Gray Kitchen


A gray kitchen has become a popular choice for many homeowners since several years ago. Its classic and timeless affair has made a kitchen in a gray color a safe choice aside from an all-white one.

Even though experimenting with a grey palette can make your kitchen sophisticated and chic, be aware that it may turn to be dull as well. That is why you should know how to do it right before splashing some shades of gray in your kitchen.

Are you curious about how to pull off the look in the right way? Scroll through FeastHome’s 35 inspiring gray kitchen ideas that will excite you to steal the look!

Stunning Gray Kitchen Cabinets and Island

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Introducing a shade of white and gray in your cabinetry will encourage harmony in the kitchen. With a white glam countertop, the gray cabinetry on this kitchen does not look dull and boring. To complete the look, a row of gray and white pendant lights is hung over the island.

Remarkable Ash Gray Wall

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

If you are brave enough to paint your wall in gray, this kitchen may spark a little inspiration. This modern kitchen features ash gray tile walls that look completely striking.

The other elements in this kitchen are also in the shade of gray. Metallic surfaces are also incorporated into the kitchen to pair well with the rest of the palette.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray Kitchen Ideas

If the idea of painting all your walls in gray seems to be overwhelming for you, applying the color on the cabinet would be enough. This kitchen appears timeless with a combination of white and gray on the palette.

Contrasted lower and upper cabinet in this kitchen creates an interesting flair throughout the space. For another twist, a colorful patterned rug is set in the middle of the kitchen.

Mixed Cabinet Styles

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Thanks to the adequate natural light provided by the large window and glass door, both dark and light shades of gray can be applied properly in this kitchen. Meanwhile, a combination of several cabinet styles paired with open shelves lends the kitchen a modern appeal.

Stainless cooking wares are hung and displayed over the stove area, making it easy to grab for a quick meal while adding visual interest in this kitchen.

Lovely Gray and White Kitchen Ideas

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Who doesn’t fall in love with this lovely gray and white kitchen? The white background makes the grey cabinet and island look standout. Not to mention the burst of orange on the pendant lights that adds visual interest in this space.

The subway tile backsplash is employed to bring some patterns on this simple yet elegant kitchen. Thanks to the sunroof, this kitchen has a magnificent stream of natural light to illuminate the space perfectly during the daytime.

Under the Cabinet Lighting

Gray Kitchen

It is no secret that lighting plays a big role in creating a perfect gray kitchen, whether you go for traditional or contemporary style. If you cannot provide immense natural light to brighten up your kitchen, bringing in some different types of lights must be great.

This small kitchen makes a good example with pendant and under the cabinet lighting that provides enough illumination to do some kitchen stuff in the evening.

Statement Lighting

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Do not let your grey-and-white kitchen seems boring by adding a beautiful chandelier over the area. This idea works great in a small kitchen too since statement lighting can draw your attention away.

To avoid wasting your small space, go for a wall-mounted cabinet that is put right under the ceiling as shown in this picture.

Stylish Gray Kitchen with a Twist

Gray Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen has a lot of deep charcoal grey color on it yet still appears interesting. Some ceiling-to-floor cabinets are employed to make the room looks more spacious.

To provide a great spot for the homeowners to entertain their guests, the kitchen island is completed with several bar stools. For a little twist and color, a series of green pendant lights are hung over the island.

Rustic Kitchen in Gray

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

A shade of gray might not be a favorite choice when it comes to the rustic style. However, this kitchen shows that dark gray tones can create a perfect rustic style. To prevent the kitchen appears a bit dull, some sunroofs are added on the ceiling.

Grey and Charcoal Kitchen Design

Gray Kitchen

If you are looking for another way to include grey and charcoal tone in your kitchen, this picture may give some inspiration. With a white ceiling and wall, it is quite easy to bring in grey and charcoal elements in this kitchen.

Striking Patterned Gray Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Complete your gray kitchen with a remarkable patterned backsplash as shown in this picture. You can even expand the pattern to cover up the whole wall for a more personalized touch.

To keep the palette harmonized, opt for a pattern that incorporates two neutral colors like black and white. This way you can keep your kitchen look simple yet striking.

Matching Paint Shades

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

The selected lighter shade of gray on the cabinets is completed with a matching color on the walls, creating a charming, uniformed look. This way, everything is seamlessly blended from one to another, creating an illusion of a more spacious kitchen.

