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Based on an Irish proverb, long sleep is one of the best cures in the doctor’s book.  You only achieve a good and long sleep with the perfect bed mattress.  The preferences that each person has gone to varying degrees and this also covers our choices in beds and bed mattresses. While it’s seen as a cure, it’s also an important factor in starting off an amazing day or rounding off a bad day. Comfortable and relaxing sleep is the product of a good mattress.

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Mattresses that have memory foam can be the answer to your need for support and comfort.  They mold to every contour of your body in that they know you.  The individual cells of the mattresses hug the shape of your body providing you with exceptional support. Memory foam makes pressure relief possible while you’re sleeping.  With the right kind of support, you can take care of the condition of your back too.

Finding a good mattress starts by browsing through the different pages on our website as we give you the most comprehensive reviews on the different types, brands, size, and price of bed mattresses. This is truly a website that caters to your one-stop needs and everything that you need to know about mattresses.

Depending on the bed that you have been it a divan or bedstead, and no matter what size, single, double, queen or king, the mattresses that are provided here feature ones that come with innovation and technology such as memory foam, Miracoli, and Miratex.  Working for both comfort and support, you can have mattresses that have the open spring or the pocket spring.

Types of Mattresses:

  • Pocket spring mattresses give support to your body by working independently of each other.  It gives you extra support where your body really needs it.  You can purchase a mattress with 600 pocket springs or 800 pocket springs.  Memory foam can also be put into the mattress to work with the pocket springs to give you a good night’s sleep.
  • Open spring mattresses have your comfort as its priority.  The coil springs are linked together so that they move when you move and with them working as one in perfect unison to your body, you’re indulged with a perfect night’s sleep.  You can choose from a wide range of firmness.  You might like one infirm or medium-firm and there are also mattresses that have hypoallergenic fillings to help you sleep better through the night.
  • With Miracoli, it gives you zoned support that works on your back and gives you pressure relief for a peaceful and undisturbed sleep.  It also has the features of being a hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite.

This website aims not only to help you get value for your money that you will be spending on bed mattresses but it also aims to help you get that good night sleep by providing you all the information that you need with regards to bed mattresses.

10 of The Most Popular Mattress Brands

1. Aero

The Aero bed is a mattress that is filled with air. The innovative ways and the strong point of using Aero mattress are how quickly it is to deflate (15 seconds) and inflate (less than 60 seconds). This is why many consider it as their second bed as it is portable and allows you to dream anywhere.

History of Aerobed

It was 1992 when the original Aerobed was created and patented. From 1992-1997, it is only available in TV home shopping and mail-orders catalogs. After the success of infomercial in 1998, it gained wide distribution at specialty stores and major department stores but you can still order through TV home shopping and mail-order catalog.

Benefits and Uses of Aero mattress

The aero bed is compact, lightweight and easy to carry, it is very portable that you can bring it anywhere you go; on your travel, picnic, sleepovers, camping, and hiking. It is best if you have little room for storage since you can deflate it when not in use; you can offer it to your visitors or guests and gives them the comfort of sleeping away from home. It is very handy especially if you are moving or renovating, you can have a good night sleep anywhere.

Aero Mattress Collection

* Aero Sport Inflatable Mattress Camping Aerobeds
* Aerosport air mattress
* Aerobed Classic Air Mattresses
* Aerobed Premier Pillowtop
* Raised Aerobeds
* AeroBed Premier Classic with Comfort Zone Coils
* Aerobed for Kids


It is so easy to use, just take it out from the case or bag, to inflate just plug in the motor and lastly, adjust the firmness for your desired comfort. It gives you comfort and convenience and quality product. It also fits the standard size of bed sheets. They have a wide variety of aero bed that you can choose from; it differs in size, features, uses, and price.

2. Beautyrest

Beautyrest mattress is Simmons flagship brand. It was in 1925 when they introduced the product and became the favorite of celebrity, fashion, and glamour. Famous people praised the quality of the pocketed coil springs and quality of sleep experience that comes with every mattress. It is a product of 85 years of innovation.

Why choose a Beautyrest mattress?

