wrapped in green shades, from ceiling to cabinetry. They are reminiscent of bamboo leaves. The lacquered surfaces make the kitchen more alive.

Some cookbooks are showcased on a stainless-steel countertop. The homeowner can grab them anytime for cooking inspiration. Lastly, potted greenery connects both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Green and Pink

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

When in doubt, choose green and pink. In this picture, dark forest green kitchen island and cabinets team perfectly with the light pink accent wall. They carry an edgy flair to the cooking space in a flash.

The gold elements glorify the retro kitchen. Meanwhile, classic chandelier and triangle pendant lights illuminate the room at night. A potted palm tree introduces a tropical taste. Green backsplash tiles create a uniform kitchen.

Double Up

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

The white shiplap walls, artwork, and faux deer head reinsure the kitchen with farmhouse vibes. Moreover, wood ceiling beam and cutting boards evoke a homey mood.

Soft jade green lower cabinetry and olive decorative pieces balance out the crisp white countertop. Two rattan chairs and kitchen island overhang make a charming breakfast nook. Geometric-patterned floor steals the show.

A Bold Statement

Green Kitchen

This kitchen is outfitted with mallard green island and cabinetry. Those pieces of furniture add visual drama to the space in a split second, and they elicit a sense of boldness.

White subway tiles and grouts produce a seamless look. The wood floor, countertops, and exposed shelves lead to inviting mealtimes. Lastly, a wicker basket and indoor plants act as natural accents.

Mighty Mint Green Kitchen: U-Shaped Design

Green Kitchen Design

Without a doubt, this kitchen reminds you of delicious minty ice cream. Pale mint range hood and cabinets send out a light feeling. The circle cutout pulls and grid backsplash lend the room some geometric appeal.

The blonde wood floor, countertop, and wall shelf keep the space welcoming. A potted houseplant cleans the air.

Moss is the Boss

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

The brick backsplash and salvaged island infuse the kitchen with a rustic character. Moss green lower cabinets and raw wood units add sparks of nature to the space.

White ceiling throws focus to a brass sunburst light. Meanwhile, a patterned red area rug complements the unrefined wood floor.

Go Distressed

Green Kitchen Ideas

Sage and fern green cabinets punch up the otherwise neutral kitchen. They along with dining stools are meant to have distressed finishes to embrace shabby chic.

The kitchen island, sink, and ceiling beams represent a traditional style. Windows let the room bathe in natural light. A chandelier over the island ties the space together.

Turquoise Green

Green Kitchen

You do not have to go all green. If you love certain shades of green, then include them in your kitchen. Take this picture for example, the homeowner painted her island greenish-turquoise for a fresh look.

There are also mint green pieces on a wooden tray. Black faucet and glass-fronted cabinetry assert a state of sophistication. The indoor plant and flowers animate the space.

Vivacious Elements

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

If you were a big fan of green hues, this kitchen would be a nice inspiration. It boasts moss cabinetry, sage wallpaper, and Kelly green shopping bags. That stuff livens up the room.

The mahogany countertop sets a warm ambiance. Both small and large rugs on the floor provide comfort underfoot. Gold hardware and antique brass light fixture exude an opulent air.

Vintage Never Ages

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you fall in love with vintage design? Give this idea a chance. As seen in the picture, the kitchen has apple green backsplash, checkered floor, and appliances. They revitalize the whole space.

Light yellow wall is matched to crisp white open shelves and upper cabinetry. The distressed dining chairs lend the kitchen special personality. Two glass pendant lights emphasize a mahogany dining table.

Mint and Cherry

Green Kitchen Design

This kitchen is unbelievably amazing. Look at those mint cabinets. The glass-fronted ones display jars and dining wares. Splashes of cherry red bring back your nostalgic summer memories.

Subway backsplash tiles and basketweave-patterned flooring carry a visual interest to the cooking space. Metallic pendant lights and hardware imbue the room with a bit of industrial charm.

