Full Size Freezerless Refrigerator and Options

The Best Freezerless Refrigerators

A freezerless refrigerator is a perfect choice for those who prioritize fresh food and don’t require yet another freezer compartment. While most people opt for combo units that offer both freezing and refrigeration capabilities, there are several compelling reasons to consider the best freezerless refrigerators on the market.

This article will explore these reasons, provide insights on what to keep an eye out for when purchasing a freezerless refrigerator, answer some frequently asked questions, and review our top picks.

With a full house, we know firsthand how important it is to have a kickass kitchen that meets all your needs. So, let me introduce you to the value add of a freezerless refrigerator. It is a game-changer!

Here’s why you should consider getting one:

More Space for Keeping Your Food Fresh:

Picture this—tons of room for all your fresh food items without that pesky freezer taking up precious real estate. A freezerless refrigerator gives you the space to keep your fruits, veggies, beverages, and meal ingredients organized and easily accessible. No more squishing things together or struggling to find space for your favorite goodies!

Customize to Your Heart’s Content:

One of the coolest things about a freezerless refrigerator is its flexibility. If you have a separate freezer or prefer to buy frozen items in smaller quantities, this is the fridge for you. You can design your kitchen setup exactly how you want it, tailoring it to your unique needs and maximizing space for fresh food storage. We’re all about making your home life easier at Houseandtech.

Streamline Your Kitchen Routine: 

Say goodbye to the hassle of defrosting and managing that freezer section. With a freezerless refrigerator, you’re simplifying your kitchen routine and freeing up valuable time and energy. Focus on what matters, like cooking delicious meals, spending quality time with your loved ones, and creating an inviting home atmosphere. Who needs the freezer drama anyway?

Save Energy and Money: 

Here’s a little secret: freezers consume more energy than the refrigerator compartment. Going freezerless can reduce energy consumption and save some serious cash on your power bills. Your fridge can do what it does best—keeping your fresh food perfectly chilled—without worrying about powering a freezer. It’s a win-win situation!

Hello, Sleek and Modern Vibes: 

Let’s remember style! A freezerless refrigerator adds a touch of modern flair to your kitchen. Clean lines and a minimalist design seamlessly blend with any kitchen style you fancy. It gives your kitchen a fresh, contemporary look. It is a functional and practical space for storing fresh goodies.

If you’re ready to upgrade your kitchen game, an additional fridge as a freezerless refrigerator is the way to go. It offers you more space and customization options. It’s a total win in our book!

The 5 Best Feezerless Refrigerators:

1. The Full Size Whirlpool Freezerless Refrigerator: Best Value for Money

freezerless refrigerators
Whirlpool 17.78 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator in White
You'll have plenty of room to store all your favorites inside this Whirlpool 18 cu. ft. ENERGY STAR certified all refrigerator. Choose the ideal temperature for whatever foods you're storing with convenient electronic temperature controls and humidity-controlled crispers. If you need more storage space, this is the refrigerator for you. Color: White.
Full size whirlpool freezerless refrigerator
Dimensions66.25 x 30.25 x 31.25 inches
Weight211 pounds
Capacity17.7 Cubic Feet
ColorStainless Steel Look

Let’s talk about the design. First off, this is a full-size freezerless refrigerator. The monochromatic stainless steel finish gives it a sleek, modern look that effortlessly blends into any kitchen decor. It’s one of those appliances that instantly catches your eye and adds a touch of sophistication to the space. The size is just perfect, providing ample storage without overwhelming the room.

Regarding functionality, this refrigerator doesn’t disappoint with a spacious 17.7 cu. Ft. capacity gives you enough room to store all your fresh food essentials. The interior layout is well-thought-out, featuring adjustable shelves and door bins, allowing you to arrange the storage space to your liking. Whether you have tall bottles or small jars, there’s a spot for everything.

One thing we appreciate about this SideKicks Freezerless Refrigerator is its advanced cooling technology. The temperature management system maintains a consistent and ideal environment for your food, ensuring it stays fresher for longer. Since using this fridge, we’ve noticed a significant difference in the longevity of my fruits, vegetables, and dairy products.