* Ultimate undisturbed sleep – It has super pocketed coil springs (patented no flip) that adjust with weight and shape your body. It provides undisturbed sleep because there is no chain reaction of any movement you make, either you turn or move, the sleeping partner will not be disturbed.

* Motion separation – the pocketed coils are not joined together, neither at the top nor at the bottom so it minimizes the transfer of motion your sleeping partner.

* Conformability – wrapped in soft and strong fabric. The cushion they use is either visco-memory foam or natural latex foam that provides comfort and support.

Beautyrest mattress collection

* The Beautyrest Classic – it has enhanced motion separation and contours to your body shape. Used luxury fabrics for a sophisticated look. Gives maximum comfort and support.
* The Beautyrest Anniversary – it provides a higher level of comfort, support and motion separation. It has supports bases that add to the stability of patented no-flip constructions.
* The Beautyrest World Class – Refined motion separation. Harmonizing comfort and support because of foam quilting.
* The Beautyrest Exceptionale – it provides ultimate support and conformability and the highest level of motion separation. Features three inches of high-density foam.
* The Beautyrest NXG series – features a quantum lock for maximum durability and sleeping surface. Uses advanced NXG memory foam or both latex and memory foam for superior heat dissipation, consistent comfort, and quicker recovery.

It has been used for so many generations, many testimonies, and reviews that can attest that Beautyrest mattress is a good choice.


For over forty years, Intex Mattress is available in the market to give quality, service and affordable products. Intex products have a wide variety, it does not only produce airbed but also above ground, swimming pools, inflatable toys, lake boats and pool, and saltwater pool systems as well as bed mattresses that is filled with air.

Why choose Intex mattress?

* It is compact for easy storage and travel.
* It is lightweight but made of solid and durable materials.
* It is available in conventional mattress sizes so standard bed sheets can be used.
* Inflates bed in about two minutes and deflates bed for about four minutes using built-in AC pump.
* It provides bed-like comfort and more resistant than a regular bed.
* It is designed for high quality, reliability, and comfort with innovative designs at affordable price.
* It reduces pressure points, provides support and gives you good night sleep.
* Some models have a remote control so you can easily adjust the firmness.

Intex mattress collections

* Intex Camping Airbeds – designed for your adventures, so you can bring your bed anywhere, it is easy to inflate using a pump and no power required. Engineered for comfort and durability. Collections are Camping Mats, Wave Camping Mats, Prestige Downy, Downy Beds, Comfort-top and Super Tough.
* Intex Home Airbeds – starts with flocked bed and now, they offer raised bed with memory foam. Collections are Classic Downy, 2 in 1, Comfort-Top, Pillowrest, Deluxe Pillowrest, Raised Downy, Comfort Bed, Raised Comfort-Top Bed, Airflow, Foam Top, Comfort Frame, and Deluxe Frame.

Uses of Intex mattress

It is portable so you can bring it anytime and anywhere you want. It will not add up to your space because you can deflate, fold and keep it when not in use. You can offer it to your guest and visitors for your slumber party or sleepovers.

3. King Koil

King Koil is one of the oldest mattress manufacturers in the US; it started since 1898 and was founded by Samuel Bronstein in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They have the World’s best selling chiropractic bed and the only mattress company that is endorsed by Chiropractor Group (FCER founded in 1944).

Why choose King Koil mattress?

King Koil mattress will give you comfort and support at a very reasonable price. It may not give you the best quality of mattress but it will give you the solution to your problems, giving you a good night sleep and peace of mind for not spending too much. King Koil has been in the market for over 110 years, proven that they offer quality products at exceptional value.

King Koil is known for making the finest quality mattress, using the newest materials, beautiful designs and latest fabrication method. They have a wide variety of collections that cater to each sleeper’s needs and wants.

King Koil mattress collections

* King Koil Spine Support – provides a perfect balance of support and comfort.
* King Koil Perfect Contour – popular choice uses a dual-gauge spring and combination of latex and memory foam that gives incomparable comfort and support that other brand cannot match it.
* King Koil Perfect Contour Elite – same features of King Koil Perfect Contour but added more touch by using finest fabrics. Combination of latex foam and memory foam in one mattress. Your luxury mattress without splurging.
* King Koil Perfect Contour Extraordinaire – it is the best innerspring mattress of King Koil.
* King Koil Natural Elegance – uses the edge to edge Talalay latex that offers perfect support.
* King Koil Kool Kids – not only for adults but for kids too.
* King Koil Extended Life – designed for the plus-sized individual.