If you have a small space, the technique used in this kitchen will be worth trying. For an additional visual appeal, bring in a vase of bright flowers in your space.

Sleek and Stylish Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Ideas

If the idea of incorporating dark colors scare you, going for softer and lighter shades of gray would be great. This kitchen has shaker units that make the whole room appears sleek and stylish.

When you look at the copper handles, they just become another ‘wow’ factor in this space. Not to mention the metro tiles that help improve the overall look.

A Burst of Forest Green and Gray Cabinets

Gray Kitchen

Even though using a dark gray tone, this kitchen does not look gloomy thanks to the use of forest green backsplash. More interestingly, real greeneries that are displayed on the open shelving system complement the backsplash.

Do not forget the leather handles on the cabinet that offers a genius final addition for a completely premium look.

Gray Kitchen Set Ideas + Bold Yellow Pieces

Gray Kitchen Design

This tiny kitchen shows you the smart way to add bold color in all-gray space. While the cabinet, wall, and floor give all the gray you need, a burst of yellow breakfast nook makes this kitchen seems more interesting.

Expand the burst of yellow in the form of an open shelving unit and other elements on the interior to balance the all-gray style.

Colorful Kitchen Island

Gray Kitchen Design

Just like many other gray kitchens out there, the backdrop of this space is kept white and neutral to let the other colors speak out. Instead of going for both gray cabinets and island, this kitchen comes with a soft yellow island with sleek white countertop.

Teal Kitchen Island

Gray Kitchen Design

If yellow is just not your thing, personalize your gray kitchen with a teal central island as shown in this picture. White the gray color is injected in the form of kitchen appliances and lighting, the teal island completes the visual of this space.

Layer of Gray Colors

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Employing a selection layer of gray shades will help you to speak out your style. This way you can also bring in a unified feel in the space.

The walls and central island are painted in a dark, slate gray. Meanwhile, a softer shade of gray is employed in the cabinetry. Do not forget to add several types of lighting systems to make sure that the kitchen feels airy.

Timeless Checkerboard Floor

Gray Kitchen Design

There is something special and timeless about a checkered floor, especially in this dark gray and white kitchen. Despite its bold geometric pattern, the checkerboard floor looks neutral and versatile, offering an aesthetic appeal in the space.

Soft Gray Cabinetry

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Adding colorful decorative elements on a neutral-colored kitchen is necessary if you want to enliven the space. The soft gray cabinetry in this kitchen is complemented with greeneries and a colorful patterned carpet.

A Bunch of Pastel Accessories

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

For a country touch in your kitchen, try to employ a French grey and combine it with some dissimilar pastel colors like shown above. For the back backdrop, it is recommended to keep the tone identical by matching the color of your flooring, cabinets, and backsplash.

Pink Walls and Gray Units

Gray Kitchen Design

If you love pink and currently looking for a way to incorporate the color in your kitchen interior, this picture should be a great inspiration. None can deny how lovely this kitchen is with pink walls and a few gray units.

Besides, the rosy copper handles and accessories, along with the wooden furniture have helped the kitchen feel more inviting and warm.

A Contrasting Color Backsplash

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

In case going for pink walls seem too much for you, consider incorporating this color as a punchy accent. For instance, you can use the idea of adding a fuchsia pink statement backsplash in this kitchen.

You can go for glass or tiled pink backsplash to add a pop of color in the kitchen. With a neutral white and gray backdrop, this contrasting backsplash would make the whole kitchen keep interesting.

Elegant Brass Details

Gray Kitchen

In a kitchen full of gray color shades, brass details can lend an elegant touch to the overall design. This kitchen makes a perfect example with the subtle use of brass on the edge of its deep grey cabinetry. The brass details not only offer extra glamour but also bring the whole design into another level.

Wood Flooring and Countertops

Gray Kitchen Ideas

While gray is well known for its cool and clinical property, mixing this color with some wood can create a cozy and warm look in your kitchen. In this kitchen, purple-gray units are paired with pale oak countertop and flooring to develop a harmonious effect.

If you want to pull out the look with a darker, charcoal gray, opt for a deeper walnut.