Another standout feature is the humidity-controlled crispers. They create the perfect conditions to keep your produce fresh and crisp, even after several days. I’ve never had a fridge that kept my veggies so vibrant and crunchy!

Now, let’s talk about noise levels. Do you know how some refrigerators can be annoyingly loud? Well, the SideKicks Freezerless Refrigerator surprised me with its quiet operation. We hardly notice it running, which is a huge plus, especially with an open-concept kitchen and living area.

2. Danby Designer 24 in. 11.0 cu. ft Freezerless Refrigerator: Best Budget-Friendly Choice

freezerless refrigerators
Danby Designer 24 in. W 11.0 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator in White, Counter Depth
Sporting a depth of just over 26 in., this freezer-less refrigerator from Danby sits flush with most kitchen counters for a cohesive look. The white 11 cu. ft. fridge has abundant top-to-bottom storage space with five adjustable glass shelves and a lower pull-out vegetable crisper along with five built-in door shelves to keep your foods chilled. ENERGY STAR-certified, this efficient appliance uses a modest amount of electricity that on average will cost $2 - $3 per month to operate. The reversible door can be mounted on either side to open from the right or left, while the integrated handle contributes to the refrigerator's sleek design. A built-in light gives you visibility into the depths of the unit and the adjustable mechanical thermostat lets you dial in a preferred temperature. Stash items large and small in this designer refrigerator, which comes with a worry-free 18-months warranty on parts and labor along with convenient in-home service.
Danby Freezerless Refrigerator
Dimensions24 x 26 x 58-3/4 inches
130.1 pounds
Capacity11 Cubic Feet

Suppose you’re on the lookout for a classic and spacious freezerless refrigerator. In that case, the Danby Designer model is worth your consideration. Its sleek design and ample capacity make it appealing and delivers outstanding functionality.

Despite its compact size, this refrigerator provides an impressive 11.0 cubic feet of storage space, giving you plenty of room to store groceries and beverages. The adjustable shelves and door shelving make organizing and accessing your items easy. You can customize the shelving configuration to accommodate different sizes and shapes, providing flexible storage options.

The bright LED interior lighting illuminates the refrigerator’s contents, making locating items easy even in low-light conditions. The fridge also features a reliable and handy door lock for added security.

The Danby Designer Freezerless Refrigerator also boasts a durable build to withstand daily use. Its reversible door hinges offer flexibility in terms of placement, allowing you to adapt it to your space and needs.
Danby is a trusted brand known for its commitment to quality and excellent after-sales service.

With this refrigerator, you can be confident in your purchase and enjoy peace of mind with a reliable appliance.

3. KoolMore Commercial Reach-in Refrigerator: Best For Garage and Industrial Decor Theme Home

KoolMore Solid Door Commercial Reach-in Refrigerator
Dimensions29 x 25.3 x 82.5 inches
Weight240 pounds
Capacity15.5 Cubic feet 
ColorStainless steel

KoolMore delivers a fantastic, easy-to-use, convenient fridge, and looks the part. It has a cool stainless steel exterior that is super easy to clean and looks amazing. The single-door fridge is well made and designed to last. The quality of workmanship and materials are impressive. 

The design also makes it practical and makes good use of the capacity. It comes with castors so is easy to move if necessary or to clean behind. This is further aided by the handle, which is recessed. 

It boasts a digital temperature display outside and three deep, adjustable shelves. The KoolMore 29″ Reach-in Refrigerator Cooler auto-defrost. 

It works perfectly well for home or commercial use. The fridge is economical to operate and will keep the contents perfectly cool according to your needs. Even the door is handy and is self-closing but it comes with a stay-open option if you are loading it. 