Other collections are Laura Ashley, King Koil Comfort Sensations Elite and King Koil Luxury Escapes.

4. Restonic

In 1938, Triple Cushion Corporation was founded and became Restonic in 1946. It is known for their “innerspring mattress” and their collections line is called Comfort Care.

Why choose Restonic Mattress?

The Restonic mattress is promoting their “Marvelous Middle Technology”, putting more coils at the center of the mattress that gives more back support. They also use “Super Edge Technology” for a firmer edge. “Spiralok Technology” is used to minimize motion transfer.

Restonic is not famous as Simmons, Sealy and Serta brands but they do have more variety of mattresses compared to other brands. They also belong to one of the top ten US mattress companies. Their primary focus is on their quality so they can deliver a good mattress that you can sleep on peacefully. It is a very affordable mattress.

Levels of Firmness

They have innerspring, foam, visco-elastic, magnetic and air mattresses. You can also choose from their three levels of firmness which is

* Firm
* Plush
* Eoru-top.

Restonic mattress collections

* Comfort Care – boasting for using three different technologies in one mattress, the Marvelous Middle, Spiralok and Super Edge.
* Grand Palais – Aside from the coils, this mattress promotes posturized zoning and super edge plus.
* Healthrest – Have three unique products that you can choose from

1. Magnetic – “Restorative sleep” – medically proven that you will have comfortable days and nights because it relieves pain and improves blood circulation. It is proven safe and non toxic.
2. Memory Foam – “outlast technology” that gives unique conformability because it absorbs heat and maintains balanced temperature. Creating more breathable and cooler surface.
3. Latex- “eco-friendly” made of rubber sap tree so it is renewable and sustainable. It is hypoallergenic and anti-microbial mattress. Relief pressure points because it conforms to your body shape and reduces tossing and turning.

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Restonic mattress is your best option if you are looking for a good quality and affordable mattress.

5. Sealy

Every people have a simple wish, and it is to have a better sleep. The Sealy mattress mission is to help the world to sleep better. It is the reason why they invest in their research and development than any manufacturers of the mattress.

History of Sealy

It was in 1881 at Sealy Texas when Daniel Haynes started making cotton-filled mattresses for his neighbors and friends. In 1889, he patented an invention, the machine that compresses cotton that he used in his mattress and fifteen years later, he sold his patents to Earl Edwards. Sealy continued their quest to provide the world a better sleep. Today, Sealy owns and operates twenty-five bedding plants in the country (US). They became number one in the market for three decades.

Why choose a Sealy Mattress?

Sealy mattresses are designed to last for so many years. Its collection varies in size, price and comfort levels. They offer budget-priced mattresses that undergo quality and durability testing. You can select the features that best suit you; it depends on the level of comfort, support, and durability that you need. It offers relief on your sleep problems, it will eliminate tossing, turning, and reduce pressure points. It also provides comfort and support.

Sealy Mattress collections

* Sealy Posturepedic – (the science behind great sleep) it is scientifically tested and it really gives maximum comfort by removing uncomfortable pressure points. Collections are Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Ortho.
* Sealy True Form – a combination of memory foam and traditional Posturepedic mattress. Its material is temperature-sensitive so it will not be too hot or not too cold. It spreads the weight evenly so it has back support.
* Sealy PurEmbrace – use the technology of smart latex that relieves pressure to eliminate flipping and rotating. Collections are Winter Grove, Autumn Garden, Atlantic Cedar, Bethany orchard, jasmine River and Angelica falls.

6. Serta

In 1931, 13 manufacturers joined forces to compete with other mattress manufacturers. Serta became their licensed name and now they are the second largest mattress brand in the US after Sealy Corporation.

Perfect sleeper is their flagship mattress. It introduced the first tuftless mattress, patented Continuous Support Innerspring, Comfort Quilt, Quad bed frame, and Sensifiber. Today, Serta is one of the most trusted and recognized brands. Latex and Inner springs are the two major types of mattress that they offer.

