Blue Kitchen


After white and gray, a blue kitchen is probably one of the most favorable choices for most homeowners. Blue colors tend to serve calming and classic affair, making them perfect to add color to your kitchen without being too much.

From classic cobalt to contemporary turquoise, you have many choices when it comes to shades of blue. More importantly, all these shades of blue can refresh even the dullest kitchen.

If you are interested in designing your kitchen in blue colors, use FeastHome team’s following ideas to make the most of it.

Mosaic Tile Blue Kitchen Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Ideas

A combination of blue and white tones is well known for its soothing and calm flair. Just like this beautiful kitchen, that offers such a relaxing mood with a blue and white palette.

This breezy kitchen also proves that you do not need too much blue to make the colors work. The palette combines sky blue, aqua, and navy blue to achieve a beach feeling.

Modern Teal Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Design

Teal is a charming color that sits between the green and blue spectrum. Offering modern beauty, this kitchen looks sophisticated with its teal wall.

Wood and gloss black cabinets are there to complement the interior. Meanwhile, a pair of chrome-globe pendant lights becomes a notable decorative piece against the color dense backdrop. Finally, the teal bar stools offer a faultless final change in this kitchen.

Turquoise Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Ideas

This clean-look kitchen is nearly dominated by bright white tones. However, it becomes a lot more interesting thanks to the glossy turquoise tile backsplash. Interestingly, the backsplash expands from the counter to the ceiling to offer a remarkable focal point in the space.

Light Blue Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Who doesn’t fall in love at first sight with this lovely blue kitchen? With an abundance stream of natural light, a selection of greeneries, and light blue cabinets, this kitchen hints the outside world perfectly.

The light blue tile floors not only introduce an appealing pattern in this kitchen but also make a great match for the cabinets. The gold faucet and handles just make this kitchen even more striking.

Unique Pendant Lights

Blue Kitchen

This kitchen comes with blue, black, and white cabinets that all come in glossy surfaces. To complement the look, three pendant lights are hung over the kitchen.

Thanks to the thin copper wireframes, these pendant lights will not steal the stage of the peacock blue cabinets.

Dark Blue Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Who says that only lighter shades of blue can go with a narrow space? This kitchen proves that dark blue tones can also make the most of a small kitchen.

The dark blue cabinets in this kitchen do not make the space feel cramped thanks to the white worktop and walls. Floating shelves for an airier look fill the absence of upper cabinets.

Navy Blue Cabinetry

Blue Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen looks cool and charming with its classic navy blue scheme. The cabinetry is all painted in navy blue while the rest is nearly all white. The pale blue pendant lights are hung over the central island for a twist.

If painting all the cabinetry in blue is a bit overwhelming for your taste, simply go for one focal piece only such as a kitchen island or a dresser. Then, complete the look with a navy backsplash, accessories, or tiles.

A Library of Cookbooks

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Do you have a huge collection of cookbooks? Involve your favorite collections in designing the kitchen. This modern kitchen makes a good example with adequate space to store a broad library of cookbooks.

The wooden framing on the central island has warmed up the blue finish. With an extensive amount of natural light from the glass door and windows, cooking or reading your favorite cookbooks would be enjoyable in this kitchen.

Checkerboard Floor Tiles

Blue Kitchen Ideas

The electric blue cabinets have brightened up this off-white kitchen. With mostly neutral colors involved in the backdrop, the blue cabinets undoubtedly can catch everyone’s attention.

Not to mention, the dark blue and white checkered floor tiles make a striking addition to the cabinets.

Navy Blue Low-Level Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Ideas

If you are interested in dominating your kitchen in navy blue but afraid of making it too overpowering, consider using the color on the low-level cabinetry only. In this kitchen, the low-level navy blue cabinet is paired with white wall-mounted units.

Using two different colors like this allows you to make the most of the selected shades without feeling out of the comfort zone.

Herringbone Tile Backsplashes

Blue Kitchen Design

In a kitchen with a great amount of natural lighting, incorporating dark blue tones will not turn out to be a disaster. This contemporary kitchen is proof that painting most of the elements in dark blue can make a room appear sophisticated too.

The herringbone tile backsplashes add depth and subtle patterns in this kitchen. Wooden floating shelves and a pot of indoor plant is put there for a balance.

