Black Kitchen


Black is probably not the first color you think about when designing a kitchen. However, creating a black kitchen could be a good idea, especially if you dream about a gorgeous space with an extraordinary touch.

It is no secret that white and other brighter colors are more favorable when it comes to a kitchen interior. Nevertheless, incorporating black in your palette is not a crime, as long as you know how to do it right.

Luckily, FeastHome team have put together some of the best black kitchens out there to inspire you. You will want to paint your kitchen in black after seeing these following kitchens. Without further ado, here you go!

Matte Black Kitchen Surfaces

Black Kitchen

This kitchen shows true beauty with its all-black cabinets and island. The matte black finish has added a bold statement in this kitchen. Fluffy black fabrics are incorporated into the design for extra texture.

A chrome black pendant like serves a nice complement for the all-black scheme. For a twist, the black and white checkered pattern is introduced by another piece of fabric.

Light Wooden Cabinets

Black Kitchen Design

The low-level cabinets in this kitchen have a natural light wooden color to contrast the black backsplash and the wall-mounted units. The cabinets come without any handles, offering such simple and clutter-free design in this modern kitchen.

Everything displayed on the worktop is kept minimal to avoid clutters. There is only a single vase of flowers to introduce a splash of green color in the space.

Kitchen Cabinets in Open Shelving Units

Black Kitchen Design

Black cabinets have become a true focal point in this kitchen. The upper-level cabinets are combined with an open shelving system to make this space feel more open.

The open shelves are then used to display small decorative pieces including white teapots, empty glass bottles, and others. The farmhouse white sink steals the attention with its contrasting trait. The backsplash is painted in a concrete gray tone for a balance.

Matte Black Kitchen Countertops

Black Kitchen Design

The matte black counter is paired with unstained wooden cabinets in this kitchen. The dark flooring compliments the design very well, offering the stage for the other elements to shine. The stools and light fitting are also in dark tones to match the black counter.

Black Kitchen Backsplash with Glossy Brick Wall

Black Kitchen Design

Who says a black kitchen cannot be created in a small space? This kitchen should be a great inspiration for those who want to pull off a black scheme in their small kitchen.

With a glossy brick wall backdrop and the black central island, this kitchen looks so elegant. The cabinets are bright white to minimize the use of dark tones in this kitchen. The patterned black and white rug in this space makes the interior perfect.

Appealing Abstract Backdrop

Black Kitchen Design

The abstract backdrop appears striking between the simple black cabinets. The white sketches on this dark backsplash serve a notable visual interest throughout the kitchen.

A wooden dining table along with several matte black kitchen chairs replaces the central island. The herringbone floorboards give color and extra patterns in this kitchen.

Patterned Black Countertops

Black Kitchen Ideas

Black has been the hottest trend in the kitchen interior nowadays. With its bold color tone, black can make even the simplest kitchen look elegant and sophisticated.

Just look at this kitchen for proof. This kitchen features patterned black countertops and backsplash that keep the rest of the design tempting. Dark brown accents are added through the island surface and stools to warm up the scheme.

All Black Kitchen Schemes

Black Kitchen Design

This kitchen shows everyone that going all dark in a room is not impossible. It proves that a combination of black cabinetry and deep gray can make a kitchen look dramatic.

Some natural materials are included in the design through some indoor plants and decorative wooden pieces.

Black Kitchen Granite Worktop

Black Kitchen

None can avoid the welcoming atmosphere of this kitchen. Combining black and beige colors has made this kitchen looks so warm and inviting.

The beige island comes with black granite worktop to match the cabinets behind it. While the cabinets are all black, the countertop is in the color of beige to achieve a sense of balance.

Wall-mounted Cabinetry

Black Kitchen Design

In a spacious kitchen with an abundance stream of natural lighting, incorporating black cabinetry will not be difficult. This kitchen makes a great example with its black cabinets and island.

For additional storage, this kitchen offers wall-mounted cabinets that can keep this space feel airy despite the extra storeroom offered.

Black and White Textures

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

White is indeed a true companion for black in any interior palette. This kitchen is one of those that combine black and white in its color palette.

The cabinets and island is all black. Meanwhile, the ceilings and backsplash are in white. The eye-catching part of this interior will be the lighting that gives a beautiful industrial look.

Shiny White Countertops

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

In a kitchen where all the cabinets are painted in black, incorporating shiny white countertops would be a great option. Keep the wall-mounted cabinets minimal and switch them with a single open shelving unit make a nice idea as well.

