Blue Kitchen Appliances and Designs That Help You Feel Peace and Get Inspired

blue kitchen appliances

FeastHome – Blue is commonly associated with sea and sky, and therefore, it is often represented as a symbol of freedom. In some ways, blue is also said to be a symbol of creativity and imagination. As a result, many people enjoy the serenity and peace induced by this color.

Since blue is believed to be the color of creative minds, you may also use some of these blue appliances as some inspiration to decorate or reorganize your kitchen, especially if you are looking for some theme that exerts tranquility and peace.

1. Greece Blue Kitchen Appliances

blue kitchen appliances

Blue and white are some of the best and most commonly used combinations. One may say it classic. The simple mixture of these two colors practically spells elegance and beauty.

When it comes to color combination, blue is also reminiscent of Greece, since many of their building structures are mostly comprised of similar blue and white paint job, although white appears to be more dominant.

In this example, the blue comes from the wall tiles between the counter and cabinets, as well as from some of the appliances such as a pan, fridge, and the kitchen stove. Put them together properly and you will have one nice, gorgeous kitchen.

2. Sea Breeze Kitchen

blue kitchen style

This second example is more like the inverted coloration of the previous kitchen layout, albeit with more prominent appliances; there are three kitchen appliances that come in light blue with small spice containers in similar blue coloring with white stripes.

Once again, the counters and the cabinets are white, but in this one, the wall tiles between the counters and the cabinets are also white, with the other walls in this kitchen coated in similarly light blue paint. In terms of color scheme, this kitchen is quite a sight.

3. Navy Blue Kitchen Stove

blue kitchen style

Any shade of blue appears to pair up well with white, even in this navy-blue color. Regardless of the shade, blue and white remains to be the color combination of elegance, and to some extent, antiquity.

4. Dim Shaded Kitchen

blue kitchen style

These spruce blue appliances make a nice combination with ash gray cabinets and counters. Even better, the objects with brighter color (kitchen stove and ovens, in this case), are the appliances that are likely to be used most often.

When it comes to sprucing up your kitchen with some brilliant colors, it is much better if the color is in the appliances that you use often, as a means to heighten the functionality value of the kitchen, so that it is not only beautiful but also functional.

5. Vivid Azure Kitchen

blue kitchen appliances

Vivid azure blue coats the kitchen stove in the kitchen while the surrounding is white with a bit hint of metallic gray. This kitchen color scheme is just another example of how well blue suits in the kitchen (although blue is pretty much used everywhere else).

6. Blue Flow Kitchen

blue kitchen style

For the non-appliance example, take a look at these blue counters and cabinets. The counters are neatly lined up, forming a walkway, allowing a smooth movement flow in the kitchen.

7. Appealing Royal Blue

blue kitchen style

While the blue is mostly from the cabinets and counters, the appliances are in turn, silver. When it comes to the blue-themed kitchen, this one can also be taken into consideration. What makes a kitchen is more than just the appliances, after all.

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8. Sky Blue Rural Kitchen

blue kitchen appliances

If you would like to have your kitchen into something that symbolizes the sky, this sky-blue kitchen can be your best bet. White serves as the basis of the kitchen, while everything else, is blue, including the dish rack. That’s quite a serene kitchen.

9. Minimalist Sky Blue

blue kitchen appliances

If your kitchen is rather small and modest but still want to add some touch of blue, see if you can have some large blue appliances, preferably refrigerator, or the stove. Or you can use both. Even just a tiny bit amount of blue should be enough to freshen up your kitchen.

10. Traditionalist Blue Kitchen

blue kitchen style

Counters that are properly arranged into U-shaped are quite a favorite. Having these blue counters lined up in such a way will make you feel like being surrounded in the ocean thanks to this teal blue color.

11. Ocean View Kitchen

blue kitchen style

This ocean blue colored kitchen has a look that makes you feel fresh upon seeing it, let alone by actually being in there. Thankfully if you enjoy cooking, you will likely spend some more time here, and when you do, chances are you will be very inspired.

12. Simple White and Blue

blue kitchen appliances

This narrow kitchen is probably not much, but what’s striking and interesting about this is the color scheme of this kitchen; it’s blue and white coloring makes the kitchen actually look and feel brighter than it really is. Not to mention, the window provides a healthy dose of sunlight.

13. Daylight Blue

blue kitchen style

The bright lights in this kitchen allow the blue counters to be more vivid, giving the impression of a new, shiny, and lively kitchen.

14. Modest Urban Blue

blue kitchen style

If you are looking for something more homely and humble, this one example can be taken into consideration. It just has enough amount of blue shades and white for your comfort, not too flashy, but also not very underwhelming.

15. Antique Country Blue

blue kitchen appliances

These teal blue cabinets give this kitchen somewhat an old-fashioned, yet antique vibe, making this kitchen suitable for those who prefer simple and traditional looking kitchen, or something that is reminiscent of countryside.

16. Forest Villa

blue kitchen appliances

When it comes to the traditional and classic kitchen, this one is one of the go-to-designs. It has a wooden brown table, chair, and counters, almost making them look like they are freshly carved from raw wood.

Even so, some blue appliances like this kitchen stove blend perfectly well.

Since blue is the color of creativity, perhaps having blue appliances or decorations in your kitchen will help you feel much at ease, especially when you are busy preparing for a certain occasion.

Regardless, being in the kitchen with someone else to help you, in addition to beautiful blue environment surrounding, can also improve your mood. And who knows, you may eventually come up with something new that is enjoyable for everyone.

Spruce up your home with some of these blue appliance plans and start to get creative in the kitchen and enjoy the serenity of the ocean and sky in your very own kitchen.


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