Dark Brown Cabinets and Blue Kitchen Appliances

Blue Kitchen Design

If you are remodeling a rustic kitchen with dark brown cabinets, introducing electric blue color in the space must be amazing. Use this kitchen as an inspiration to get started. The bright blue units serve a beautiful contrasting color against the dark brown cabinets.

Ornamental Navy Blue Touches

Blue Kitchen

Your kitchen does not need to have blue cabinets to be qualified as a blue kitchen. Painting the walls in blue and going for complimentary tiles in a similar shade can help to get a chic scheme. More importantly, you do not need to waste a lot of money in the effort of buying new blue cabinets.

Just like this kitchen, the tiles do not have to be identical. Instead, the dissimilar tonal blues used here can add depth to the space.

A Hint of the Beach

Blue Kitchen Design

There is something attractive about the beach: the bright sky, the smooth sand, and the blue ocean. All these things can give peace of mind. Bring in the sense of a breezy, calming beach in your kitchen by blending sky blue and sand colors.

This kitchen can show you how to pull off the look. Sky blue cabinets with white countertops are paired with sandy white ceilings and walls.

Blue Window Frames

Blue Kitchen

Add a hint of blue in your kitchen by framing the windows in the rich navy tones as shown in this picture. The traditional wooden shutters make the window look even better. The central wooden island is painted in a lighter tone of navy blue to match the window.

Natural Materials for Blue Kitchen Island

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Bring the outdoors inside your home by incorporating natural materials into the kitchen. Wooden pieces and indoor plants are included in this navy blue kitchen for this purpose.

A white plank is hung over the central island to hold several plant pots. A pair of pendant lights put beside the board then completes the look.

Bright Blue Light Fittings Decor

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Even though they are small compared to the other elements, the bright blue light fittings in this kitchen are indeed eye-catching. The pale and deep shades of blue employed throughout the kitchen make the bright blue tones on these light fittings stand out.

Vintage Blue Kitchen Island

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

This cornflower kitchen island not only adds a splash of color in the neutral scheme but also hints a vintage flair. Paired with unstained wooden stools, this kitchen island becomes a notable focal point in this kitchen.

Bold Floral Kitchen Curtains

Blue Kitchen Design

In a kitchen that is filled up with baby blue tones like this, just let a bold yellow color from the curtain to play its role. To enliven the space, even more, some yellow pieces are added in this kitchen. To warm up the mood, light brown tiles are used on the floor.

Green Backsplash, Blue Cabinetry

Blue Kitchen Ideas

If you are a fan of something unique, this powder blue kitchen is probably of interest. With a green and white backsplash that has an exposed-brick pattern, the blue cabinets still appear wonderful. The beige central island has a glass top to keep the space feel open.

Glamour Chandelier

Blue Kitchen Design

While navy blue can turn a usual kitchen into something dramatic, an additional touch of chandelier will make the space feel even more amazing. The simple white backdrop keeps this kitchen fresh. Meanwhile, the navy cabinetry just adds depth to the space.

Midnight Blue Pieces

Blue Kitchen

A kitchen that is rich in natural light allows its owner to play with any kind of colors, including the darkest one in the spectrum. Just like this kitchen which is covered with glass walls and ceilings, making it receive an abundant amount of natural light.

Thanks to the circumstance, the midnight blue cabinets, and the central island do not appear dull or gloomy in this kitchen. The bookcase, dining table, and even rug are also in midnight blue.

Counter-to-Ceiling Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Design

Counter-to-ceiling backsplash makes a good choice when you want to expand the effect of this element in your kitchen. The patterned backsplash in this kitchen is applied in the same method to blend flawlessly with the deep blue cabinets.

The clean white countertops and stainless steel fixtures keep the kitchen feels light and fresh. A crystal pendant light is hung over the sink area as a statement piece.

Mixed Patterned Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Design

If you dare enough to paint most of the surfaces in your kitchen in navy blue, incorporating some patterns will bring in another visual interest. Just like this navy blue kitchen, that features mixed patterned backsplash in pastel tones.

Some of the elements in this kitchen are kept with to harmonize the palette and keep it fresh. Some red accents are also added in this kitchen for achieving a retro vibe.

Copper Pendant Lights

Blue Kitchen

Nothing is better than white when it comes to making navy blue stand out in a kitchen. These two colors make a perfect combination for designing a kitchen with a modern country style.