Why Choose A Serta Mattress?

Serta mattress will stop you from counting sheep every night just to sleep. Choose Serta so you will have a sound sleep and wake up in a good mood. Serta has a variety of collection that you can choose from, it varies on size, price, style, designs and comfort, and support levels. Its products are also used in the lodging industry so we know that it is a high-quality mattress with innovative features.

Serta mattress collections

* The Serta Perfect Sleeper – their leading and well-known mattress. Features comfort quilt (provide support that reduces tossing and turning) and continuous support innerspring (provides proper alignment of the body).
* Vera Wang by Serta – it is named after Vera Wang the world-renowned fashion designer. This collection has a deep appreciation for details and styles while providing maximum comfort and support.
* Vera Wang by Serta Specialty Collection – an all-foam mattress
* Perfect Day by Serta – a combination of cool natural latex foam and advanced comfort quilt.
* Sertapedic – provides superior comfort because of comfort foams and fibers.
* Trump Home by Serta – it is named after Donald Trump. This collection allows you to feel rich without spending much.
* Pure Response by Serta –a collection of Talalay latex mattress. Features anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.
* True response by Serta – a combination of visco-elastic foam and smart fabric technology.

7. Simmons

Zalmon G. Simmons was the founder of Simmons mattress; he started the business in 1870 at Kenosha Wisconsin. Simmons is a major manufacturer of bedding products. For over 125 years in the business and one of the US oldest companies. Beautyrest mattress is their flagship brand.

Simmons Mattress Collection

* In 1925, Beautyrest collection was introduced. Models are Classic, Anniversary, World Class, Exceptional and NXG series.
* In 2006 Beautyrest Black was introduced and it is their luxury collection, it has a firm, plush, pillow top and plush pillow top.
* In 2006, Natural latex was introduced in the market; it is made of rubber tree milk sap so it is highly resilient and durable. A product that is made to last, 20 years limited warranty so you will have peace of mind. It is soft and supportive. Three models are (1.) Latex model one (2.) Latex model two (3.) All Latex model three.
* In 2007, ComforPedic was released in the market; it is designed with advanced features, (1.) to dissipate heat quickly (2.) Give you a quick recovery (3.) provides you with consistent comfort. Models are Comforpedic loft, Original, Nassau, Natural, Mystere, Nuvo, Ariana and Capri.
* Simmons Kids – Slumber time and Beautyrest beginnings, available for kids and teens.

The Belief of Simmons

Simmons mattresses are tried and tested for many generations. They serve as a key supplier of mattresses to several world’s leading hotel groups, resorts properties, and casinos. It is also available in the market, for more than 11,700 furniture shop, specialty shop, and department stores and through the internet.

They believe that having a good sleep will also affect the quality of your life so they have developed and introduced new products that will help you in achieving quality sleep. There are several collections that you can choose from according to your needs and wants. Choose wisely and sleep well.

8. Stearns & Foster

Stearns and Foster’s mattress is well-known as the first manufacturer of the luxury mattress in America. It was in the mid-1800s when Seth Foster and G. S. Stearns built high-end horse carriage upholstery because of their passion for luxury and keen into details and rest is history.

Every Stearns and Foster mattress is built by certified craftsmen and most experience workers to ensure perfection and high standard. They are very detailed minded so it takes time to make a single mattress because everything from the hand-tufted finish, handles, embroidery, and peek-a-boo fabric are made by hand. It only used the finest materials like Mongolian horsehair, silk, cashmere, and wools. It is made to last.

Stearns and Foster Mattress Collections

* Stearns and Foster Traditional – it has a unique sense of style and elegance, you can choose from rich caramel hue and rich mocha hue. Features VRT (variable Response Technology) that provides soft with resilient responsiveness. Innerspring gives maximum comfort and support, the key ingredient for your luxurious sleep experience.

* Stearns and Foster Limited Edition Silver Dream – if you care to dream big, try this mattress that has the luxury and fine details on an unparallel level. Uses finest materials like New Zealand Joma wool, cashmere-infused woven fabric, hand tufted-finish, cotton/wool blend and natural latex that brings supple support, pressure –relieving comfort and stylish designs.