For a splash of color, you can add a centerpiece that has a bold orange color. Storing some cookbooks with colorful covers on the open shelves could help too.

Exposed Brick Wall

Black Kitchen Design

The glossy black cabinets in this kitchen are paired with an exposed brick wall to create classical beauty. The ceilings and floors are kept in neutral bright tone to give the spotlight to the black cabinets.

Some gold pendant lights are hung over the long central island. Several pots of flowers are also added to the kitchen to hint natural beauty.

White Central Island

Black Kitchen

In the middle of the dark scheme, a white central island is added to harmonize the color palette. All wooden materials in this kitchen are painted in black while the rest is white.

The dark floors make the white central island, even more, stand out. To make sure it does not feel cramped, different types of lighting are installed in this kitchen.

Traditional Flair

Black Kitchen Ideas

This kitchen is rich in black cabinets. However, it does not feel gloomy thanks to enough dose of white infused to the scheme. Except for the exposed brick backsplash in the stove area, the other surfaces are painted white.

The vintage chandelier is also in black, serving a remarkable existence in front of the bright white backdrop.

Quantum Quartz Worktop

Black Kitchen Ideas

Among the matte black cabinetry, the hi-gloss quantum quartz worktops make this kitchen look stunning. While the interior is kept minimalist to give the black cabinetry the spotlight, the hidden lighting installed under the wall-mounted cabinet just shows which the focal point is in this kitchen.

Gold Faucets and Accents

Black Kitchen Design

This black kitchen is brought to the next level with gold faucets and accents. Gold accents have become a huge trend in kitchen interior, especially thanks to its ability to give a classy touch in the scheme.

The greenery set on the worktop is also notable considering its size and bright color. Some fruits put over the counter also help to splash beautiful colors in this dark kitchen.

Extraordinary Pan Rack and Lighting

Black Kitchen Ideas

Navy blues, moody grays, and classic whites typically dominate the kitchen interiors out there. However, more and more homeowners prefer to go for a more dramatic and daring style with black.

This kitchen is a perfect example where nearly everything is painted black. The extraordinary pan rack completes the dramatic style and lighting that is hung over the central island.

Bright Blue Appliances

Black Kitchen

The bright blue appliance stands out the most in this small kitchen. While the cabinets and countertops are all in black, the blue color just introduces an eye-catching contrast.

The neutral off-white color is used on the walls and floors to keep this narrow space feel more open and airy.

Speckled White Floors

Black Kitchen

This kitchen displays black beauty perfectly. With a white speckled floor, central island, and wall, this kitchen looks so cool and elegant. Rounded black lamps are hung over the central island while a monochromatic piece binds it all together.

Clean Black Kitchen Panels

Black Kitchen

A simplistic look is what many people love about a black kitchen. Here, clean black panels serve a visual appeal along with a potted plant and wooden knife holder. The adjoined dining area lends a bright red tone that livens up this dark kitchen.

Sexy Black Kitchen Cabinets Ideas

Black Kitchen

The combination of bold black cabinets and shiny countertops make this kitchen serves elegance and sophistication. Instead of using an identical style, the wall-mounted cabinet comes with glass doors for a more open feeling.

Metallic Matte Kitchen Design

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

In this metallic matte kitchen, you can see that textures play its role to break the light and bright space. The big panels bring in an attractive character to this simple kitchen. A single floating shelf is incorporated into the space to home some decorative pieces.

Stainless Steel Handles in Black Kitchen Cabinets

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Black cabinets with stainless steel handles make a great addition to any modern kitchen. To complete the look, light gray countertop and stainless steel sink are incorporated into the space.

You can also see a blackboard beside the cooking hood that complements the space with its black tone. Moreover, the blackboard can be used as a decorative piece with some to-do-list written on it.

Black Kitchen Table in Wonderful Stream of Light

Black Kitchen

Incorporating natural light more in a black scheme is a good way to make the room does not feel dark at all. In this kitchen, huge-panel windows, light flooring, and natural shelving stand interconnect black cabinetry, fixtures, island, and stools.

Black Kitchen Island and Copper Cooking Hood

Black Kitchen Design

Are you looking for a way to add another color in a black kitchen? While most black kitchens are combined with white and gray, you can make your space different by introducing a copper cooking hood. Complete the look by including your copper appliances in the interior too.

Warmer-Looking Kitchen

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

Make the move to some shades of brown to make your kitchen look warm. Just like this kitchen, the lighter shades of the brown match with the black cabinetry. Meanwhile, the floor is in a combination of the two colors for a balance.