This charming kitchen makes great inspiration for achieving fresh, timeless, and elegant flair in a small space. A series of copper pendant lights then serve a dash of color and shine to the scheme.

Alternative Central Island

Blue Kitchen

Instead of the usual central island, this kitchen features a dining table in the middle of the space. The dark brown dining table not only adds a function to the space but also complements the dark blue cabinet behind it.

The exceptional light fitting in this kitchen is also in dark brown, matching the table as well as the wooden floor below it.

Warm Blue in Rustic Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

The first thing you will notice from this kitchen is how warm and inviting the mood is. The dark blue cabinets with a glossy finish, the wooden stools, and creamy wall paints are all blended well to offer such a welcoming atmosphere.

Teal Accent Wall

Blue Kitchen Design

The pale blue cabinets and island in this kitchen flawlessly blend with the white backdrop. The ceilings and the shiplap-style floors are in all white. Meanwhile, some sides of the walls are painted in deep teal for a contrasting accent.

The patterned rug set near the island also adds a visual appeal in this kitchen, especially thanks to its red and orange pattern.

Light Gray Backsplash

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Sky blue has always been a great pair for light gray tones. Look at this kitchen and you will know why sky blue and light gray make a great pair.

If you were looking for a way to include a blue color in a kitchen, this idea would be appropriate as well. You just need to finish it with some wooden accents to warm up the final look.

Contemporary Blue Country Kitchen

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Navy blue punches the patterned flooring. Completing the patterned blue flooring, cornflower blue, French navy, and white are used in the palette.

Neutral fabrics and wooden accessories are included in this kitchen’s interior to make the mood more inviting. For an airier feel, the wall units are switched with a single white floating shelf.

Colorful Decorative Pieces

Blue Kitchen Design

Combining a shade of blue and gray can help you create such an elegant kitchen. This picture shows you how things can be done to combine a light shade of blue and some gray tones in a kitchen space.

To complete the look, several colorful decorative throw pillows are incorporated in the wide window frames.

Blue and White Kitchen, Clean Backdrop

Blue Kitchen

You do not need to paint your whole kitchen blue to pull off the theme. With a clean white backdrop like this kitchen, you can simply put a navy kitchen island for a bold contrast. Gold handles and light fittings seem prominent too in this space thanks to the neutral white backdrop.

Supporting the idea of making the kitchen feels more open, the pendant light is quite transparent for you to note that there is something hung over the island.

Contrasting Blue Shades

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Going for contrasting shades can help you determine zones in an open-floor area. In this case, the navy blue color hints the kitchen area while the white scheme defines the dining area.

The light gray central island becomes a social station that harmonizes the look. Meanwhile, the hi-gloss finish reflects the light throughout the space, adding a sense of openness.

Glass Kitchen Cabinets

Blue Kitchen Design Ideas

Remember that keeping the navy blue cabinets in the lower level is recommended, especially if you do not want to overpower the space with a dark color. To keep the airy feeling, the navy blue cabinets in this kitchen are paired with wall-mounted glass units.

Statement Wall Rack

Blue Kitchen Design

Make your appliances the decorative darling in the kitchen by mounting several racks on the walls. This way, it would be easier to grab your kitchen appliances when needed as well. Besides, this idea is also perfect to fill up the absence of wall-mounted cabinets in this kitchen.


Is blue a good color for a kitchen?

Yes, blue is another versatile color that works well in every kitchen. Lighter shades of blue can serve a clean, crisp look that makes them recommended to be used for cabinets, walls, and even ceiling.

Are blue kitchens in style today?

Blue kitchens are indeed in trend today considering that many people still after this kitchen color.

Are blue cabinets a good idea for a kitchen?

Depending on the existing color palette, blue cabinets can be a good idea for a kitchen. You can mix and match blue cabinets with various colors in the kitchen. For instance, a deep blue cabinet will work great with marble white countertops.

What color goes with blue tiles in a kitchen?

You can pair blue tiles in a kitchen with uplifting shades like tan, silver, and white.

Does teal and navy blue go together?

As a mixture of green and blue, the teal works well with navy blue. Besides, it can be paired with other colors including cream, pink, as well as gold and brown tones.

To conclude, blue is another versatile color to be applied in any kitchen style. This color can create a crisp and sophisticated look in your kitchen. Therefore, have one of these blue kitchen ideas inspired you to get started?

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