* Stearns and Foster Limited Edition Golden Elegance – Taking the height of higher luxury. Giving you extraordinary comfort-filled sleep Use patented innerspring coil, New Zealand Joma wool, three inches natural latex, white cashmere, and white wool blend, cashmere, silk, and merino wool-infused woven fabric, horsehair, hand-tufted finish that is only found in golden elegance collection. Bringing you unbelievable good night sleep because of the highest level of comfort and support.

9. Tempurpedic

This was a breakthrough of Chiharu Kubokawa and Charles A. Yost when they need to improve aircraft cushions safety. It was developed and improved to release to the public. And the rest is history. Tempurpedic is the only mattress and pillow manufacturer that is recognized by NASA and the Space Foundation.

What Makes Tempurpedic Mattresses

There are several manufacturers that produce visco-elastic foam or memory foam but only Tempurpedic mattress uses temper material; features unique cellular structure that is the result of almost a decade of research to perfect the Tempur material as the extreme sleep surface. It uses patented construction of multiple beds of temper material with various base materials which provide a balance of pressure, comfort, and therapeutic support.

The Different Layers of Tempurpedic

1. Tempur Comfort Layer – a top layer that reacts to body temperature and weight.
2. Tempur Support layer – absorbs and spreads body weight and support the spine in perfect alignment.
3. AirFlow System Base Layer – serves as a supportive base for the Tempur element. Increases the air flow to maximize comfort and responsiveness.

What is Tempur?

Tempur material is temperature and weight sensitive and contours to your body shape while supporting your alignment. It absorbs energy and lessens the pressure that minimizes the reaction when you move or your sleep partners move or turn. It reduces pressure points and ensures a good night sleep. It is built to last, no need to flip, turn or rotate. Twenty years of limited warranty.

Tempurpedic Mattress Collection

* Tempur Collection – Celebrity bed, BellaFina bed, Deluxe bed, Advantage bed, and Original bed,
* Tempur HD Collection – Grand bed, Allura bed, and Rhapsody bed
* Tempur-Cloud Collection – Tempur-Cloud Supreme and Tempur-Cloud.

Not only NASA and Space Foundation recognized Tempurpedic mattress but it also earned Good housekeeping seal, awarded a Consumers Digest “best buy” and Ease of Use Commendation. It is a mattress with the highest quality.

10. Visco

Visco mattress or memory mattress creates a feel like water that relieves pressure points, relieves spinal discomfort and reduces back pain. It is a balance of comfort and support. It conforms to your body shape and reacts to your body temperature when the pressure has been removed, it returns to its original surface.

Memory foam was developed and recognized by NASA and Space Foundation. Euromax base foam provides durability. It features removable and washable Coolmax cover. No need to flip and rotate the mattress. The is the ideal bed or mattress for adjustable beds because it avoids metal fatigue and bunching.

Royal Sleep Memory Foam Pillow Top Mattress

* The best seller of Royal sleep is memory foam mattress;
* it has high resiliency, 3 inches and 4 pounds visco-elastic foam for superior comfort and correct body alignment.
* It has super soft foam at affordable price compare to Tempur-Pedic, so you will save a lot.
* Temperature and weight sensitive absorb and distribute body weight.

Comfort Form Box Top Visco Memory Foam Mattress

* It is plush luxury bedding because all of the benefits of memory foam combined into a plush for you to enjoy the cozy feel.
* It improves blood circulation and helps painful joints. It is made to last.

Med-Care Visco-Care

* Visco mattress offers this product to give you the pure experience of memory foam.
* It uses Unique Memory Foam Formulation of 3? of 5.3 lb and 5? of 2.0 lb. HR base foam.
* It uses removable and washable Coolmax. Coolmax is used as a bed cover to improve breathability compared to cotton.
* Controls body temperature and moisture to keep you dry.
* Sweat can evaporate quickly. It has resistance to shrinking, fading, and wrinkling.

These three mattresses will provide you comfort, support, and a good night sleep at a reasonable price. No more tossing and turning.

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