Black and Gray Scheme

Black Kitchen Ideas

Gray is the closest shade to black in the color spectrum. Pairing these two colors along with white has always been a good choice for many homeowners. This kitchen is one of those spaces with a combination of black, shades of gray, and white.

The black is infused on the cabinet and pendant lights. Meanwhile, the island and cupboard are in a medium shade of gray. On the other hand, the ceiling and wall are white to tie the scheme altogether.

Kitchen with Black Appliances: Personalized Pantry

Black Kitchen

Include a practical pantry in your kitchen design by creating a recessed open-shelving unit like shown in this picture. Complete the personalized pantry with enough illumination so that you can easily grab what necessary.

The colorful packages of your foods and beverages will add color to the dark kitchen scheme. This way, you can keep the decoration pieces minimal on other surfaces.

Inner Bronze Hanging Lights

Black Kitchen

This monochromatic kitchen features a trio of black hanging lights with bronze inner. The white central island comes with matte black worktop. The randomly cut black rug introduces additional texture without distracting the monochrome scheme.

Scandinavian Dark Kitchen

Black Kitchen

Infuse black color tones in your Scandinavian kitchen for another touch of beauty and elegance. The wooden cabinetry in this kitchen offers a spot for the black countertop and the charcoal brick walls to stand out.

The white wall makes this kitchen interior connects flawlessly with another room. Meanwhile, the metal handles hint for simplicity in this kitchen.

Patterned Ceiling

Black Kitchen Ideas

The patterned ceiling in this kitchen deserves your attention since it provides an exceptional touch to the space. For extra texture, the counter-to-ceiling backsplash features white subway tiles.

For a pop of color, bronze wall sconces are installed in this kitchen. Blue and white pots are also included in the design to enliven the neutral tone of this kitchen.

Orange Panel

Black Kitchen Design

A pop of orange magnifies warm tones in this kitchen. The black cabinetry is complemented by the coffee-colored island and stools. Meanwhile, the wooden panels set next to the coffee-brick wall can stimulate hunger and thirst.

Reflective Black Kitchen Backsplash

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

While the cabinets are in matte black finish, the backsplash is reflective. The hi-gloss black backsplash appears like a mirror that can reflect the light for an airier feeling.

Along with the wonderful amount of natural light streaming through this kitchen, the backsplash helps the black cabinets not to feel gloomy at all.

Black and Wood Creation

Black Kitchen Ideas

Let the black and wood creation in this kitchen do the talking. This small kitchen features a cabinet that homes adequate space for storing appliances and displaying attention-grabbing accessories.

The wood-looking flooring and wall match the wooden panel used as the backsplash. Some bronze pots are included in the design for a splash of color.

Black Kitchen Ideas with White Typography

Black Kitchen Design Ideas

This small kitchen features a black wall that is completed by white typography. A bicycle is added as an extraordinary decorative piece in this kitchen. While the wall and backsplash are in black, the cabinet is in a white glossy finish to match the ceiling.


What is exactly a black kitchen anyway?

This kitchen is mostly colored black. From backsplashes to cabinets, there are countless ways to work with shades of black in a kitchen.

Are black cabinets still in style today?

Kitchen cabinets that come in black color are incredibly stylish. For those suffering from too much white in the kitchen, considering black cabinetry could be a great choice. Somehow offering more glam feeling than plain white, black cabinets can always be the right choice.

Are dark cabinets out of style this year?

Matte dark stone countertops that are paired with dark-toned cabinets are in trend this year. Thus, you do not need to be afraid of using dark cabinets since they are not out of style nowadays.

Will black cabinets make my kitchen look smaller?

Dark colors will probably dominate a room and make it seem smaller. However, when it is applied properly, dark cabinetry can serve a nice accent even in a small kitchen.

Should kitchen cabinets be darker than walls?

It depends. If the walls are off-white or plain white, you will love to go for a cabinet with a darker color and otherwise.

What color walls go with black kitchen cabinets?

Generally, dark cabinets can add a sophisticated touch in your interior when being paired with red or blue walls as well as yellow accents. However, painting the walls in dark tones will work too, especially if your kitchen has a wonderful stream of natural light.

To conclude, adding a touch of black in your kitchen can make the whole scheme sophisticated and elegant. You do not have to make it super monochrome or modern, just tiny fine black lined additions will work too.

If you are interested in this kitchen trend and want to go for a more mysterious color scheme, just try one of these black kitchen ideas. Happy decorating!

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