4. The Frigidaire 19 Cubic Feet Fridge: Best Options if Budget Is Not A Constraint

freezerless refrigerators
Brama 21.2 cu. ft. Freezerless Refrigerator in Black
Brama 300 Series Pantry Refrigerator features sleek black cabinet body and door with a pole handle that make this unit a great addition to any pantry or garage setting. Beautiful enough to place inside the home, we designed this refrigerator with added insulation to be able to be used out of sight. With special insulation in both the cabinet and the door, it can withstand the higher temperature changes in warmer or colder climates. With a single temperature zone, this unit is perfect for storing food, groceries, and beverages at the right temperature. The glass shelves are designed for storage display inside the unit. The internal digital control panel makes setting the perfect temperature simple and enables you to store all of your goods under the exact same conditions. You can also turn the interior blue LED lighting on or off with a switch of a button. A front-venting unit makes it simple to build into zone for the garage, or it can also be used as freestanding in a pantry. Shelves can be adjusted to store various items in multiple configurations.
Frigidaire Freezerless refrigerator

71.5 x 32.875 x 71.5 inches
Weight232.75 pounds
Capacity19 Cubic Feet
ColorStainless steel

Starting with the positives, the stainless steel exterior of this refrigerator gives it a sleek and modern look, which can enhance the overall aesthetic of your kitchen. The 19 cubic feet. Capacity is quite generous, providing ample space for storing groceries and other items. Moreover, the single-door design can conveniently access items without opening multiple compartments.

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However, there are some drawbacks that you should keep top of mind but are not necessarily dealbreakers. One notable issue is the need for more organizational features. The interior shelves and door compartments may not be as adjustable or versatile as expected. This can make it challenging to utilize the available space effectively and accommodate items of various sizes.

Another drawback is the noise level. Some users have reported that this refrigerator tends to be louder than expected, which can be disruptive, especially if your kitchen is near living areas or bedrooms. The noise issue could become a source of annoyance over time.

In terms of performance, the cooling capabilities of the Frigidaire Professional refrigerator are generally satisfactory. However, there have been occasional reports of temperature inconsistencies, with certain fridge areas being colder or warmer than others. This can affect the overall freshness and longevity of your stored food items.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the price point of this refrigerator is on the higher side compared to similar models from other brands. While it does have a professional appearance, the performance, and features may not necessarily justify the premium price tag.

5. Galanz GLR35BKER Retro Compact Refrigerator

Galanz GLR35BKER Retro Compact Refrigerator
Dimensions19.17 x 23.31 x 35.16 inches
Weight55.1 pounds
Capacity3.5 Cubic Feet

For the retro lovers out there this compact fridge from Galanz is a surefire winner. It comes in a high-gloss black and is also available in funky bright red as well as a cool blue. Even the door handle looks the part and adds to the retro appeal. Why stick with white when you can add some excitement to space and make the fridge a feature? 

It is not just in the looks department that this model impresses. It has a sleek compact design with a fair capacity for its size. The shelves are glass and removable and there is an effective clear crisper unit. 

It works quietly and is extremely efficient. The compressor and even the LED are low energy and consume very little power. Proof of this is in the Energy Star rating. 

The thermostat is mechanical and allows you to dial in the ideal temperature for your needs easily. This is a favorite for dorm rooms, offices, pubs, and anywhere you need an effective compact fridge that looks cool. It has received very positive feedback and is a top seller.


In the course of our research, we came up with several questions people frequently ask. Here they are, with the answers!

Is Energy Star–certification important? 

The  Energy Star compliance is a validation that your equipment is energy efficient. It means that the appliance will draw less electrical power than other comparable appliances. This not only saves you money on your monthly power bill but is also good for the environment. 

Why buy a freezerless refrigerator?

There are many reasons. You might not need a freezer if you shop regularly. It takes up less space and uses less power. On the other hand, you might already have a chest freezer or standalone freezer. Then there is no need to duplicate the features. 

Are there disadvantages to a freezerless refrigerator?

The obvious is that it has no freezer so does not allow you to freeze items. If you have no need for this feature or have a separate freezer then this is not a concern. 

Another factor is cost. If you do need a fridge and freezer and do not already have a freezer, it will cost more to buy two appliances than one.  While freezerless refrigerators are compact, having two separate units will require more space than a combined fridge freezer unit. 

How do I look after a freezerless refrigerator?

Thanks to the modern designs and materials, most units are easy to clean. You want to keep the condenser coils clean so this needs to be done 2 or 3 times a year. 

Keep an eye on the rubber seal and repair or replace if it starts to perish. Keep the inside and outside of the fridge clean at all times. 