Casual Gray Shelving

Gray Kitchen

You can also steal the look of this kitchen by adding a gray shelving unit on the walls. With a seamless gray unit, even one with rustic style will not make your kitchen look too dark. To lighten up the mood, incorporate metro tiles and sink in bright white.

Bright White Wall

Gray Kitchen Design

Pair your deep grey units with bright white walls like this modern kitchen. To brighten up the scheme, you can go for white units above the worktop and paint the walls in the same shade. As said earlier, a darker walnut will work perfectly with charcoal gray and this kitchen is the proof.

Copper Finishes

Gray Kitchen

Copper is indeed trendy and it helps beautify a pale gray kitchen like this. It introduces the lovely pinky hues and feminizing the whole space. You can try to include copper elements through pans, lighting, and range cooker.

Dramatic Dark Gray Kitchen

Gray Kitchen Ideas

If you want to bring a dramatic affair into the kitchen, go for a dark shade of grey. Opt for this charcoal vignette to lend a classy, sexy flair in the open plan area. Keep the walls and ceiling white to balance the color palette.

Small Kitchen in Gray

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Having a small kitchen does not mean you cannot experiment with a shade of gray in your palette. This kitchen shows that a smaller space can pull out the cool vibe of gray too.

This small kitchen employs an identical dark shade of gray on the cabinetry, stool, lighting, upstand, kickplate, as well as sinks area. Meanwhile, a pale shade of gray is used throughout the rest of the space to make it appear airier.

Grey Kitchen Ideas in Exposed Brick for Industrial Look

Gray Kitchen Design Ideas

Industrial style is still one of the most popular trends in home interior these days. Gray is the most suitable shade to pull out the look in the kitchen since it is close to industrial steel.

You can make it perfect by incorporating exposed brick on one side of the walls. Then, pair the exposed brick wall with urban-styles accessories, such as matt black bar stools and metal pendants.

Rustic French Gray

Gray Kitchen Design

Thanks to its soothing quality, French gray has gained huge popularity among homeowners. Like this kitchen, you can use French gray to create such a relaxing rustic space.

A Hint of Sunshine

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Just like a bit of sunshine that can brighten up a cloudy day, a bright shade of yellow can also enliven a deep gray room. Here, bold yellow tools and decorative pieces are used to add fun and energy in a kitchen that is rich in gray shades.

To match the window frames, the interior door is painted in a dark shade of gray. As a result, a more cohesive look can be achieved in this kitchen.

Pale Gray and Reflective Surfaces

Gray Kitchen Design

This tiny kitchen may have many dark gray units, but a soft gray shade has made this space feels airier. Stainless-steel accessories in the form of kickboards, appliances, and a sink are employed to complement the cabinetry.

The reflective properties offered by these stainless-steel accessories work well in this small kitchen. It shows that gray does not always make your tiny space feel gloomy.

Glossy Gray Cabinetry

Gray Kitchen Ideas

Choosing an accent color to complement a medium gray like this is a bit tricky. However, you can see that this teal works well in the kitchen. The glossy finish of the cabinetry and backsplash creates a clean and modern look.


Is gray a good color for a kitchen?

Yes, as long as it is applied in the right way. Gray is one of the neutral colors that can create such a cool and elegant affair.

How much gray can I use in my kitchen and which shade to opt for?

Your local weather plays a significant role in determining this point. This is mainly because darker grays are not supposed to be applied in poor natural light, considering it may create a gloomy atmosphere.

What color goes best with gray?

You can pair gray with bold colors like yellow, orange, and red to give a bit of cheerfulness.

What colors go with a light gray tone?

For a light gray color, you can mix it with deep navy or fuchsia pink.

How do you decorate a kitchen in gray?

If you go for gray cabinetry, it will look pleasing with stainless-steel appliances. You can also warm up the kitchen with linen or antique-white walls for an inviting atmosphere.

Are gray cabinets going out of style now?

Even though gray is often considered boring and dull, it remains works perfectly for any kitchen. This is because when you do it right, gray tiles, decors, and cabinets can give a striking touch in your kitchen.

Finally, you have discovered some of the best ideas to pull out a gray kitchen in your home. All the above examples should prove that gray would not make your kitchen feel gloomy. Instead, it can be a favorite color to make your kitchen look chic and stylish.

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