A Great Contrast

Green Kitchen

Above is a contemporary kitchen predominantly decorated in soft, pastel green. You can find that color on the backsplash, wall, and distressed cabinets. The high-gloss mahogany kitchen island is such a welcomed contrast.

Moreover, the untreated wood floor fills the space with rustic splendor. Pendant lights and downlights offer proper illumination after dark.

Impressive Olive

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

If you love olives, give this idea a go. The kitchen employs olive green wall shelf, cabinetry, window frames, and doors. Even, the ornamental pieces come in the same shade.

The poured concrete backsplash brings a modern twist to the room. Lastly, wood floor, rattan basket, greenery, and stainless-steel items add more textures.

Green Marries Brass

Green Kitchen Design

This kitchen is uber captivating. The dark emerald green cabinetry, shelf, and cupboard help the homeowner live her glam life. Brass accents pile on luxe touches. White grid backsplash calls the attention to a cool work of art.

Cookbooks and decorative items sit on the wall shelf. A medium-toned countertop emanates a cozy vibe, while the indoor plants raise the beauty of the room.

A Green Hunter

Green Kitchen Design

Have you been dreaming of a kitchen like this? I do, too. It looks more spacious visually, thanks to white ceiling, floor, and window frames. The floor shows off its geometric splendor.

Hunter green cabinets make a bold impression. The window shade, flowers, and raw wood high stools offer some textures. A bubble ceiling light works as the showstopper.

Full of Personality

Green Kitchen Ideas

If you do not like the look of single tone cabinetry, take this kitchen as an example. It features contrasting cabinets in blue and green. Those furniture units lend the space a contemporary flavor.

White countertop, beadboard walls, and open shelves prevent the windowless kitchen from feeling dingy. The blonde wood floor keeps things light.

Say Yes to Pistachio

Green Kitchen Design

This kitchen is furnished with mellow pistachio green island and cabinets. They unleash the rustic charm of brick accent wall, herringbone wood floor, and butcher-block countertops.

The ceiling, beams, kitchen appliances, and dining wares are in pure white. That is why the whole room appears brighter.

Green Love Kitchen, Sea Stain

Green Kitchen Design

Your kitchen may be tiny like this one. However, you should not skimp on style. The appliance, wall lamp, and decorative pieces infuse the space with a retro taste.

Sea green cabinets are awesomely accented by a white apron-front sink. A patterned rug on the dark-toned floor serves as the center of attention.

Glamorous Goals

Green Kitchen Ideas

The homeowner’s friends who come over to this kitchen must be envious. Forest green cabinets and appliances in high-gloss finishes create an opulent look. Colorful backsplash adds a playful twist.

Wood floor and upholstered dining chairs set a comfortable scene. Concrete wall allows the gold-framed work of art to sing out.

Key Lime Kitchen Ideas

Green Kitchen Design Ideas

This kitchen overlooks the backyard garden. Furthermore, key lime cabinetry, backsplash, and wall-mounted shelves breathe life into the room. The sunlight enters the space through wood-framed glass doors and windows.

Black countertop and dining table deliver a healthy dose of drama to the kitchen. Navy and cream stools complement the slim table perfectly.


Is green great for kitchen?

Yes, green can bring the outside inside. That color elicits a sense of freshness as well.

What color pairs with green in the cooking space?

Pale and muted green shades go well with off-white. The color combination reminds anyone of Mother Nature.

What color teams with sage green culinary space?

Sage green is versatile. It matches with cream, terracotta, pink, pale blue, gray, and deep green.

Are green-painted kitchen cabinetry in style?

Yes, mint green cabinets will remain popular for a long period. You should combine them with crisp white countertops.

Does gray complement green?

Since gray is a neutral color, it can work together with any shade, especially vibrant green.

Those green kitchen ideas are amazing, right? Choose the one that truly expresses your style. It is time to decorate the heart of the home with your favorite green shade.

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