About Us

The House and Tech help you make a better home of your house by providing up-to-date, easy to understand, reviews, guides, and roundups.

How Do We Make Money?

Running a website such as this is much more expensive and time-consuming than most people realize. Therefore, we do need to make money in some way to sustain ourselves. To this end – when we link out to a product on a marketplace – we use an affiliate link. An affiliate link costs you – as the reader – nothing, but we earn a small percentage of the selling price.

You’ll notice we’re very transparent about how we make money:

  • We have a disclaimer about this at the start of each article.
  • We have a whole page dedicated to just this.
  • We have another notice in our footer.
  • All our affiliate links use one of the standard Amazon URLs, we don’t cloak anything to hide the fact that we use affiliate links.

Who Are We?

We have a team of experienced writers – and homeowners – who write for us on a regular basis. Our writers can be found scattered across the globe, from South Africa to the UK.

Feel free to Contact Us if you need more information about our company.

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