Are freezerless refrigerators more effective at keeping items cold?

Due to the fact that it was designed for only one purpose, yes, a freezerless refrigerator is better able to handle that one function. This makes it more effective than one that is built to both cool and freeze. 

Will I need to assemble my fridge when it arrives?

Most models come fully assembled and all that is needed is to remove the protective material, position the shelves, lug it in and turn it on. A few models might require that you attach the door and possibly the handle. This is normally a quick and easy task

What to look for when buying a freezerless refrigerator

There are several things to consider before investing in a freezerless freezer. 


You need to consider and even measure the space you have available. The last thing you want to do is invest in a unit that is too large for the space you have. An advantage of a freezerless refrigerator is that they are more compact than a combined unit but you will still need to consider the space. 

Always be sure to measure the space that you have and check it against the exterior dimensions of the unit you are considering. 


This is not the same as the size. Two fridges of equal size could have a very different internal capacity. This is the measurement of how much you can store in your fridge and is important to consider. 

Capacity could be measured in cubic feet or liters. Ensure that you understand what you need to store in the fridge and get one with enough capacity for your requirements. 

Getting the size and capacity of the fridge right are both critical aspects to consider when investing in a fridge. 


Most of the models are upright full-height refrigerators although you can also get an under-counter style if necessary. Upright is more convenient for home use. 


The better the layout of the fridge, the easier it will be to store items. This will give you more value from the fridge. A crisper draw, at the bottom, is ideal for vegetables. It keeps them fresh for a lot longer. 

Shelves or compartments on the door also make for additional storage space. Adjustable shelves are ideal as they allow you to maximize the capacity of the fridge and accommodate different products according to your needs. 


Traditionally, fridges were white. That is cool if that is your style but you now have many options. You can get a silver or reflective fridge, or one on bright red, yellow, or any color that suits your style. Black is also a popular option in looks awesome in the right environment. 

A stainless steel or chrome look is sleek and modern but remember that it will pick up fingerprints as it is used. Fortunately, they are very easy to keep clean. 

Power consumption

Modern fridges use a lot less power than the older models. Some, however, are more efficient than others. The more efficient your fridge the less you will spend monthly on your electricity costs. It is also better for the environment if the fridge is efficient with power. 

Energy Star–certification is a sure sign that the fridge is efficient although there are many that use very little power that do not have this certification. 

Door hinge side

Depending on the space and the area, this could be an important consideration. In certain spots, it might be more practical for the door to open on a specific side. Some versatile options allow you that change the side on which the door opens. This is great if you need to move it or change the layout of the area. 

Some models are not interchangeable but you can select on order. Take some time to think about where the fridge will be positioned to ensure you make the correct selection. You can see at a glance exactly how cool the fridge is at all times. 

Temperature display and control

Depending on what you are storing in the fridge, the number of items, the external temperature, personal preference, and other factors, you might want to adjust the temperature. Some have manual control while others have digital temperature control. 

Some models will also display the temperature digitally which can be quite handy. 

Warning system

A useful feature on some freezerless refrigerators is an alarm or warning system that alerts you if the temperature rises, if there is a power failure, or if the door is left open. The last thing you want is food that goes bad or warm drinks. 


You want to be sure you are investing in something that is going to last a fair while. The build quality and materials will determine the durability of the fridge. 

A trusted brand with a good reputation is always a good sign and a decent warranty will give you some peace of mind. That being said, there are some lesser-known brands that make excellent fridges that last very well. 


The cost of a freezerless refrigerator ranges from a few hundred dollars to well over $1000. Be clear on your budget when making your buying decision. 

There is no need to spend a fortune when investing in a freezerless refrigerator but be sure it is a quality product that will suit your requirements and last for many years. 

Final thoughts 

There are often several good reasons to invest in a freezerless refrigerator but be sure first that it is what you need. Give some thought to the capacity of the unit as well as the size. It needs to fit and work well where it is needed. 

Consider other important features and benefits that we have discussed above, look at your budget, and decide on the best option for your needs. 

We looked at only the best of the best and there is something to suit all situations, needs, and budgets. 

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